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The Future Of Media Gerd Leonhard Media Futurist @ Plugg 2009


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Futurist Gerd Leonhard talks about the new data-content-advertising economy. Monolog to conversation, dominance to collaboration, ownership to access. More at

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The Future Of Media Gerd Leonhard Media Futurist @ Plugg 2009

  1. “The Future of Media” Presentation by Gerd Leonhard ‣ ★ Futurist ‣ Strategist ★ ‣ Author
  3. Bundles and Flat Rates will drive this MUCH bigger potential (imho) Huge potential - once licensing issues are solved Source: IBM Institute for Business Value Study
  4. Think: Mobile + Content +Social Nets
  5. The Music Industry: a good example of how not to do this...
  6. Larry Lessig (and me, too ;): Compensation not Control
  7. Digital Content Trends Music Video Games Books Mags & Print Percentage of Revenues from Digital Services 100% 75% 50% 25% 0% 2008 2009 2010 2012 2015
  8. Digital Content Trends
  9. Copy Economy Access / Usage / Sharing Economy
  10. Starting in 2009: • Total convergence of Telecom & Web Layers • Deep collaboration becomes the KEY requirement for creating new business opps • Over-the top layers (search, social media...) will come down, telecoms will move up!
  11. 2010: ‘Telecom’ and Media = TeleMedia Experience Platform Service Pipe Content Pipe Data Pipe
  12. Media will follow the switch from Closed to Open
  13. From Domination to Collaboration Source: Nokia Google China President Kai Fu Lee: “Mutual Interest, rather than Monopoly, is the key to sustainable growth”
  14. Source: Susan Fassberg
  15. Meet the 2nd biggest music retailer in Indonesia...
  16. Kevin Kelly @
  17. Value of ‘a Copy’ Value of CONTEXT Value of Meta-Content Value of Experiences Value of Packaging Value Trends (by Gerd Leonhard) Value of Context 100% Value of Experience Value of Meta-Content Value of Packaging 75% 50% 25% Value of ‘a Copy’ 0% Was Is Soon The Future
  18. Media $$$: no longer about Distribution
  19. Should ISPs to control what people do online??
  20. In the meantime...
  21. New forms of Reputation and Status?
  22. Social Media is becoming... CRM!
  23. A new driver of commerce: Sharism
  24. The Sharing Economy Logic ...the Output (i.e. publish, re- mix, co-create, life-stream...) the Input (i.e. remuneration in cash, attention, reputation...) ... the Thruput (i.e. usage data, meta content, attention trails >> New Data Economics)
  25. New Data New Content Economy Economy Next Generation Advertising
  26. The new Generatives of Content influenced by Kevin Kelly, Chris Anderson, Don Tapscott, Yochai Benkler... Conversation Convenience Selection / Filtering Packaging Individualization Immediacy Tr u s t
  27. Example: the difference between iStockphoto photos are purchased because of: • Much better metadata. • Better findability. • Faster service. • Low & attractive price-points
  28. New Generatives and The Future of Television
  29. The TV experience is becoming unified across all screens
  30. What’s new about that? • Your own, unique selection of add-ons, widgets and applications on all platforms • This TV knows who you are!
  31. And how will we experience all this?
  32. Turning the USERs into $$
  33. Summary
  34. Participate or be participated!
  35. Thanks for your time! TALK BACK: ★ email me at ★ ★ facebook: gleonhard ★ more presentations at