The future of research: are you ready? - Jeremy Frey - Jisc Digital Festival 2014


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Researchers are working in new ways, from crowd sourcing, to open science, to large-scale data-driven research and analytics. All of this is made possible by new technology, for example advances in computational power, big data, the web, democratisation of science and research; this technology and new ways of working have the potential to accelerate research processes and knowledge creation as well as improving research transparency, impact and collaboration.

How ubiquitous is this practice? What are the implications for universities? How can we prepare for the future of research? This session will share examples of these emerging research practices and consider the benefits and what needs to be in place to allow research to thrive and take advantage of technology.

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The future of research: are you ready? - Jeremy Frey - Jisc Digital Festival 2014

  1. 1. Science Ajar The future of research: are you ready? Jeremy G. Frey ProfeChem 15 March 2013 Jisc Digifest
  2. 2. Jisc Digifest11/03/2014
  3. 3. Intelligent Open Access to Data 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  4. 4. mediated Much of Science is a “long tail” enterprise Traditionally mediated asynchronously through the literature 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  5. 5. 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest Methods are as important as the data
  6. 6. THE NARRATIVE What is the story? What is the why? 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest 6
  7. 7. Faraday’s laboratory notebooks are also remarkable in the amount of detail that they give about the design and setting up of experiments, interspersed with comments about their outcome and thoughts of a more philosophical kind. All are couched in plain language, with many vivid phrases of delightful spontaneity…. Peter Day, ‘The Philosopher’s Tree: A Selection of Michael Faraday’s Writings’ 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest Scientific Narratives
  8. 8. RESOURCING 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  9. 9. Talk Themes • Co-sourcing • In-Sourcing • Out-sourcing • Net-Sourcing • Open Sourcing • Single-Sourcing • Crowd Sourcing 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  10. 10. IDCC 2014 Meeting San Francisco 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  11. 11. The samples you need may already be available 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  12. 12. Subversive and furtive sharing & exploitation of data in virtual space RDF OAI Taxi E- user Labs Digital Repository Data 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest Some projects need large amounts of data from the literature: access can be an issue
  13. 13. 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  14. 14. DISSEMINATION IS PART OF THE RESEARCH Bringing dissemination in to the lab… use and re-use of data… the digital research notebook 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  15. 15. Smart Tea Project 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest P2 - Plans & Provenance
  16. 16. MoreTea: Tablet Interface and RDF World 11/03/2014
  17. 17. LabTrove: Easy Communication Images and sketch commenting Highly inter-linked report
  18. 18. Digital and Physical Worlds
  19. 19. Electronic Laboratory Notebooks ELNs Comparison with traditional paper notebooks Communication Collaboration Sharing Linking Curating • Higher Quality Record • Natural linking to data and external resources • Easier Collaboration • Improved planning • Improved discussions • Efficiency gain in production of presentations/reports • Change the nature of Professor/Student interactions Impact on researchers 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  20. 20. Open Notebook Science • Certainly not always the way to work! – IPR, Commercial, long term projects, recognition issues, etc • But – Makes connection much easier if the data and processes are “Open” – Easy to export & access of “Linked-Data” 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. W. Edwards Deming
  21. 21. 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest LabTrove Open Notebooks Mat Todd’s PZQ Project
  22. 22. Validation • Increasing the value of data • How to bring all the necessary information together to enable appropriate validation • Increasingly difficult & expensive to achieve • Need provenance and context • Essential step otherwise just a collection of items 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest Publication@Source
  23. 23. This is a picture – why has the data been lost? 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  24. 24. Unavailable Information • Not just lots of data but why are many of the structures unpublished so certainly unavailable? • The E-Crystals and E-Bank Project looked at how to address this issue • Is making data available the same as depositing a copy with someone else? 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  25. 25. BACK TO PLANS & PLANNING 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  26. 26. 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest 27 “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.” Unknown (possibly Yogi Berra or Manfred Eigen)
  27. 27. P&E Ontology: Planning • Prospective provenance • Describes a scientific experiment that will be enacted (in the future) • Three entity types: – Plan – Plan Stage – Plan Object 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  28. 28. P&E Core Ontology: Enactment • Retrospective provenance • Describes a scientific experiment that was enacted • Three entity types: – Run – Stage – Object 29 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  29. 29. 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest Graph/Network provides intuitive navigation
  30. 30. WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM LEGO 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  31. 31. Change in the whole way we design and build 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest 3D Printers: A radical change to the experimental section of a paper!
  32. 32. Thanks & Acknowledgements • UK e-Science & Digital Economy Programmes • RCUK: EPSRC, BBSRC & TSB, JISC/ HEFCE, Microsoft & IBM, for funding and support • Southampton Colleagues and Students from Chemistry, Electronics & Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics/Statistics, iSolutions and the Library • Colleagues at Bath/UKOLN, Oxford/OeRC, STFC, Reading, Penn State, Cornell, PNNL, UNSW, USyd 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  33. 33. Trust me Mort - no electronic communications superhighway, no matter how vast and sophisticated, will ever replace the art of the schmooze Thank you for listening 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest