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UK Networked Nonprofit

  1. The Networked Nonprofit<br />Beth Kanter, CEO ZoeticaBeth’s Blog <br />London, UKNovember, 2010<br />
  2. Beth Kanter<br /><br />
  3. Overview<br />Three ThemesSocial CultureSimplicityTransparency and Free Agents <br />
  4. What is a Networked Nonprofit?<br />
  5. Why become a Networked Nonprofit?<br />
  6. Complex social problems that outpace the capacity of any individual organization<br />Photo by uncultured<br />
  7. In a networked world, nonprofits need to work less like this<br />Source: David Armano The Micro-Sociology of Networks<br />
  8. And more like this ….<br />With apologies to David Armano for hacking his visual! Source: The Micro-Sociology of Networks<br />
  9. Some nonprofits are born networked nonprofits, it is in their DNA ….<br />
  10. Social Culture: Not Afraid of Letting Go Control<br />
  11. Social Culture: Everyone Uses Social Media To Spread Mission<br />
  12. Other nonprofits make that transition more slowly<br />
  13. The Networked Nonprofit <br />
  14. What resonated?<br />What have you thought about before?<br />
  15. Three Themes: Mindshifts<br /><ul><li> Social Culture
  16. Transparency
  17. Simplicity</li></li></ul><li>Theme 1: Social Culture<br />
  18. February 2008<br />
  19. Demo of Social Media at Board Meeting<br />Twitter and Flickr<br />
  20. Will board meetings of the future allow us <br />to reach out to online social networks and get advice and <br />input for real-time decision-making?<br />
  21. Loss of control over their branding and marketing messages<br />Dealing with negative comments<br />Addressing personality versus organizational voice (trusting employees)<br />Privacy and security issues<br />Make mistakes<br />Make senior staff too accessible<br />Perception of wasted of time and resources<br />Suffering from information overload already, this will cause more<br />
  22. The Black Smoke Monster on LOST<br />
  23. What are the conversation starters about social media fears that your organization needs to have?<br />
  24. Leaders Experience Personal Use<br />
  25. Describe results versus tools<br />
  26. Codify to Scale: Social Media Policy and Operational Guidelines<br />
  27. Joyful funerals<br />
  28. What needs a Joyful Funeral to make space for social media in your organization?<br />
  29. You want me to start Tweeting too? <br />Simplicity: From scarcity to abundance …<br />
  30. Simplicity<br />
  31. Simplicity: Leverage your networks …<br />Flickr photo by vmaiden<br />
  32. Transparency<br />Networked Nonprofits consider everyone inside and outside <br />of the organization resources for helping them to achieve their goals<br />
  33. The Nonprofit Fortress<br />
  34. Transparent<br />Sponges<br />
  35. Use social media tools to organize, mobilize, raise funds, and communicate with constituents but outside of institutional walls <br />
  36. Nonprofit Fortress<br />Free Agent<br />
  37. “I can’t single-handedly end global poverty, but I can take actions and inspire others.” <br />Shawn Ahmed<br />
  38. “The problem is that YOU are the fortress.Social media is not my problem: I have over a quarter million followers on Twitter, and 2.1 million views on YouTube. I have a hard time having you guys take me seriously. “<br />
  39. Thank you!<br /><br />