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Presentation of Janira Rodriguez that explains the debut of social media, its impact in the business and the benefits it offer for the companies

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  • My name is Janira Rodriguez and I’m the representative agent for IADT Advertising Solution Co.Today, we are going to be discussing the existing opportunities for business, how to develop their brand and find new clients using a social and content marketing strategy.
  • To start, We need to know what Social Media means. There are many definitions for Social Media but in reality there is no specific definition for this term. Social Media is generally where people share information across different mediums. In the social media the conversation is not controlled or organized, is an organic and complex communication. The Social Media is not a strategy nor a tactic, is a communication channel where people can communicate and express ourselves without any limitations.
  • The social media have come a long way from almost 40 years since its inception. From the first email sent through two computers to this day. Since the beginning of social media, companies have used these to attract customers and consumers. Today the use of social media are vital to the success of organizations.
  • Since 1997 the release of AOL Instant Messenger that gives users chat while starting on blogging and launched Google. Until then, there have been numerous amount of social media services that have disappeared or have simply become obsolete, and we have to keep in mind that what is today may disappear tomorrow, especially in the technology world that is constantly changing.
  • Actually, there are several social media that work according to their purpose and users targeted.
  • The social media landscape has evolved rapidly, and so it has impacted businesses positively. Social media has helped corporations in all phases of marketing, public relations, promotions and customer service. Many of these companies (Wikipedia, YouTube, EBlogs, Facebook and Twiteer) have increased their traffic, surprisingly, in recent times getting millions of hits on their pages.
  • This proved statistically that social media helps organizations increase sales and marketing. This graph indicates that 63% of the companies that are using social media have increased the effectiveness of your marketing.
  • The leading platform used by small and medium businesses (SMB) at this point Facebook which has over 850 million users based on their most recent data.
  • During the emergence of social media, organizations were concerned about the time they could lose employees on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but now recognize that social media have business benefits such as improved customer service and the customer's image among others.Furthermore, it is clear that social networking provides many opportunities to facilitate communication between people without any barriers, thus allowing new ideas can spread easily.
  • It's no secret that social networks have become a powerful tool that helps businesses to promote themselves and make themselves known, getting more customers and improve profits.
  • Social networks have entered the lives of people too quickly and changed their daily habits, their way of relating to others, meeting people and information, have fun, to investigate and to work. That is, social networks are part of life of people. And many companies are understanding. That's why companies must recognize this fact and understand that this is a process that must be implemented by steps to learn how to manage and exploit them to their advantage.
  • Imkt120 Rodriguez Janira

    1. 1. Social MediaWhere we all are connected
    2. 2. Introduction ?Social Media is… ? ? – Media is an instrument oncommunication, like a newspaper or radio, so socialmedial would be a social instrument of communication Kyle David Group - Social media is the technological path of least resistance for two –way communication and distribution through a large audience who would otherwise be unconnected in it were not for the technological medium Fresh Networks – Social media is people having conversations online. These conversations can take a variety of forms, for example, blogs and comments or photo sharing
    3. 3. Emergence of Social Media in Business 1971 1st Email 1978 BBS Bulletin Board System 1979 NewsGroups 1994 One of the Web’s First Social Network Sites, Geocities 1997 AOL Instant Messenger lets users chat
    4. 4. Emergence of Social Media in Business 2000 Social Networking site Friendster launches it grows to 3 millions of users in three months 2003 Facebook launches for students at Hardvard 2012 Twitter reaches 12,333 tweets per second during the Super Bowl
    5. 5. Emergence of Social Media in Business
    6. 6. Current Social Media Landscape Wikipedia 4.000.000 articles You Tube 100.000.000 videos Eblogs 200.000.000 blogs Facebook 350.000.000 users Twiteer 500.000.000 users
    7. 7. Current Social Media Landscape
    8. 8. Current Social Media Landscape
    9. 9. Opportunities and Benefits  Learn what people are saying about you  Create business for events & campaigns  Increase brand exposure  Find new opportunities and customers  Support the products and services  Support the search engine visibility
    10. 10. Opportunities and Benefits
    11. 11. Conclusion If you are not On a social networking siteYou are not on the Internet
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