Evaluation task 2


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Evaluation task 2

  1. 1. EVALUATION TASK 2 How effective is the combination ofyour main product and your ancillary tasks?
  2. 2. • It is crucial to consider how all of the main advertising tools link in with one another to create an effective promotion packageThe digipak, the Music Video and the FinalPoster :
  3. 3. • It can be said that music promotion is rarely about the music itself, yet it is more about the band and their image.• The band we used was singed to EMI which was taken over recently by the major global conglomerate Time Warner• Due to the fact that the audience of music is so used to seeing the music now rather than actually listening to it, visual media has become a huge part of how major companies promote their music and their clients.
  4. 4. • Visual aspects of the music industry have become vital, and due to the fact that music videos are such a prominent promotional tool, the major companies creating these videos are able to put across their ideals and what they are trying to achieve via this Music Video• Artists such as Lady Gaga and Kesha are prime examples of how these new visual techniques are used to promote themselves.• http://youtu.be/mXvmSaE0JXA
  5. 5. • Negus argues that the music video is used as a promotional tool, as it is so easily accessible on sites such as Youtube and Vimeo.• He argues this due to the fact that the music video allows the target audience to see the band and therefore picture them as role models or see their ‘star image’ as dyer states that all artists have. Negus also states that the video is not about the music, yet it is about promoting the band and their image.
  6. 6. • The Digipak is a crucial tool in promoting the band, especially in their artwork promoting the bands image• This iconic image of Mary Antoinette has been used by the band Hole to create their digipak cover. Due to the fact that she is missing her head while the name of the cover is called nobody’s daughter. This is crucial due to the fact that it brings the audience in as they are wanting to know who this person is and they can find that out through the music
  7. 7. • Small things such as font matter, the style of font says a lot about the band• Plus more indie/rock genres go for the extensive artwork on the front and not just a classic picture of the artist
  8. 8. • When it came to our digipak we wanted our image to be of the indie rock genre, this mean that we had to create a controversial image aswell as having it slightly dark and disturbing at the same time• It meant that our audience would identify the band with that indie feel which we wanted them to have.• It linked both to our video and poster which were in turn very different to each other
  9. 9. • Promotional posters have a huge effect on how bands are promoted, they can portray if the band is a pop group, and indie band or if they are a rap artist.• Kerrang is the magazine and channel we would put our music video and poster on. This is because Kerrang is focused on rock music which is the closest genre to our music video.• Promotional posters such as mine are seen everywhere including magazines, buses, trains and city centres. This is one of the most effective ways of promoting the band and their new album due to the fact that it is seen wherever you are.
  10. 10. • Social networks such as twitter, facebook and myspace are online forums that the music video and the promotional poster could appear on, this is because they allow imagined communities to come together and talk about music and share music which is ideal in promoting the bands music and image.• Posters are a huge way of identifying which band performs which type of music and many of these images have become extremely famous. Images such as Basement Jaxx’s raindrop’s cd cover have become well known worldwide.• All music posters fall under three main categories:1. Promotion of single and album cover release.2. Promotion of a tour or live appearance.3. General fan posters of an artist and a band• Our poster is very different from our video, so this contradicting factor also makes the band seem more edgy and more unreliable, which audiences members also find slightly exciting
  11. 11. • Evaluating The Music PosterThe music poster we created was a way for us as a group topromote our band with a very different and edgy look, within theposter the lead singer with his arms out wide promotes the factthat he is carrying the band and his audience along with a stanceof power and importance. This makes the audience extremelyinterested within our bandThe star image we tried to present through it, was this laid backattitude and that the band is much more about its music thanlooks or special effectThe information placed on our poster was the release date forour song, the band name, a picture on the band and icons ofFacebook, Youtube, and Twitter.I think the poster is very effective to get us what we need as itdraws the audience in, with its clean cut look, and then turnsaround and shocks them in the music video.
  12. 12. Philip Kotler• ‘Human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange process ‘• This statement is what Philip Kotler saw as the basis for marketing and we have very much taken this into account when we have thought about our promotional tools such as the poster, digipak and the Music Video.
  13. 13. • This meant that we had to compose our marketing strategy of the four P’s• The price, this means how much the product will cost, and how much the consumers will be willing to pay.• The place, this deals with how the product is marketed and distributed to the target audience.• Product, this is what is being advertised, the band, the star image etc• Promotion, this is how the products are being advertised, such as online forums and traditional advertising measures.
  14. 14. Evaluation :• In my opinion, our group has maintained the star image throughout the marketing of our product. The image of them being powerful and inspiring while at the same time laid back, attractive and appealing to girls• We want our group to be attractive and appealing to girls but at the same time listen to the music they are creating as it is not all about looks with the band
  15. 15. The Campaign :• In my personal view, it is important that our campaign worked well to achieve the products success. I think that we did this as each aspect of our campaign was different and promoted our band differently within the forums in which they were placed.• This meant that we were able to reach out to different audiences’ including younger females and music listeners who prefer alternative music.• The only thing that in my view we could change would be the digipak back cover as it did not pull the people into the digipak as much as the front and infact could be said to have put people off of buying the CD.