Lifecycle Loop - The New Ecommerce Sales Funnel


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Radio and television are great mediums for storytelling and essential parts of selling. But how do you utilize this medium to generate leads? And what is the best way to nurture those leads through the buying process so that they become your customers and eventually your promoters?

Enter, Lifecycle Loop - The New Ecommerce Sales Funnel.


- How leads from Direct Response TV, Direct Response Radio, SEM, and Digital are acquired
- The stages of the Lifecycle Loop
- How to understand your customers based on where they are in your purchasing cycle

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Lifecycle Loop - The New Ecommerce Sales Funnel

  1. 1. + The Lifecycle Loop The New eCommerce Sales Funnel #LifecycleLoop
  2. 2. Sam @Mallikarjunan Head of eCommerce Marketing @HubSpot
  3. 3. Irv Brechner Executive Vice President Corporate Communications
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  5. 5. Lead Conversion in the Age of Immediacy: New Tactics to Turn Prospects Into Lifetime Customers
  6. 6. Consumers Live in a World of Immediacy They are used to: Instantaneous email responses to orders Clicking remotes Instant messaging Texting Constant updates of news, sports scores
  7. 7. They Are a New Breed of Shopper They watch TV while using their devices. They see a TV commercial, email their friends, check out ratings online, view the advertiser’s Facebook page, and on and on. They can easily get distracted from what advertisers want them to do: place an order!
  8. 8. Delays Common with Lead Gen Consumers looking for more information often don’t get responses for days, even weeks. They can easily lose interest and seek out a competitor, especially in a world where instant response has become the norm.
  9. 9. The “Holy Grail” of Lead Gen Consumers who respond to TV and radio commercials by calling or going online get email responses in minutes. Email responses are relevant, timely and have a strong call to action and offer. The “Lifecycle Loop” makes it happen.
  10. 10. The Lifecycle Loop
  11. 11. The Conventional Linear Buying “Cycle” So easy, pretty, and simple to understand, ain’t it?
  12. 12. How Inbound Marketing Works … and what tools you can use.
  13. 13. Reality is more complicated: The inbound relationship lifecycle
  14. 14. Reality is more complicated: The inbound relationship lifecycle – Missing key phases of the buying cycle and marketing process – Considers “Influencers” an end-state – Considers “Buyers” and end-state
  15. 15. It’s not an end-state It’s an infinite loop
  16. 16. This breaks the classic eCommerce Funnel
  17. 17. eCommerce marketers are late to the game – always focused on the sale. If you’re waiting until the customer is ready to buy to engage them, you’ve already lost them.
  18. 18. So we started converting people earlier
  19. 19. Blogging Adoption Is Rising Does your company have a blog or similar content channel?
  20. 20. Frequent Blogging Is Critical 72% of marketers who saw ROI from Inbound Marketing blog at least once a week, and marketers who blog are 155% more likely to see ROI from Inbound Marketing.
  21. 21. More marketers are adopting pre-transactional conversions
  22. 22. Research Phase Corey’s not just building her contact list, she’s generating predictable future sales revenue that she can analyze and optimize: 𝐶 ∗ 𝑉 𝐷 C = # of new customers, D = # of downloads, V = Average LTV
  23. 23. The marketing activities and tools to this point add up to the Cost Of Customer Acquisition
  24. 24. Now her focus shifts to increasing Charlie’s Life Time Value
  25. 25. Customer LTV Is A Profitable Focus Companies that saw ROI by LTV focus rating
  26. 26. The Focus of our eCommerce eConomics needs to change
  27. 27. “But I get my business through word-of-mouth…” …there’s a math for that! On a scale of 1 to 10 (one being very unlikely and 10 being very likely), how likely are you to recommend the Fakasonic VT30 to a friend looking to purchase a new TV?
  28. 28. Get started today. Target the right content, engagement, and experience to people in each phase Be sure you’re tracking the right metrics in each phase. Instead of just having someone own a “channel”, someone should own the phase. Calculate and track your LTV:COCA and segment by buyer persona
  29. 29. THANK YOU
  30. 30. QUESTIONS?
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