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Mic 2012 gerd_leonhard


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Presentatie Gerd Leonhard Mobile Inspiration Conference 2012

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Mic 2012 gerd_leonhard

  1. 1. Gerd Leonhard Futurist & Author CEO of TheFuturesAgency SoLoMo Advertising in the age of
  2. 2. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark(Howard Ruff)Advertising is goingSoLoMo at warp speed
  3. 3. On today’s smart phones, Telephony is just a feature *Clay Shirky input Next: revolutionary changes in how we
  4. 4. Touch. Feel.Immerse. Connect. Involve.
  5. 5. Data is now truly the new Oil :)
  6. 6. A tidal wave of game-changing TV/ Video technologiesThe future is already here!
  7. 7. cultureBut this is really aboutnot technology
  8. 8. Technology ➲ Habit Changes ➲Cultural Impact ➲ Social Evolution
  9. 9. The Internet is now centering around companies, platforms and technologies that are designed based on SoLoMo principles
  10. 10. Advertising
  11. 11. We are becoming People of the Cloud
  12. 12. ...but advertising is still stuck on the Ground!
  13. 13. n g s i t i e r d v a M o L oS o
  14. 14. 2 parallel realities: what works now -and what will work tomorrow InYeLi* *Interrupt Yell & ‘Lie’ SoLoMo
  15. 15. A new Media Ecosystem SoLoMo
  16. 16. Push, Shout & Pour ➲ ➲ ➲ ➲ Pull, Involve & Sprinkle
  17. 17. Facebook is the 1st SoLoMo Ad-generation:a semi-walled, social-centric, non-intentionaland experience-focused advertising platform
  18. 18. Total re-set of advertising"Its only when the tide goes out that you learn whos been swimming naked" Warren Buffett
  19. 19. ‘Be useful or be dead’ - the future of brands is very different
  20. 20. How do you become someone that people want to listen to?What do you stand for? Can you be trusted? Are you real?
  21. 21. For tomorrow’s SoLoMo tablet users, traditional TV is just one of many Apps
  22. 22. It’s not either / or but ‘and’
  23. 23. Advertisers take note: our future is not aneither/or world’s an ‘AND’- WorldSpeed ⚇ Slowness Broadcast ⚇BroadbandSocial ⚇ In Solitude Filtered⚇ AccidentalPrint/Physical ⚇ Digital Peers ⚇ ExpertsAccidental ⚇ Intentional Free⚇ Paid
  24. 24. Opportunity is at the Intersections
  25. 25. Return on $ ≠‘Amazing’
  26. 26. So how can SoLoMo advertising be truly AWESOME...?
  27. 27. SoLoMo awesomeness:examples (1)Vizuality Multi-screen
  28. 28. SoLoMo awesomeness:examples (2)Augmented Reality Total Relevancy Via Mark Silva on Slideshare
  29. 29. SoLoMo awesomeness:examples (3)Tablet Commerce Gamification
  30. 30. What canyou gamify?
  31. 31. Privacy SoLoMo’s main ‘threat’ (± opp, imho:):Pic via
  32. 32. SoLoMo versus NaLoLo (naked, lonely, lost)
  33. 33. The biggest challenge:what DATA willwe share, when,how, why...
  34. 34. Privacy: the right of the individual to be let alone (Warren and Louis Brandeis 1890, via A. Keen)
  35. 35. Do not track may mean do not live:((
  36. 36. Trust comes from Openness, Transparency, Respect...
  37. 37. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark (Howard Ruff)Go SoLoMo NOW
  38. 38. Thanks for your time! #askgerd www.mediafuturist.comD E S I G N : C R E A T I V E