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Leveraging behavioural data for success silverpop ibm festival of marketing


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Leveraging behavioural data for success silverpop ibm festival of marketing

  1. 1. Loren McDonald @LorenMcDonald Vision, Skills, Data: Leveraging Behavioural Data for Success
  2. 2. Big Data It is the answer to all of your Marketing dreams, right? @LorenMcDonald
  3. 3. Or does the thought of it make you want to scream?
  4. 4. For marketers, is it really about BIG DATA?
  5. 5. Or rather actionable data about each individual customer? @LorenMcDonald
  6. 6. The Decisive Moment "To me, photography is the simultaneous recogni5on, in a frac5on of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organisa5on of forms which give that event its proper expression.” Henri Car)er-­‐Bresson
  7. 7. Data ultimately must create a better customer experience.
  8. 8. Types of Data …
  9. 9. Categories of data. What they tell us. What they do. What the tech tells us.
  10. 10. What they tell us. Profile Data
  11. 11. What they do. Behavioral http://www.
  12. 12. What the machines tell us. Ops data, everything else that’s important…
  13. 13. To know a person … watch what they do, not what they say. Danny Santagato
  14. 14. Good Better (demographics and form submissions) (behavioral insights driving marketing and sales) Title: VP or Mgr Strategic white paper or demo Selection: 3 months Visited site 3 times in last 2 days Budget: $50k Custom ROI calculator results Industry: Mfg Clicked on a vertical case study in email
  15. 15. Gender: Male Age: 28 City: Milton Keynes Interest: Mountain biker You send: mountain bike offers But their site browse behaviour says they want a road bike
  16. 16. Behaviours that Matter What pages did they visit? Did they post on Twitter? How long since their last visit? How many emails did they open? Which articles did they click to read? Did they watch the video?
  17. 17. Off-­‐line Behavior Email Behavior Custom Behavior Web Behavior Behaviors signal your customer is moving Video Behavior forward
  18. 18. But this shift to increasingly leverage behavioural data also requires a shift in thinking …
  19. 19. Marketing teams will need more “left-­‐brain” peeps
  20. 20. You need to connect to everything Customer Interactions Events Mobile Facebook Twitter Devices+ Location Communities Retail Blogs SMS SMS Call Center Push Wearables Email
  21. 21. And move to a centralised marketing database Centralised Marketing Database Individualised Content Social Graph Automation Engine Email Mobile Apps Location Check In’s Purchase History Forms CRM Video File Downloads Site/Page Visits Blog Visits Support History Postal Web Mobile Geo Business Data
  22. 22. Traditional Marketing Behavioural Marketing It’s all about “the plan”: Filling up the Calendar It’s all about the customer: Acting like a great Concierge 4 per week 50 per day
  23. 23. Getting scale through automation
  24. 24. Process becomes more critical than creative
  25. 25. IT must be on your team, not the enemy!
  26. 26. A Few Examples …
  27. 27. Capturing Intent Via Link Behaviour @LorenMcDonald
  28. 28. Implicit Profiling: Add Intelligence to your Database Engineering Solutions Inc. Provides Solutions for:
  29. 29. Designing Engineering Efficiency Button = Landing Page! Engineering Solutions Inc. Provides Solutions for:
  30. 30. Engineering Solutions Inc. Provides Solutions for: Get Throughput Assessment Hidden Fields Store Persona Type & More Designing Engineering Efficiency
  31. 31. Process Abandonment Remarketing @LorenMcDonald
  32. 32. Supplement Wizard
  33. 33. Supplement Wizard – Abandoned, Finished Process • Sent when a customer receives their results but does not add items to cart or checkout • 40.17% Open Rate • 4.18% CTR • $0.38 Rev/Email
  34. 34. Supplement Wizard – Abandoned, Did not get results • Sent when a customer starts the Wizard, but does not get to the results page • 44% Open Rate • 7.61% CTR • $0.25 Rev/Email
  35. 35. Rules Based Automated Communications @LorenMcDonald
  36. 36. Rules-­‐Based Communications: Example Example: Trade In/Upsell Campaign Rules: Segment = Hot Dogger Marina Visit in the last year Owner of Fast Cigarette Boat Downloaded the PDF Spec Sheet of Cigarette Speedy 2015
  37. 37. Anyone that matches our rule will get this email: Hi Shawn – We have May specials & Cigarette Boat Trade Ins Plus we have just received new 2015 models at the Marina. Come in to test drive this weekend. These guys are FAST. Steve PS. If you can make it to the Southampton Boat Show, we have some amazing prize giveaways!
  38. 38. 3 months later Behavioral Marketing in Action Shaun watches this video Behavioral Rules with multichannel automated campaigns allow us to respond immediately: Shaun gets a personalized SMS with the new Trade-­‐ in program
  39. 39. The Automated Programs Waits for Rule Matches Message Sent on 5/23/14 Message Sent on 4/15/14 Message Sent on 6/21/14 • Programs actively ‘listens’ for rule match based on behaviors and data values. • Only when there is a match is the email sent Database Size 45,000; number of emails sent in 90 days = 300! Set it and Forget it! Staff is free to work on other projects!
  40. 40. Using Scoring To Detect Churn @LorenMcDonald
  41. 41. Likelihood to churn scoring model Subscriber Activated their System Annual Churn ~13% Power User Arms their home security system regularly Annual Churn ~8% Notification User Receives text/ email messages for alerts in their home Annual Churn ~5% Super User Uses interactive services regularly Annual Churn ~1%
  42. 42. Takeaways Senses Customer Path Profile + Behavioural Data Actionable Use Scoring Re-­‐align Skills / Process
  43. 43.­‐resources The Silverpop Digital Marketing Platform