Media task 2 evaluation


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Media task 2 evaluation

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? EVALUATION TASK 2
  2. 2. Media campaign The main product consists of the music video for the single ‘Mardy Bum.’ The ancillary task is the website and the CD digipak. The combination of the website and the digipak make a campaign and work together to sell the artist.
  3. 3. Star Image The band ‘Wonderland’ is portrayed to be an organic band and not a synthetic band. The way the band is styled and dressed backs this statement. The majority of bands have a front cover with an image on the front of the cover, however they tend to be organic front covers. In contrast single artists are often synthetic artists.
  4. 4. The star image in the music video The star image of the band and the way they are portrayed are important to ensure the audience respond and remember them. Wonderlands image throughout the video isn't conveyed like the normal indie rock style, however, with the use of lighting and performance cuts, the band performance in the video can be identified as being indie rock. The style we chose for the band linked and connected with the narrative clothing.
  5. 5. How their image contrasts with other artists. I used the band the kooks to compare the style with ‘wonderlands’ style. The use of black and white has been used for both and a similar use of clothing has been used, including jackets and the other picture contains the colours that we used, with similar shirts under the jackets. Click here to the music video
  6. 6. Digipak The digipack links with the star image and genre of indie rock. The grafiti style also links with the genre which consists throughout the media campaign.
  7. 7. Other CD covers in comparison Synthetic artists such as Beyonce follow a different pattern and use images of the artist on the CD front cover. The image of the artist is big The image of the artist is big to draw attention to the to draw attention to the audience and fans, this CD audience and fans, this CD front cover follows Dyers front cover follows Dyers theory. theory. The sparkles represent The sparkles represent beauty and perfection, beauty and perfection, again captivating the again captivating the audience. audience.
  8. 8. Website We designed the website to fit with the indie rock star image and genre, this included having the front cover just in black and white, this allowed the black and white texts contrast each other. However, the majority of indie rock bands have colourful websites and this contrasts with our band website click here to see Wonderlands website ,The strokes website and The rolling stones website. The website allows promotion of the band and publicity through the online age.
  9. 9. Richard Dyer Star image in association with Richard dyer. Dyer conveys the theory that an artist needs a range of areas, in order to construct a successful image for themselves which can be marketed to their target audiences. The star image has to be creative in attracting an audience and a specific target audience. Dyer has two Paradox 1) the star must be simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary for the consumer. 2) The star must be simultaneously present and absent for the consumer
  10. 10. Have you achieved the star image? Stereotypical representation of indie record bands are conveyed through the mise en scene and the editing of the video. The star image has been heightened by the music video, website , CD digipack, as well as the clothing, background and lighting throughout the performance in the video. The star image is very important in the marketing of the band and is banded in the campaign.
  11. 11. When would the album be released? The album would be released in November, this date is close to Christmas which would increase sales and tour tickets can be an option for the fans. Wonderland is a band that would be a prime band to play at summer festivals so releasing the album months before would create word of mouth and increase the audience and their fan base. Domino Records would release the album, this record company was chosen because it releases similar products from the same genre.
  12. 12. Further marketing would take place The new single ‘Mardy Bum’ would be played on radio airplay on radio stations such as Radio 1 and would be promoted online on sites such as YouTube, the record company's site and the bands site.  All the above are ways to attract fans with similar interest and would create word of mouth. The fact that it would be under new releases on the records label will also attract and interest people would are into the indie rock genre. The video would be on the TV’s music channel and there would be a Facebook and twitter site.
  13. 13. Would the CD Digipack be sold online or in a store? The CD digipack would be available both online and in store. In stores such as HMV and supermarkets and online at sites such as ITunes, amazon and on the wonderlands website. The fact that the online sites is selling the Album allows the album to be sold globally and this would increase sales and revenues. But its important to have hard copies of the CD being sold even though it being sold via the internet because people and the older generation like to have hard copies.
  14. 14. Conclusion Our product has been effective in conveying our genre of indie rock through the use of our media campaign and ancillary text. Branching out into online media has allowed music products to have mass viewings and to be distributed globally and sold in both stores and online. Overall I think that the use of new online medias, our product and ancillary texts have been highly effective in reaching similar standards to real media products.