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Hands on technology


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Hands on technology

  1. 1. If one advancesconfidently in thedirection of hisdreams, andendeavors to livethe life which hehas imaged, hewill meet withsuccessunexpected incommon hours. -Henry DavidThoreau
  2. 2. Accept that some days you are thepigeon, and some days you are thestatue. –Dilbert
  3. 3. Successful people start out inlife with the samedisadvantages as the rest of us.They just find ways to turn theirdisadvantages into assets. -Sidney A. Friedman
  4. 4. Instead ofthinking aboutwhere you are,think aboutwhere you wantto be. It takestwenty years ofhard work tobecome anovernightsuccess. -DianaRankin
  5. 5. Remember, we all stumble, everyone of us. That’s why it’s a comfortto go hand in hand. -EmilyKimbrough
  6. 6. The World iswhat we thinkit is. If we canchange ourthoughts, wecan changethe world. -H.M.Tomlinson
  7. 7. “It is never too late to be what youmight have been.” - George Eliot
  8. 8. “All our dreams can come true – ifwe have the courage to pursuethem.” - Walt Disney
  9. 9. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average mindsdiscuss events. Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt
  10. 10. ”It’s not whether you get knockeddown, it’s whether you get up.” -Vince Lombardi
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