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Youth Problem Solving Project ‘Bridge to the World’


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Youth Problem Solving Project ‘Bridge to the World’
Ms. Unji Lee, RCE Tongyeong
Asia-Pacific Regional RCE Meeting 2018
25-27 September, 2018, Parramatta (Sydney), Australia

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Youth Problem Solving Project ‘Bridge to the World’

  1. 1. Youth Problem Solving Project BRIDGE TO THE WORLD RCE Tongyeong Unji Lee
  2. 2. What is the Bridge To the World BTW is an ESD program that allows youth to think flexibly, and integrally above dealing specific area. It provides a chance for a multifaceted approach to issues by sustainable balance between 3 dimensions. It will contribute to fostering the next generation that will lead to more sustainable. Especially, it deals with environmental problems caused by rapid urbanization and industrialization where shipbuilding and fisheries developed with sea. It also discusses how multicultural family can co-exist and how traditional wisdom can conserve from a social point of view where aging and population decline occur. Also, unemployment caused by the bad mood of shipbuilding business, which has lost vitality and the fisheries industry, which is affected by climate change. BTW doesn’t limit the problematic area but connects it with other areas to find problem at their level, to think in 3 dimensions. From 2008 to 2017, 846 participants have joined and learn ESD & how to be global citizen and visited 43 Global RCE cities
  3. 3. BTW Annual curriculum Selection Find Issue ESD Lecture Looking for Theme Local activities Domestic Trip BTW Festival (select 3teams) Apply Solution in TY Visit RCE cities Follow up activity
  4. 4. 11th Bridge To the World Living together in Harmony as Global Citizen Tatal 46 students, 8 teams May ~ july - Find Problem and gather information August -Domestic trip for their Theme September : - BTW Festival for report and interview - Select 3 teams to visiting other RCE Coming Next Visit other RCE to find SD solution and spread in school and city
  5. 5. Problem in Tongyeong Fast Development in economic and industry Society based on Academic success Nonmainstream of Tradition and Custom Aging Population Local variation from Capital city Lost of self-esteem on Youth Need flexibly thinking generation How to make Tongyeong sustainable from Youth? Find Local problem in diverse dimension from youth level Learn how to think sustainable and gather idea and knowledge Meet expert and study advanced area out of Tongyeong Suggest their sustainable solution to school and local government Change mind and system in school and city Projects SDGs and Targets: Target 4.7 ESD Target 17.16 enhance the global partnership for SD YOUTH Problem - Less chance to approve their interest & course - No understand to approve ESD
  6. 6. Why it starts from youth to make sustainable? Developing potential sustainable development educators Infinite growth potential to be able to make various attempts without limitation to frame The government will spend the budget to keep these programs going well We need to listen to the youth's voice The school teacher is responsible for creating and providing support for students to do case studies at school. Local citizens communicate with students, find problems together, express opinions. BTW YOUTH School & other youth Teacher Community Local government RCE Youth Club 5 highschool & 1 middle school 400 students involved Support youth activities as Local company, NGO through ESD Mayer & each Department Support budget and relating youth Formal Education Committee 58 schools and 61 ESD Teacher in whole TY area Answer is from YOUTH • Tongyeong is solving local problems in a sustainable way • ESD practice of school from small-scale students, teacher change • Coordinator – The person who did the program when they were youth comes back to Tongyeong and helps youth activities as a senior • TY city council and mayor Interested and participated in the program as briefing session and examination announcement, and interested in the youth program and looking for direction of the area connection • Nurturing potential leaders to lead Tongyeong sustainably
  7. 7. Thank you