March 2013 newsletter 27 feb13


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March 2013 newsletter 27 feb13

  1. 1. NEWSLETTER Unit 1, 2 Parker Hill, Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines, D6 March 2013 Thank you Paddy’s DayWhen I was a member of Gateway, I really never P addy’s Day is he re we ’ll paint the l and gr ee ntook an active role. I didnt think I deserved to be F amilie s r ej oic ing will cr eate a happy sc e ne .a big part of things for many reasons, like that Ididnt attend drop-in enough, or that there were Ple nty of gr ee n Guinne ss as we dr own ourmany people there longer than I was, or that shamr oc kwhat I thought didnt really matter or wasnt as Ce le br ations and parade s all r ound the cl oc k.good or as important as what other people We honour our gr eat saint eac h and e ve ry ye arthought. Ce le br ating Paddy’s day without any fe ar . “ I had it all backwards” We think of all our anc e stor s who be came Yanks,Now that I am a project worker, I see that I hadit all backwards. Gateway needed me as it needs As we ope n up our he ar ts and give thanks.all its members, to make it what it is - a member-led project. So Im delighted to see more peoplegetting involved in Gateway, doing things like St Patricks Festivalsetting up a peer council, leading people on a Saturday 16th of Marchwalk, writing articles for the newsletter, 10.00 am : Natural Museum , Merrion Street. Thepublishing the newsletter, volunteering in the Wonder of Snakes. I thought Patrick drove themdrop-in, organising competitions, deciding how to out…..decorate the drop-in centre, being on the advisorycommittee, committing to meeting members 12.00 pm : Merrion Square….BIG DAY OUT… A carnival like no,art-shows,jugglers,art-outside of Gateway, tidying up the drop-in,attending meetings, organizing discounted rates 12.50 pm : O’ Connell Bridge The Gannon Cupand coming to members meetings - where University Boat Race.Hey-Ho...What what….? Race.Hey-matters important to members are discussed, and 18.30 pm : Chester Beatty Library..Dublin Castleplans are made for the future. And as more TEMPO. A clash of Brazil and Irish music….Go on…members get involved, I see Gateway getting Sunday 17th of Marchstronger, and growing and changing in the waythe members want. 11.00 am : City Centre...The Peoples Parade….something about the Gather- “Urge you to get involved” ing…..Blah BlahI have great respect for all the members who 12.00 pm: DUBLIN CITY CENTRE...THE BESTEST pm:make it all happen, and urge all of you to get PARADE IN THE WORLD…involved in any way you can, and not to let your 15.00 pm : Dublin City Centre…….. Well sure itworries get in your way like I did. will be the Craic as we Drown the Shamrock…So here is a big thank you and kudos to Ann- Monday 18th of MarchMarie, Patrick, Nicholas, Oliver D, Mary Q, MaryM, Joe, John, Paul J, Gerry P, Tom and Ciarán, 09.00 am : City Hall ...Dublin Castle...Treasure Hunt….some really good prizes….so if you know youras well as all the members who write articles for Dublin…the newsletter, come to members meetings,commit to meeting members outside Gateway, 11.00 am : Merrion Square and Custom House Quay.Fun Fairs..Last chance of a swing till nextand tidy up the drop-in centre. -Ali year.
  2. 2. The Decorating Amnesty Gateway Meeting. Squad A meeting was held at Gateway on Wednesday 16thIn January myself, Ali, Ciarán, Mary January. Some participants on the WRAP program andQ and Martha all met to get the regular members of Gateway made up the 12 indecoration of the middle room on the attendance. Pippa from Amnesty introduced the purpose ofway. At first I was wondering how the meeting: To survey the opinions of Mental Healthwe could justify our meeting. But I Service users in order to produce an online Training andwas soon proven wrong as ideas on Guidelines document which can be consulted by Healthwhat to do surprised me. I think I professionals to assist them in their understanding ofstumbled across a new emotion - one patients needs and therefore improve service delivery. Inthat is used for interior design - yet other words, the desired aim is to promote a greaterto be named. We decided that the understanding between medical staff and the would have two main Perhaps, to make nurses less routine, and the psychiatristsfunctions. Firstly for listening to less using head phones, andsecondly for Peer Counselling. This Anne-Marie (also from Amnesty) took notes as we wereis where two people listen to one asked to respond to a particularly bleak case studyanother for about three minutes each describing one patient in hospital care. The treatment sheway. It is important that the person was being subjected to reflected a specific heartlessness indoing the listening does so the system with which nearly everyone present is familiar.attentively and does not give advice. This case study cut directly into the core of treatmentFor the completion of the room we issues, eliciting reactions including: Had she no say? Whyneed an armchair, curtains, a lamp, was she so detained? Was it ever explained to her thea lava lamp and a rug. If anyone has rationale for the drug regime she was undergoing? Whatthem and would like to donate them happened in the first place? i.e. more than 5 years backplease do. As with everything in when she first presented with symptoms? Did anyone everGateway help and support in take time to actually talk to her? Why was she resisting?continuing on with the decorating How long more? Could she expect any improvement in hergroup is always sought after. So any mental health in the long run?members interested in interiordesign this could be for you! Pippa and Anne-Marie mined a rich harvest of ideas andTom M experience during the 2 hours. Obviously it called to mind unpleasant realities, and it was exhausting. Hoping what they learned can be useful in designing their onlineCare & Repair: formation for mental health care professionals, and that itFree repair service in Dublin 4, 6 & will be widely consulted and implemented, so as to12 to people 65+ years of age. Small eliminate the unnecessary pain and poor outcomes forrepair jobs call 01-4059819 some. -NessaCounselling ‘My Mind’ Did you know?My Mind in Ranelagh are still All continents names start and end with the same letter...WOW !offering discounted counsellingservices. Vouchers are still availableto Gateway members. The cost is €10per session for 5 sessions. For more Wednesday Meet-Upsinformation contact Mary Barnes on 1 o’clock in Toast are still on,01-4965558. check with Oliver D for details
  3. 3. I Joke of the month Tom’s Story A thief goes into a chicken factory to have been volunteering with Gateway since rob a chicken. A security guard is September and have found the members and the watching him. The thief grabs a chicken and runs off with it.staff hugely supportive. My own Mental health at first The security guard shouts at him.was an issue. I was nervous starting off as I was makingthe transition from a member of an organisation to a ”What are you doing with that chicken”? The thief replies.” CabbageProject Worker. and roast potatoes”.I have an illness that when under stress my energy levels Boom Boom….drop significantly and when Im exhausted my comfortzone diminishes. Relaxation & MeditationHowever my involvement in Gateway has lowered my continues on Mondays in Marchstress levels a lot and I can say that being more involved from 3.45-4.45pm!in the organisation has been a huge lift to my wellbeing Indian Head Massageand outlook for 2013. This coupled with a question that I is on the last Monday every Monthask myself too often… from 1.45pm “Exciting new role” Random Notes Radio Show”Will they like me”? That soon trickled into the by Richard Moloney every Secondbackground with the answer - “Of course they will”! I Wednesday (6 & 20th March)remember on my first day looking at the clock and between 9pm – 10.30pm on Nearrealising that I could not just leave like before when I felt 90.3fm and online at it, but was bound to my new role. And what abrilliant and exciting new role that has turned into. I was Pool Competitiona bit sceptical at first as the difference between a good Sandra M had won the January competition, but let the prize slipday and a bad day for me would be difficult in trying to away as Tim came from nowhere and clinched the title last Thursday in aavoid - as unfortunately I am programmed to try and thrilling final with Terry.cover up my bad days (something that makes the bad day Terry broke and quickly potted 3 red balls in succession. Tim fought backa lot worse). I eventually realised that there are a small heroically and played somenumber of places that someone can go to when they are wonderful shots. But the game hung in a balance as they both played forhaving a bad day and Gateway in Rathmines is one of the black ball. Terry had an easy shot but failed to pot. Tim steppedthem. forward and seeing that the championship was there for the “How are you really?” taking, slowly bent over the table, and resting his chin along the cue,For me now, if I havent had a good nights sleep the night gently hit the black into the top left hand pocket.before, or am under the weather, I am completely at ease The crowd went wild. His loyalto say it to both my colleagues and the members as a followers showered him with roses and kisses and security had to beculture of “How are you really”? is alive and kicking in called to quell the thousands whoParker Hill. For me sometimes I have a habit of glossing had made the trip to see their Champ. Tim fell to his knees andover bad days, however for me as a Project Worker it is silently said a prayer to his God in thanks for his good fortune.vitally important that I am someone who is So dont forget next months Poolapproachable. I am looking forward to the year ahead competition, and you too could be walking away with the prized trophyand getting to know all involved in Gateway better. and 100,000 Euro prize money… -CiaránThanks, Tom
  4. 4. 11 Wynnfield Road Rathmines Dublin 6 01 496 5558 Get to know your member ! PaulWhat do you like about being a member in Gateway? I like the camaraderie.What did you want to be when you grew up? An astronaut.Where is your favourite place in the world? My parents house in sunny Spain.One thing no one knows bout you? I dodged a fare on a train from Biarritz to Paris. Mental Health ReformGrassroots meeting 30-1-2013 GatewayMyself and Ali represented Gateway at a Working in Gateway as a volunteer isrecent Mental Health Reform Grassrootsmeeting which was held on the 30th of pleasant and nice.January. The main topic for discussion was The other project workers show me the waymedication. A contributor to the discussion and give me advice.mentioned that, in Finland, psychiatricmedication is only tried when other forms of Understanding mental health difficulties isintervention have failed. I told the meeting something I want to do.that I was aware of people who had been Gateway is a good place to come if you’retaking psychiatric medication for 20 or 25years. feeling sad or blue. My time in Gateway has given me a positive “against psychiatric medication” outlook and insight.One contributor to the meeting said she had As people get together and try to stay out ofbeen against psychiatric medication but wasnow in favour of medication in certain the dark and in the light.circumstances. I suggested that when an In Gateway there are always things to doindividual is put on medication for the first and places to go.time they should be correctly monitored.People travelled from Cork to attend the Helps me understand mental health that IMental Health Reform meeting. One man didn’t know.stated at the meeting that he wasnt in -Patrick C.favour of ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy).Mental Health Reform Stated that they wereonly in favour of ECT if the individual gave The Dublin 6 Older People’s Network is piloting atheir consent to receiving ECT. new older men’s group in the community, every second Tuesday in Mount Drummond Older People’s “other forms of support” Complex - Harold’s Cross. If you know any men in the community that could benefit from a bit ofI suggested, as part of the discussion on company please pass on the information. Contactmedication, that if an individual is Gerry Hogarty at Rathmines Garda Station on 666prescribed medication, other forms of 6700 or more info.supports should be offered to the person aswell. These other forms of support couldinclude Counselling, Psychotherapy, Please remember Dolores Smyth who diedOccupational Therapy and/or Social Work recently. Dolores was a regular member ofSupport. I hope my account of the Grassroots Gateway in the Swan Centre. We would like tomeeting is a benefit to all Gateway pass on our sympathy to her family.members. -Oliver D. May she rest in peace.