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Behaviour Change for Sustainability Congress Social Media Presentation


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On November 10, 2011 I gave this presentation to the National Behaviour Change for Sustainability.

Myself and a team of Social Media Scribes were experimenting with a new way of capturing thoughts, ideas and conversations at a conference style event using social media tools.

Participants had a very broad understanding of social media, there were a couple of mavens but most didn't know much about it and some participants were really suspicious.

The challenge was to design a way of teaching them social media in an immersive way, capturing ideas and avoiding the tendency to never look at congress notes ever again.

This is the introductory presentation.

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Behaviour Change for Sustainability Congress Social Media Presentation

  1. 1. 3 Pillars Network Behaviour Change for Sustainability National Congress Social Media at the CongressNot for distribution to third parties. Social Media Scribing and event integration copyright of Goody Two Shoes 2011
  2. 2. Brief Hello! My name is Jess
  3. 3. IRLIn Real Life
  4. 4. A bunch of great tools that can help enhance communities. NOT the community itself.
  5. 5. So why do we want or need Social Media? for sustainability behaviourchange (or anything else for that matter)?
  6. 6. Social Media at theNational BehaviourChange CongressA greater depth of engagementwith topicsIncrease the reach ofconversations beyond the eventProvide the opportunity for you tolearn & experiment with socialmedia tools.
  7. 7. So how are weusing Social Media forthe NationalBehaviour ChangeCongress?
  8. 8. Things you need to know:1. We all have varying degrees of knowledge andexperience using social media - that’s OK!2. This is an experiment. We are all learningso please provide us with any feedback using the#socialmedia tag on how we can do thingsbetter, or what you are enjoying3. We respect privacy. Information made publicvia social media by the Three Pillars Network willnot be attributed to an individual or organisationwithout their consent.
  9. 9. Twitter is ourweapon of choice.
  10. 10. This is what it will look like on the projector
  11. 11. Twitter hashtagsThe National Behaviour Change for Sustainability Congress#Sustainchange AND Evaluation (Sarah) #evaluateCollaboration (Anthony)#collab Social Media (Lucy & Jo) #socialComplexity (Andrew)#complex Facilitation (Alice) #facilCommunication (Anh)#commsFollow Three Pillars Network on Twitter: @3pillarsnetwork
  12. 12. What happens to theTweets?1. Tweets will be edited by Social Media Scribesinto Storify ‘chapters’ that participants canaccess after the events, there will be six ‘chapters’based on topic areas2. Chapters will be available shortly after theconference and circulated via the 3 Pillarsnetwork
  13. 13. Privacy
  14. 14. Twitter etiquette at Congress•Tweets made by Scribes will not be attributed to any individual or organisation•Participants using the @3pillarsnetwork to tweet will not attribute tweets to any organisation or individual•Participants using their own personal accounts will be asked not to quote other participants’ name or organisations (though we cannot guarantee they will not)•In group sessions, facilitators will seek consensus on an appropriate group tweet that best represents the thoughts of the groups’ thinking•That said, if you would like to take credit for your great ideas then by all means get your tweet on and ask a Scribe for help if you need it.
  15. 15. Any questions? 1. Come and talk to me. I promise , I am very nice. 2. Tweet at me @Jem1ller 3. Email me: or you can just stalk me on the Internet :)Not for distribution to third parties. Social Media Scribing and event integration Copyright of Goody Two Shoes 2011