Newsletter 20 2-2012


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Rotary Club of Parramatta City Newsletter 20 February 2012

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Newsletter 20 2-2012

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Parramatta City COMMUNITY NETWORKER ROTARY CLUB OF PARRAMATTA CITY THE GREAT KIWI PRESIDENT MESSAGE ANZAC DAY From Wikipedia, the definition of vocation (from Latin vocare, BREAKFASTmeaning "to call"[1]), is a term for an occupation to which a person isspecially drawn or for which he or she is suited, trained, or qualified. I looked this up because of two members. Many members in Rotaryhave forgotten we are a service club based on our vocations. Quietly& privately apart from their Rotary duties, in the background two of our An idea whose time has come....Bornmembers are using their vocations to improve their community. on Aotearoa dawn April 25th 2000. Ralph Cadman is working with Parramatta High School mentoring As more of us recognize the greatthe students based on his vocation. He is ensuring they are prepared sacrifices of young men who gave all in the theatres of war inand have knowledge to make it in this world, Parramatta High School is Europe and Asia, we are seeing many people, particularly the youngerone of the most diverse schools in the State with practically every generations attending ANZAC Day services.nation represented. This is a personal project of Ralph’s much the same What better time then, to enjoyas Maurice Kriss. fellowship and remembrance after the dawn service on April 25th than at For Maurice Kriss’s community is in Fiji, a remote village where he has breakfast at home with friends and family, whilst at the same timebeen spending a vast amount of his time helping to provide schools considering ways to raise funds toand basic needs the villagers need to survive in a very rural area of Fiji, upgrade the many war memorials throughout the land.far from the resorts we conjure up when thinking of Fiji. The Rotary Club of St. Johns (Inc.) has piloted the project over the past 3 As we celebrate Rotary’s Anniversary this Thursday I congratulate years. Finding great enthusiasm for the idea and working with the nationalthese two outstanding members, who are doing what comes naturally body of the Royal New Zealandto them, helping our community whether it is local or global. Returned and Services Association, and with the permission of the Looking ahead we have the Rotary Alumni Dinner on March 7th, it Governor General to use the word ANZAC, they have a dedicated teamwill be an opportunity to hear from the Finnish Group Study Team finalizing the governance and logisticmembers vocational backgrounds, their first impressions of Australia issues, and are poised ready to launch to the Nation in 2010.and our District. David Ross will gathering numbers, so book in for a This is a project with huge potential. It offers opportunities to celebrate thegreat evening. fact that we are New Zealanders; David Ross is also chasing numbers for the District Conference 23-25 capture our family history to pass on to future generations; showcaseMarch at Penrith and he is looking at more numbers from the club to the family of Rotary; attract new members for our clubs; increaseattend. Go to to make your Rotary’s public image in the community; a new club communitybooking. David is also taking suggestions for the theme clothing to wear project and fellowship for the family ofon the Saturday night. John Surian is going to make the Legion Rotary. To participate all a club needs toStandard for the Club using all his Italian knowledge. do is purchase breakfast packs from the Rotary Club of Induction of James Brennan St. Johns (Inc.) – Last week we inducted James and I ask all members make yourself or go to www.thegreatkiwianzacdaybreakfaavailable to James to assist him to gather more knowledge about our and Rotary. Barry Antees
  2. 2. Rotary Club of Parramatta CityCALENDAR OF EVENTS February 23 Rotary Day Transfer meeting to Sebel Parramatta 24 Red-Hands Gala dinner-Sydney March 2 ARH- Golf Day at Riverside 3 Multi-District PETS- Campbelltown 5 Pride of Workmanship Evening-POSTPONED 7 Group Study Exchange Alumni dinner – Parramatta Leagues 19 Michael Crosslands- Ignite the fire within 23-25 District Conference- Penrith April 2 John Watters 29 District Assembly 30 Police Officer of the Year POSTPONED May 6-9 International Convention-Bangkok 14 Australian Rotary Health- PHD Scholars night July 6 Club ChangeoverGUEST SPEAKER (VIA DVD) Stuart Heal-Rotary International Director A wonderful presentation will be seen for the future of RotaryDAVID’S PEARLSBeing YourselfAlways be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.- Judy GarlandI think of life itself now as a wonderful play that Ive written for myself, and so my purpose is tohave the utmost fun playing my part.– Shirley MacLaineNo man can climb out beyond the limitations of his own character.
  3. 3. Rotary Club of Parramatta City- John MorleyBe who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter and those whomatter dont mind.- Dr. Seuss Experience the Glitz and Glamour of a BollywoodNight... And Help a Great Cause!Imagine a night on the town filled with movie songs, an auction, fun filled raffles and prizes. You will enjoy thecolourful Bollywood dancers, heart thumping music, mystical Tarot readers and plenty more…For one night inFebruary, experience all this and more at Australia’s Biggest Bollywood Bash. Add to this a 3 course sit downdelectable Indian dinner with plenty of wine! We’re rolling out the red carpet…and you and your guests are invited to attend. Dress to impress asthere will be plenty of glitter and Bollywood glamour!All proceeds go to help RedHands ( whose mission is to empower women living inpoverty in developing countries.Tickets will go fast...
  4. 4. Rotary Club of Parramatta CityCall 0425 235 307 now or book immediately by scrolling down the page to click the Click here togo to our booking page button, and well have yours waiting at the door for you when you arrive!Australia’s Biggest Bollywood Bash is happening Friday, February 24. 2012…just two days beforeOscar night…making this the perfect event to get into the Academy Awards spirit.A small number of tables of ten are also available. We recommend calling now if you’re thinking ofreserving one.To top it all of we’ll have live music, prizes throughout the night, a henna tattoo artist and a charityauction (we’ve got some great items for the auction this year.)For more information, or to reserve those tickets to this very special night, call us now at 0425 235 307.See you at the event!Maria & The Team at RedHandsP.S. COME KICK OFF THE OSCAR SEASON IN STYLE (AND HELPA GREAT CAUSE TO BOOT). WE PROMISE YOU A NIGHT TOREMEMBER. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE.PRESIDENT’S WANT LIST WANT No 1. We are a vocational based service organization. Our members all have a business background and oneof the major survival technics in businesses is succession planning. If we want our business to survive we needto know that if anything happens to me, who understands my business and can step up to the plate.Therefore my No 1 “want” is all members put into practice what they already do in business, but this time it isa session plan for their membership of our club. That is, who will replace me when I leave the Rotary Club ofParramatta City. We need to have in place a club survival practice of succession membership I want everymember to identify a successor for themselves by October 2012 being our vocational month. By this date youwill advise the membership Director who your successor is. WANT No 2.Knowledge is a wonderful gift and my second want is I would like all members to adopt a program or projectas their Rotary knowledge base as to be able to speak on the subject when-ever called upon to do so. Thismay be at a meeting, at one of our projects or just when doing business. If you need resources read yourRotary Down Under magazine or use the online version of the programs of Rotary at
  5. 5. Rotary Club of Parramatta City or go to the Rotary International websitehttp://www.rotary.orgFACEBOOK We have now available for the club a new facebook page the shortcut is Please visit, make comments, open discussions and for your initial visit please hit the “like button”. Thereason is the more members who like the page, we receive additional features. The Facebook page is not asubstitute for our website, but more of an additional way to reach our audience.