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Research data spring: streamlining deposit


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The research data spring project "Streamlining deposit: an OJS to repository plugin" slides for the third sandpit workshop. Project led by Ernesto Priego of City University London.

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Research data spring: streamlining deposit

  1. 1. Research Data SpringTowards Phase 3 #Dataspring: Streamlining Deposit10 December 2015
  2. 2. #dataspring: Streamlining Deposit Streamlining Deposit @StreamDepo »City University London and Ubiquity Press Collaboration »Within City, collaboration between the Centre for Information Science and the Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design »Over the past 3 months, the Open Library of Humanities got involved as Ubiquity Press partners, as well as the Giving researchers credit for their data #dataspring project »Figshare, the Public Knowledge Project and the Open Library of Humanities volunteered to help 2
  3. 3. @StreamDepo Team 3 » Dr Ernesto Priego, PI and Project Management, Centre for Information Science, City University London » Dr Stephann Makri, UX Research and Evaluation, Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design, City University London » Andy Byers, Lead Developer, and Mauro Sanchez, trainee developer, Ubiquity Press » Support from Figshare, PKP and Open Library of Humanities The Team
  4. 4. #dataspring: Streamlining Deposit Valuation »Depositing in Open Access repositories is expensive, complicated and time-consuming »We proposed an open source, shared solution to streamline the deposit of accepted outputs in OJS-based journals directly to repositories from the journal interface itself. »Open source and extensive, international base of OJS/PKP journal community would ensure its sustainability. 13/07/2015 4
  5. 5. #dataspring: Streamlining Deposit Progress »What we achieved »Conducted a UX study of OJS users to understand better OJS user behaviour re: submission & depositing and how to improve journal management systems. »Developed a plug-in to allow authors to deposit accepted Open Access articles and supplementary data in Figshare directly from OJS-based Journals. »Produced a UX evaluation of the plug-in and the submission interface. 5
  6. 6. Challenges and Progress 6 Although we’ve continued to have problems on the administrative side (now resolved, yay!), we’ve started pushing on and make some progress on the technology side including: - Updating underlying tech to handle multiple repositories - Adding an Editor interface so that the editor can view and select which files should be published alongside the paper - Completed the upload and response process for the Figshare API - and started this process for the dryad plugin - Undertaken an expert UX review - Started implementing recommended changes to the interface - Started adding interfaces for displaying published data alongside galleys
  7. 7. From Journal to Figshare 7
  8. 8. More Time Needed… 8
  9. 9. #dataspring: Streamlining Deposit Next phase » We’d like to request funding for next phase merging with the objectives of the Giving researchers credit for their data project (PI & Project Manager - Lucie Burgess/Neil Jefferies (Bodleian) – Implement expert UX review of interface – Fix issues with Figshare API with assistance from Figshare team – Demonstrate real paper(s) published using the workflow – Align metadata requirements – Expanding reach/integration according to Giving researchers credit for their data objectives, including enabling workflow with SWORD modules for EPrints, Dspace, OSP. – Research Paper with findings and evaluation, qualitative data and project documents in Figshare, open source code in github.
  10. 10. #dataspring: Streamlining Deposit Funding »Next phase is 4 months »Realistic funding required to cover for our side of the development work and project management and research related incidentals £12,000.00 »Cost of InvestigatorTime (FEC, Makri and Priego), L7.41 and L7.43, 10% of time. 10
  11. 11. #dataspring: Streamlining Deposit Not for the pitch, but please fill in »Contact »Dr Ernesto Priego »@ernestopriego, »ProjectTwitter profile: @StreamRepo 11