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ancilery task

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  1. 1. Magazine Advert• We have looked at some indie magazine adverts and found that a lot of the adverts have their tour dates on their poster they do this to promote their music on different media platforms this is called synergy. Our poster is a picture of the main singer of Jessie’s Ghost and it has had an effect put over the top which is black and white, also the name of the band Jessie’s Ghost is in a red font. We have followed the indie conventions and have also shown the release dates of our new album. One of the more main stream things that we have shown on our poster is the ratings that we have received from the different musical critics.
  2. 2. The first part of the digi-pack• This part of the Digi-pack was taken from our poster because our audience will see both the digi-pack and the poster and link them together this is called synergy where the audience relate two media products together. We put the title of the band on the first part of the digi-pack so everyone knows who they are we made a bold black and white colouring to make the main singer(Charlie) stand out. We also included the release date of our album the same as we did on our magazine advert.
  3. 3. The second part of the digi-pack• The second part of our digi-pack is a bold picture of the main singer of Jessie’s Ghost again we have produced a lot of pictures of the main singer for our digi-pack because he is the person that is going to appeal to our audience the most we have followed the conventions of the indie genre by putting the front man on the digi-pack the adverts the merchandise, we have followed such bands as coldplay with Chris Martin. This creates what is known as Richard Dyers star image.
  4. 4. The third part of the digi-pack• This shows the lead singer again this specific part of the digi-pack is taken from the music video that our record company Indiependant produced for the band Jessie’s Ghost we wanted a performance shot from the video to show the audience and the fans what the band have been doing this year, the audience always want to know how the band have done each year and what has changed, for example a band called Nickelback have been on tour in the last two years and have changed three members of the band. So we have given the fans a visual idea of what the band have done this year.
  5. 5. Evaluation• After looking at both the magazine adverts and the digi-pack our group came to the conclusion that they are both very strong and bold types of media that would catch the audience we have followed all the conventions for a stereotypical indie band we had some synergy between the magazine advert and the digi-pack but we did this purposely so the audience will see it in different places and recognise it, after doing audience research we found that both of these products came back very positive.