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How to Learn from the Best to Optimise Automated Email Marketing Campaigns


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Presentation delivered at the Digital Marketing Show 2015 by Guy Hanson, Return Path.

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How to Learn from the Best to Optimise Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

  1. 1. How to Learn from the Best to Optimise Automated Email Marketing Campaigns Guy Hanson   @GuyHanson, @ReturnPath
  2. 2. Smart brands understand the value of delivering … The right message. To the right person. At the right time.
  3. 3. We have unprecedented visibility into the inbox PROVIDER NETWORK 70 Providers 2.5B Inboxes with CONSUMER & DEVELOPER NETWORK and 2M+ Consumers eCommerce receipts from over 5,000 Retailers
  4. 4. Automation – Rationale & ROI
  5. 5. “Triggered open rates were 76.7% higher than BAU emails, with triggered click rates reporting 151.9% higher” Source: Epsilon Q3 2014 Email Trends & BenchmarksSource: RP Labs Strategy Mapper Rationale & ROI Triggered Emails Generate More Responses
  6. 6. Source: DMA National Client Email Report 2015 Over 50% of email revenue is generated by segmentation Another 30% is being produced by triggered emails – almost doubling in just 12 months!
  7. 7. “Does the majority of your email marketing revenue and engagement come from triggered emails? Anecdotally, marketers tend to hit this mile- marker when more than 5% of their email volume is triggered emails” Source: Mediapost,
  8. 8. Implementation
  9. 9. Implementation Take-Up Source: SFMC State of Marketing Report 2015
  10. 10. Implementation Criteria Ability to Trigger How easy or difficult would be it to set-up the email trigger? Size of Audience How many people do we estimate will receive this trigger each month? Engagement Level How involved with the brand will the trigger recipient be? Purchase Intent Will the trigger recipient be in a "buying" frame of mind? Revenue Potential What is the expected average order value?
  11. 11. Implementation Trigger Types Transactional Emails: based on past customer transactions enable marketers to suggest future purchases Segmentation Clusters: demographics; geography; brand affinity; and product preferences Reminder Emails: abandoned cart; incentives; reminders; and replenishment emails Loyalty & Appreciation: thank you; gifts; reminders of loyalty status - marketers can track how much a customer is spending, and then respond with more points to encourage shopping
  12. 12. Lifecycle Triggers
  13. 13. Lifecycle Triggers Welcome Source: Return Path – Americas Top Retailers Welcome Email Study “Those that read at least one welcome message went on to read 40% more of their messages from the sending brand during the following 180 days” “The overall lifetime spend of a customer was 62% higher for those who engaged vs those that did not”
  14. 14. Lifecycle Triggers Birthdays
  15. 15. Lifecycle Triggers Anniversaries
  16. 16. Lifecycle Triggers Win-Back
  17. 17. Behavioural Triggers
  18. 18. Behavioural Triggers Browse Abandonment
  19. 19. Behavioural Triggers Purchasing Activity
  20. 20. Behavioural Triggers Replenishment
  21. 21. Behavioural Triggers “Snooze”
  22. 22. Contextual Triggers
  23. 23. Dell experienced a clear lift from using individualised send-times. As a result, this test won the gold ribbon for Timing Tests in WhichTestWon’s Email & Mobile Testing Awards. Dell saw these results: • Increase in unique opens by 6.6 percentage points • Increase in unique clicks by 8.2 percentage points Contextual Triggers Timing
  24. 24. Contextual Triggers Timing
  25. 25. Contextual Triggers Weather
  26. 26. Contextual Triggers Weather
  27. 27. Contextual Triggers Opportunism!
  28. 28. Contextual Triggers Opportunism!
  29. 29. Wrapping Up
  30. 30. Wrapping Up Additional Ideas
  31. 31. Wrapping Up Additional Ideas • Life events such as when customers change their status from “Single” to “Married” in social media • Customers have been upgraded to VIP, participated in a loyalty program, or received a bonus card • Customers have left feedback or shared a link in social media • You want to thank a customer for placing a 5th or 10th order • You want to send a reply to a price-cutting query on certain goods • Customers regularly check a specific page but don’t complete a transaction. • Customers haven’t visited your site, or used your app, for a long period of time
  32. 32. Wrapping Up 8 “Dos” and “Don’ts” • Do Plan for trigger acquisition • Do Know what you want to automate • Do Start with what will generate the biggest returns • Do Balance quality with quantity • Do Leverage all available touchpoints • Don’t Rely on dirty data • Don’t Assume timing has to be immediate • Don’t Miss Opportunities For Feedback
  33. 33. How to Learn from the Best to Optimise Automated Email Marketing Campaigns Guy Hanson   @GuyHanson, @ReturnPath