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An informative PowerPoint about Twitter.

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  1. 1. TWTTR
  2. 2. Social communication toolBroadcast short messages: tweets, limited to 140characters in length (so Twitter can be used on non-smartphone mobile devices)Express yourself!As a Twitter user, you select which other people youwish to follow; when you follow someone, their tweetsshow up in a list known as your Twitter stream.Anyone who chooses to follow you will see yourtweets in their stream.It is not necessary to follow everyone who followsyou, and not everyone you choose to follow will followyou back.
  3. 3. • Created : March 2006• Creator: Jack Dorsey• By July, the site was launched.• With over 500 million registered users as of 2012.• Since its launch, Twitter has become one of the 10 most visited websiteson the Internet.“The SMS of the Internet."
  4. 4. “To instantly connect people everywhere to what’s mostimportant to them.”
  5. 5. Twitter is a website for sharing what you are doing an anygiven moment with other people online. In morecomplicated terms, Twitter is a powerful social networkingtool for both business and personal use.- Building Traffic: new visitors, increase traffic to your website- Business Promotion: innovative approaches for promoting your business- Social Communication: service to share what they are doing with theirfriends online.
  6. 6. What is Micro-blogging?Multimedia blogging allows users to send brief text updatesor micromedia such as photos or audio clips. Either to beviewed by anyone or by a restricted group which can bechosen by the user.Dailybooth: Dailybooth only involves pictures. The conceptbehind Dailybooth is to take and upload a picture ofyourself everyday.Tumblr: It allows you to post text, pictures, video, audio,chat and links.
  7. 7. October 2012Think Twitter is just a waste of time? Think again. Its organizationalstructure makes it an effective tool for connecting with students andothers online.Teachers can have authentic conversations via Twitter with students.Teachers should be able to use social media to connect their studentsto real-world problems.Educators should be powerful role models and provide examples ofhow to use the most powerful social media tools to expand theboundaries of learning.Otherwise, students may only end up following #Bieberhair.
  8. 8. April 16 2013Syrian Electronic Army tampers with NPR articles, TwitteraccountsThe Syrian Electronic Army hacked into NPR’s content managementsystem and changed several article headlines.Updated its posts to say, “Syrian Electronic Army was here.”It did the same for the NPR Twitter accounts. The publication sayssome of these articles belong to its member stations and that all partieshave been notified and the situation seemingly cleaned up.The hackers posted a message to their own Twitter account explainingthat ”We will not say why we attacked @NPR”
  9. 9. • April 11 2013Nestivity Helps Companies Harness Community Engagement onTwitterFacebook has groups and pages. LinkedIn has groups and company pages. G+ hascommunities. But if you really wanted to have a discussion on Twitter, you had toorganize it around a hashtag or follow a threaded discussion.Nestivity isn’t a social network, it is a social technology that sits on top of Twitter tofacilitate conversations and engagement better.Designed to help brands listen and respond to fan questions, experiences andsuggestions, as well as manage and curate content in easily contextualized projects.With Nestivity, the host of the party is given the tools to facilitate, engage and sustainyour followers in a discussion around a specific topic or issue.
  10. 10. Twitter is expected to make 1.54 billion dollarsby the end of 2013 with over a billion users.TOP 3 COUNTRIES that use TwitterUnited StatesBrazilJapanTwitter has over 65 millions tweets everyday-that averages to 750 tweets per second.I f Twi t t er wer e a count r y,i t woul d be t he 12t h l ar gest i n t he wor l d.The first tweet on Twitter was by Jack Dorsey“Just setting up my twttr” on March 21st 2006.
  11. 11. A PR practitioner of the company Twitter, would require meto stay up to date with the needs and wants of Twittersusers. If they are unsatisfied, the company is suffering. Iwould be responsible for monitoring what is beingcomplained about, as well as other social networkcompetition. My role in the company would be making surethat we are in communication with the publics and keepingeveryone please.
  12. 12. They Tweet Too!