Task 2


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Task 2

  1. 1. Task 2 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary tasks?
  2. 2. Putting our brand together In order to strengthen the brand we used synergy in each part of marketing campaign (digipack, poster, music video). This use of branding is part of the marketing strategy, promotion of the band is rarely about music its more about the star image and the publicity that this can create.
  3. 3. Digipack • Keith Negus argues that the pop music video is used as a promotional tool • Our CD Digipak cover is crucial artwork which markets the image of the artist, before the music is purchased. • We wanted the album cover and over design to link to the set of the music video with the hanging lights and the mirrors floating in the back ground. We also when taking the photo made sure the main face (lead singer) of the band was at the front .
  4. 4. Our Artist Image • The visual ‘star’image according to Dyer, communicates important messages to the audience. • We wanted the band to have a Rockstar image, we tried to do this with the costume they wore e.g. leather and denim jackets, and skinny jeans these are items of clothing commonly associated with rockstar e.g. the leather jackets of the RAMONES. Keith Negus identifies star image as being "a specific product with a brand identity, ready for mass consumption." the use of costumes helps us achieve a brand identity and star persona.
  5. 5. The Music Posters Posters are a vital part of any marketing campaign, Some posters have become iconic and famous. Iconic images have helped retain the popularity of existing the legendary artists. The campaign would take place with the posters being posted on billboards and in magazines like Kerrang. We would want the billboards to be in areas which get seen most by people the target audience who will actually buy the album or want to see the band perform live so outside record stores or flyposter venues were the band may be playing this will help to strengthen the bands star persona as many rock bands have fly posterd concert venues.
  6. 6. Music Poster • All music posters are about promotion. They fall into three main categories: • Promotion of single or album release • Promotion of a tour or live appearance • General fan posters of an artists of band In order for the Digipack being further promoted, I designed a poster to be given with the Digipack this will help to increase the sellabilty of the Digipack. The poster is similar design to the digipack this use on synergy will further strengthen the brand.
  7. 7. Music poster evaluation • Music posters are carefully constructed according to convention to communicate certain messages about the artist. Images may consist of album cover, artwork, photographs of the band artist, graphics and texts. The purpose of the poster is to promote the band, the poster clearly has the name of the band on it “synergy”. The poster is a mix of photography and graphics , with “out now” written at the bottom with the album name “stay with me” at the top. The poster should have included information of when the album comes out e.g. 2/1/2012. This would be the only thing I would change.
  8. 8. Digipack • As our band was a new band we wanted a photo of them on the front, as the fan base isn’t strong enough yet to just have the name of the band. • The album would be for sale online of the bands website, Amazon, itunes, in record shops like hmv and independent ones, also as our artist is fairly mainstream it could be for sale in Tesco stores and other supermarket. • The digipack design is fairly I catching but not a I catching as established artists like The xx with the bold and striking design.
  9. 9. The Marketing Mix • Philip Kotler defines marketing as a : ‘human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange processes’. • The four P’s • Price –how much the product will cost/ consumers will pay for • Place – how is the product distributed and marketed to the target audience • Product – what is being branded (in this case the ‘star image’) • Promotion – how is it advertised, where and publicised.
  10. 10. Evaluation • The star image the we have tried to create across the 3 methods of promoting and marketing the band (Digipack, Poster and Music video) is a rock star boy band persona. The 3 forms compliment each other by using synergy Boy Band Rock Star I think we have achieved the star persona we wanted
  11. 11. Product Placement • The music video should be featured on TV channels such as Kerrang as it has a rock fan base, but also our band are quite mainstream so it could feature on more mainstream music TV channels and TV shows like UkTop 40. • The band would feature in various magazines the rock ones like Kerrang as well as other more mainstream publications such as NME. • Both of these magazines have a large fan base with a large share of the music magazine market increasing exposure for the band, the are also easy to get hold off
  12. 12. Product Placement • The music video product would be shown on TV channels at most times of the day as its fairly mainstream so can attract a large audience, it also isn't explicit so can legally be shown throughout the day with out bleeps put in. The CD could be purchased both online e.g. Amazon and in high street stores such s hmv and due to its fairly mainstream genre supermarkets like Tesco would probably stock it.
  13. 13. Evaluation of question • I think the 3 media forms we used to promote the band works well there is a strong synergy between them all which helps to strengthen the bands image and fan base. • I would included more information on the poster about album release dates. • I think the strongest part of the campaign is the strong links between the video and the album artwork which will help the band to sell more records. • We chose virgin records for our band to be signed to.