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Building Transformational Leadership towards the SDGs - People


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This presentation was part of the ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme 2017 'Building Transformational Leadership Towards the SDGs' at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

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Building Transformational Leadership towards the SDGs - People

  1. 1. 2017 ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme Building Transformational Leadership Towards the SDGs - PEOPLE Subarna Sivapalan, PhD (Malaysia) Ahmad Agus Setiawan, PhD (Indonesia) Amonpak Na Nakorn (Thailand) Do Thi Kim Chi (Vietnam)
  2. 2. Sincere Gratitude
  4. 4. but before that… our quick take on the 5Ps
  5. 5. Our reflection on the 5Ps of SD for building transformational leadership towards the SDGs … Leaving no one behind Envisioning success for the future through multi –level and multi stakeholder engagement Moderation as a way of life 3 critical factors for transformational leadership
  6. 6. People, Partnership, Planet, Peace, Prosperity- Some key questions to think about…. OLD PROCESS NEW Are people at the center of everything? The need for a different and shift in paradigm New paradigm - people living in harmony with nature and the planet  need peaceful partnerships in order to achieve prosperity • Understanding the balance of life  Sustainable Development • Putting transformational leadership into practice • New – current state vs desired state
  7. 7. PEOPLE – THE KEY DRIVERS FOR SUSTAINABILITY Drawing parallels of transformational leadership towards SDGs from the Ao Udom, Phanat Nikom, and Bangkok City Farm case studies
  8. 8. The heart of the problem… Understanding problem Establish criteria Decompose to sub problem Synthesizing and recomposing Have rational choice
  9. 9. Case 1: Ao Udom Coastal Development Zone
  10. 10. Ao Udom Coastal Development Zone in the context of Sustainable Development Leadership… • Project phase 1 : 1987 - 91  640 Ha • Project phase 2 : 1997 – 2001  640 Ha • Project phase 3 : is planned ~ discussion • 3,000 local resident (ancestral lineage) • 7,000 new residents • 20,000 working in the area • Built environment  experiencing bad implementation of CSR • PEOPLE were initially not put in the center • Leadership shown by grass root level activists to mediate the conflict
  11. 11. Case 2: Panas Nikom Environmentally Sustainable City
  12. 12. Panas Nikom in the context of Sustainable Development Leadership… • Historic site • Over 1,000 years old Focus on the Panas Nikom Sub-districts: • 12 communities • Area 2.76 km² • Population 11,083persons • Put PEOPLE in the center • 30 years of experience • Action has been taken by participation of local community • Development target is clear and there is process for monitoring & evaluation Panas Nikom District, Chonburi Province
  13. 13. Case 3: Bangkok City Farm
  14. 14. Bangkok City Farm in the context of Sustainable Development Leadership … • The Baan Rangsi roof garden is situated within the heart of Bangkok city • An example of Education for Sustainable Development at work • Application of living in moderation, as propagated by the late King of Thailand – Set Tekkit Po Pyang • Current limitation – needs more focused leadership skills, utilization of social media, English language competence, knowledge of upskilling of the grassroot level movement Map
  15. 15. ENGAGING PEOPLE AND COMMUNITIES THROUGH TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP– Impact of lack of leadership on PEOPLE from the cases Loss of income as a result of limiting rights to traditional trade Low public participation and engagement Lack of integrity Ancestral heritage degradation Environmental pollution and threats to ecosystem Unsustainable conflict management leading to unsustainable transformative change
  16. 16. ENGAGING PEOPLE AND COMMUNITIES THROUGH TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP– Positive impact of leadership on PEOPLE from the cases Creation of employment opportunities for the local community Impactful multistakeholder partnerships Bottom up and top down synergy conceived Systemic and holistic conflict resolution Greater accountability from all stakeholders Securing financial sustenance for the community Improvement of health and social well-being of the community Increased sense of community in unison for a common sustainable future More targeted and focused mitigation of climate change impact to the environment and community
  17. 17. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP Solutions for people centred SD leadership within the local context : The way forward for a leadership issue within the local context PROJECT TITLE: Optimizing multi-stakeholder partnerships for socio- economic wellbeing of at risk communities in Malaysia - The case of the Kg Batu 20 Indigenous Community in Tapah, Malaysia
  19. 19. ENGAGING PEOPLE AND COMMUNITIES THROUGH TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP– Recommendations for building transformational leadership Common understanding for sustainable future Sustainable multi stakeholder partnerships Transformations for SD
  20. 20. • Expert sessions were very engaging and thought provoking • Eye-opening fieldtrips • Wonderful hospitality by organizers and hosts • Mentorship post LP • To address issue of lack of time for focused discussions and engagement with experts • To include more field work and more practical work with experts from the field 2017 ProSPER.Net LP: Highlights & Proposed Improvements
  21. 21. THANK YOU