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  • Today we’re going to talk about Social Media and how it’s various marketing tools will help Northwestern Technologies reach new consumers.
  • Social media first emerged in 1971, with the first email being sent. Soon after the website SixDegrees was born in 1997 as the very first social media network. Used for social interaction, social media has grown over the years and has become very common place.
  • With the various forms of social media, there are many places to stake claim and to make your start. Forums, blogs, micro blogs such as twitter, wikis, podcasts for iTunes, photo sharing sites, bookmarking sites such as Pinterest, videos on YouTube, the possibilities are never ending.
  • Revolutionizing the world of marketing and IT, social media has marked it’s place in the business world. With new Facebook tools such as the Timeline and Sponsored Stories, companies are able to advertise their businesses like never before.
  • Features such as these, allow your ads to become easily customized and changed, more visually focused, and to have more of an in depth feel. Today it is estimated that more than 88% of companies will be using Facebook for marketing purposes, will you be among them?
  • With the Facebook Ad system, ads are seamlessly integrated into consumers news feed content. Allowing them to be easily viewed, with no need to search for them. Consumers can be subjected to advertising at any given point during the day without realizing it. Shown above is a Samsung Mobile advertisement, tucked right into my own personal news feed. Little did I realize after I had read it, that it was an advertisement, right there on my newsfeed.
  • With 600 million users worldwide, a number that is constantly growing, the marketing opportunities are unmatched. Anyone can come across your ad at anytime, but with Facebook it is highly more likely that they will. And the more people that come across your advertising, the more chance for profit there is!
  • So is Social Media here to stay? I’d have to answer with an outstanding yes. Social media isn’t just used by youth anymore, it’s used by everyone. Young, old, professional, you name it. Although, you don’t need to be on every site to make your advertising accessible, just a select few will do. It’s important for us to find what site are relevant to your needs. And that just may be the ones that are the most popular, such as Facebook.
  • IMKT120_Unit1_Reinke

    1. 1. The Benefits of Facebook The Marketing Solution
    2. 2. What is social media? First email – 1971 First SM Network- 1997
    3. 3. Forms Of Social Media The possibilities are never ending. Forums Blogs Wikis Podcasts Videos and Photo Sharing
    4. 4. Tools of the Trade Sponsored StoriesFacebook Timeline
    5. 5. Facebook for Marketing
    6. 6. Seamless IntegrationAds seamlessly immerse themselves into regularcontent.
    7. 7. Reach a Global AudienceFacebook has over 600 million users worldwide
    8. 8. Social Media is Here to StayUsed by young and oldThe new force in advertisingThe importance of Facebook cannot be overstatedThe next new thing has yet to be discovered
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