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Imkt120 orlando unit 1_2nd


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Imkt120 orlando unit 1_2nd

  1. 1. Introduction We are living moments of life that every time the use of the media becomes more necessary. We all know that one of the great achievements of technology is the emergence of the Internet and thus the so-called social sites, which each day more to help develop the marketing for many companies because of the number of people visiting these sites each day.
  2. 2. Social media Social media is media for social interaction as a social communication where people can share information each other. There are to many different forms including magazines, internet forum, weblogs, social blogs, microblogging, wikis, podcasts or pictures, video, etc, most of then using a set of technologies, tools and platforms to facilitate the work on the network.
  3. 3. Social media marketing in the corporate world Introduce in the new era of Facebook and twitter. Make your Brand name known at all social media Collect consumers and make then happy with what they really need. Make relationships in social media these favors business growth Be competitive using an inexpensive way. Use social networking, many people can not be wrong Save time on real time communication.
  4. 4. Graphics
  5. 5. Opportunities and benefits Establish a Brand and Raise Awareness Spy on the Competition Pitch Products in a More Human, Interactive Way Bring Attention to Your Products Increase Customer Loyalty And Trust Listen to Your Customer’s Opinion Conduct Market Research Strengthen Customer Service Build Your Personal Reputation Showcase Your Talents And Establish Yourself as an Expert Enhance Your Business Contacts and Enhance Personal Relationships Share Information with Like-Minded People
  6. 6. Conclusions There is more than one reason to convince us every day more to link up with social networks, and that through these we can increase our business heavily due to the facilities of communication which they present, and we provide inexpensive means to develop a marketing victorious , avoiding then the use of current media such as radio TV, magazines, newspapers, which if they are extremely expensive and make us waste to much time.
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