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BMF2012: Rebooting Media: From Ego to Eco (Futurist Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard)


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This is an edited version of my presentation at the Belfast Media Festival Oct 19, 2012, on the megatrends in media (television and broadcasting mostly),

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BMF2012: Rebooting Media: From Ego to Eco (Futurist Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard)

  1. Gerd Leonhard Futurist & Author CEO of TheFuturesAgencyRebooting Media
  2. “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark” (Howard Ruff)
  3. Social - Local - Mobile OS
  4. Substantial differences - but a nice couple:)
  5. A tidal wave of game-changing TV/ Video technologies
  6. (Em)brace: new InterfacesDr. Michio Kaku via Youtube
  7. From Text Culture to The future is already here!Screen Culture
  8. This is not (just) about technology but about behavior changes
  9. “The Old is Dying and the New Cannot be Born;In this Interregnum a Great Variety of Morbid Symptoms Appear”  Antonio Gramsci
  10. We are becoming People of the Screen and the Cloud
  11. Some consequences: Screen | Cloud | SoLoMo Trends
  12. Touch. Share.Feel. Immerse.Contribute. Connect.Involve. Engage.
  13. What matters:Creators Users(Audience fka Consumers)
  14. A new Media Ecosystem SoLoMo
  15. Social-Local-Mobil SoLoMoCloud-Centric and OTTDistributedCollaborativeNon-linearDecentralizedPeer-to/from-PeerMulti-screen & deviceBroadcast and BroadbandTransmedia as the default
  16. Some really cool tech may also need questioning: is this still human-centric?
  17. Access not Ownership
  18. Disembodiment everywhereNew Generativesbeing invented:)
  19. Tablets: Content. Social. Commerce.
  20. Devices and broadband and social: new collaborations!
  21. On the TV, our ‘job’ was to consumeOn mobile devices and tablets our ‘job’ is to engage
  22. Not negotiable
  23. Scarcity is the past - like it or not.Curation, Context, Relevance is ...King :)
  24. For tomorrow’s SoLoMo tablet users, traditional broadcasters may become just one of many Apps
  25. Television⇠➲ Internet ⇠➲ Mobile
  26. Build new values around the content
  27. Build new values around the content
  28. Mobile ie SoLoMo spells the End of Attention Monopolies for TV, Radio, Print - and the End of Disruption for marketers and advertisers
  29. ‘The People formerly known as Consumers’
  30. Realtime everything The future is already here! About Risks ... and Speed
  31. Public Media :)Pic via
  32. Independence Interdependence
  33. Image via
  34. Egosystem (Distribution) Ecosystem (Attention) Source:
  35. Producers will have many new ways to reach their audiences Source: Neil Perkin / TFA
  36. Centralized Media ⇠➲ Open Content Ecosystems
  37. Note: Hyper-Collaboration is a crucial requirement for the creation of all new ecosystems
  38. The future is already here! Digital Content ‘Piracy’
  39. Toxic assumption: controlling distribution is key to £ Source: Neil Perkin / TFA
  40. The problem is not the pay - it’s the wall! Source: ClickZ Stats
  41. People pay for value, brand, trust - RTP is crucial
  42. Cable TV without Cable, Shows without Studios
  43. Not to worry:real experiences will prevail :)
  44. And we’ll want both , actually:)
  45. Thanks for your time! #askgerd www.mediafuturist.comD E S I G N : C R E A T I V E