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LAC 2011 - An Intro To Facebook Ads


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With over 500 million users worldwide and unprecedented targeting capabilities, Facebook offers a unique opportunity to efficiently connect with your customers before they even search for your products. In this detailed overview of Ads and Pages, you will learn all about Facebook's product offerings, audience breakdown, best practice and position on gaming. The session will also allow time for a comprehensive Q&A session.

Nikki Lannen, UK & Ireland Representative, Facebook

Published in: Technology
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LAC 2011 - An Intro To Facebook Ads

  1. 1. Making it Social Nikki Lannen Sales, EMEA Mid Market Sales
  2. 2. Agenda 1 The World has gone social2 How to adapt your business to that change3 How to make the most of your campaign4 Deals
  3. 3. My Profile My Profile. My Profile
  4. 4. T-Mobile advertisement T-Mobile ad airs Liverpool Street silent disco event
  5. 5. T-Mobile advertisement T-Mobile ad airs Liverpool Street silent disco event
  6. 6. Facebook group Group joins Events invites 2 Weeks T-Mobile ad airs Liverpool Street silent disco event
  7. 7. Flashmob in Liverpool St Station 2 Weeks T-Mobile ad airs Liverpool Street silent disco event
  8. 8. The web isisThe Web Businesses are Marketing is OrganizingorganizingAbout People organizing About People around peoplearound people around people delivers results
  9. 9. Gaming is organizing around people FarmVille XBox Sources: Mashable, Gamespot
  10. 10. News is organizing around people NY Times Twitter Huffington Post 43% of news sharing occurs through social media Source: CNN
  11. 11. Music is organizingaround people Pandora Spotify Sources: Pandora, Spotify
  12. 12. Shopping is organizingaround people Amazon Groupon up to 50% increase in average order value Sources: Social Commerce Camp, Groupon
  13. 13. 500Musers worldwide
  14. 14. More than halfof users return daily
  15. 15. 200M+mobile users each month
  16. 16. 7 hrs, 7 mins 2 hrs, 17 mins 1 hr, 31 mins 1 hr, 21 mins 1 hr, 16 minsTime spenthoursSource: Nielsen monthly time spent November 2010
  17. 17. Worldwide engagement Daily 4 hours, 57 mins 29 visits 53% daily Average time spent per user Average visits per user Active users log in (monthly) (monthly) (daily)Source: Worldwide comScore November 2010 & Facebook Internal Data, January 2011
  18. 18. Facebook Page•  Connections•  Brand voice•  Viral distribution
  19. 19. 16,402,334 People Like This
  20. 20. 2 dedicated Ad positions Premium Ad Market place Ad
  21. 21. Premium Top Menu displays new notifications, requests Toggle between live updates and highlights view and messages Suggestions of Friends and Pages provide viral distributionDashboardsmake it easierto discovercontent Ad unit
  22. 22. Premium Ads drive brand impact 100% share of voice on the most highly trafficked pages TIME SPENT ON HOMEPAGES Facebook has the highest time per homepage impression 50 45 46.0 43.1 40 Seconds 35 30 30.9 27.5 27.2 25 23.0 22.9 20 Source: Nielsen
  23. 23. Premium Engagement Ads Event Like Sampling Poll Video commenting
  24. 24. 2x# of mentionsover World Cupsponsor
  25. 25. 2,500,000,000 3,000,000 6,400,000 169,000,000 ad views liked Nike video plays impressions
  26. 26. Sponsored Stories is a new way toscale word of mouth
  27. 27. This is how it works Sponsored Stories David likes this brand Your Brand David likes this brand LikeSTEP 1: STEP 2: STEP 3:David likes a brand, If this brand included A story is generated on David’suses an application, Sponsored Stories in their friends’ News Feeds, whichor checks in to a Facebook Ads campaign, they may or may not seelocation David’s friends see this story in the right column
  28. 28. Marketplace Ads can drive action • Auction-based pricing • Drive actions 1 • Off-site clicks • Transactions 2 • Game installs 3 • E-commerce sales 4 • Kick-start fan base
  29. 29. Profile-based targeting Structured Unstructured • Location • Activities • Age/Birthday • Interests • Gender • Music • Education • TV • Workplace • Movies • Relationship • Books • Sexual Preference • Groups • Language • Applications • Connections • Status updates
  30. 30. This is the NEW word of mouth - itis twice as effective 1.6X lift in brand recall 2X VS lift in message awareness 4X Meg Griffing Sloan, Becca Foy, and 14 other friends like lift in purchase intent Heineken Source: Nielsen
  31. 31. Facebook Ads tips
  32. 32. Use multiple creative assetsExample: Home Page ReachBlock with multiplecreative assets
  33. 33. Be authentic •  Straight forward copy •  Relevant imagery •  Tie back to brand
  34. 34. Make every word count15 characters 87 characters25 characters 135 characters
  35. 35. A/B test your ads
  36. 36. Use compelling imagery
  37. 37. Highlight brand character
  38. 38. Have a Facebook Page
  39. 39. Facebook Deals
  40. 40. DealsA new way to connect with customers Reward customers when they check in on Facebook ‣ Generate in-store traffic ‣ Generate buzz among friends online ‣ Build loyalty
  41. 41. PlacesWho. What. When. And now where. See who’s checked in nearby And tell your friends where you are and who you’re with Generating a story in their News Feed
  42. 42. Individual deals ‣  Launch a new product, offer a promotion, or reward your customers. This is a great way to drive in-store traffic
  43. 43. Loyalty Deals Friend Deals ‣  Reward your most loyal ‣  Encourage customers customers and offer a to bring their friends deal after a certain and family to your number of check-ins stores
  44. 44. Charity Deals ‣  Give back to the community and incentivize customers to check in by offering charity donations
  45. 45. Newsfeed Stories – 4 types Check in Story Claim Story
  46. 46. Publish StoryShare Story
  47. 47. 10,000 free pairs of jeans“It’s a great traffic driver” Financial Times
  48. 48. (c) 2010 Facebook, Inc. or its licensors.  "Facebook" is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.. All rights reserved. 1.0