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About us 27 - 2013-14


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About us 27 - 2013-14

  1. 1. Vol. : 33 Issue : 27 Date : 08-01-2014 Pages : 04 Reminiscences of Bhandavyotsava-2013 Chairman's message 'BHANDAVYOTSAVA' - dream project of mid town, friends the bondage or shall I say the “Bhandavya” has improved manifold amidst us. It was with all your support that I was able to carry out the mega Project smoothly. Looking at the responses the idea of involving parents & teachers along with their special children seems to have worked much better than what we expected. It is indeed a herculean task to set everything in place well before hand. In spite of few moments of anxiety and initial setbacks, the smile on their faces made us forget everything. My sincere thanks to each and every one of you who lent a hand to make this program a memorable one Thank you. Rtn.R.S.Vishwanath Chairman-Bhandavyotsava 2013 Institutional Reporting- Media Workshop 4th Jan, 2014- Rotary Mysore Midtown in association with Centre for Proficiency Development and Placement Services (CPDPS), Mysore University, and Balodyana Educational Society (BES) conducted a half-a-day workshop for high school and primary school teachers about “Institutional reporting”. Nearly 30 teachers from various institutions in and around Jayanagar, Mysore attended the workshop. They were given training systematically in reporting of the events that occurs inside the school both to the media and internally. The resource person was Prof. Niranjan Vanalil, Director, CPDPS and the whole program was co-ordinated by Mr. Narendra. K. Secretary, Balodyana Educational Society, who has been instrumental in revival of this oldest CBSE School in Mysore , which of late was degenerating due to administrative problems. Rotary Midtown has also contributed to the upgrading of the library facility of BES from its community service funds by the generous contribution of PP. Rtn. Alagappan. Rtn. Aiyanna Community service director was present during the certificate distribution ceremony and took care of the lunch for the delegates. Secretary, Rtn. Dr. K.A. Prahlad co-ordiated the project.
  2. 2. Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Rtn.Ravindra Babu got his Diploma in journalism and is now enrolled for M.A in journalism. Ravi Mams cleared the Diploma exams in first class. Hearty congratulations. A smiling, qualified journalist as editor of “About Us”?, perfect!! Rtn.Manickam receiving “The Best Layer Farmer2013” award at Oberoi Trident, Hyderabad. Congratulations to “Team - Megha Farms” for the phenomenal achievement. The much awaited District Conference is here. Elaborate final arrangements are being made to ensure a lifetime experience. Rotarians are in for a fantastic experience during the weekend. Those who have not registered for the conference yet, can contact President or Secretary and ensure on-the-spot registration. For Innerwheel SAKHYA – inter district ISOs meet for Goodwill & friendship will be held on 10th Jan 2013 at the same venue. Here is a glimpse of things lined up at the District conference Schedule: 10th Jan 2014 - Registration begins at 4pm. Cultural evening and entertainment follows (6pm to 9pm). (for Innerwheel - SAKHYA – INTER DISTRICT ISOs MEET FOR GOODWILL & FRIENDSHIP) 11th Jan 2014 - Participants are requested to be seated before 8.30am for the inaugural session Inaugural address “Asheervachana” by Swami Brahmanandaji Plenary Session“Joy of Giving” by Mr.Gururaja Karajgi “For M-powerment, bring out the W-power” by Ms.Vasanthi Hariprakash “Relevance of PR for NGOs” by Mr.N.Ravishankar “NGOs & Government – a productive partnership” by Dr.Seetharam “Tatva Rasaanubhava” by Mr.Basavalingaiah Hiremath “Persons with disability – a productive workforce” by Ms.Shanti Raghavan “Saamajika parivarthane” by Master Hirannaiah Entertainment programs (6pm to 9pm) 12th Jan 2014 - RIP Special Representative's address by PDG Rtn.Arun Sharma “Desha kattuvudaralli yuvjanara paatra” by Dr.Niranjan Vanalli “Women in Epics – lessons” by Ms.Roopa Venkatesh (Conference ends by 1pm) Basavalingayya Hiremath vÀvÀé gÀ¸Á£ÀĨsÀªÀ RI Rep PDG Rtn. Arun Sharma RID 3080 Swami Brahmanandaji Chinmaya Mission Ms. Shanti Raghavan Founder EnAble India Dr. Gururaj Karjagi Creative Teaching expert Master Hirannaiah Dr. Seetharam M.R. President, Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, Mysore Mr. N. Ravishankar Well-known Dramatist Trainer “Aim High” Prof. Prabhushankara Kannada literatteur Rotary Ms. Vasanthi Hariprakash Journalist and TV show host S p e a k I n g Tree Ms. Roopa Venkatesh Chartered Accountant Dr. Niranjan Vanalli HoD Journalism, UoM
  3. 3. First meeting of 2014 th New year's resolutions, Das's 70 Birthday & Rotary Quiz We all had ushered the New Year in our own happy ways and then attended the first weekly meeting of the New Year. The meeting started at7 pm and then we all had the mother of all surprises by seeing Rtn. Harish wearing the collar as President. Rtn.Raaghu's future vision of 30 years looked as though it had materialized except that Rakesh Babu was not beside him. Rtn Harish handled the proceedings very well with the ease of a seasoned President. I wonder what is stopping him from taking the coveted position. Rtn.Salil Das had celebrated his 70th birthday and he was there with Ann Sabitha to share the joy of his happy life and also to share with us the secret of living longer in married life. Even though many of us were not born or couldn't witness his marriage we had the privilege of seeing Mr.& Mrs. exchanging garlands in front of us, except that lunch was not served. Mr. & Mrs. Das shared with us some secrets and points for happy married life. Then came the time to listen to the Rotarians and their New Year resolutions. First it was Rtn.Bheemesh and he said that he has to give up his favourite GTR Masala Dosa due to the benefit of his health. Ramki expressed that he doesn't want to aspire for Governorship and wanted Raaghu to take up the same. Raaghu was very happy in seeing his dream come true in this New Year by looking at Rtn Harish as the President but also aspired that Rakesh should have occupied Dr. Prahlad's chair. Bond Manoj in his usual 007 style said that he wanted to quit smoking which was applauded by all the members and they said in unison that we are with you. Farooq came on the dais and in support of Manoj told that he was a chain smoker long back and one New Year resolution he made to quit it and till this day he has not looked back. So he gave a piece of advice to Manoj that it was not difficult. Raju Baliga had made his resolution of not using plastic bags and also to follow strictly the traffic rules and also supported Manoj in the matter of smoking which he had quit last year. Rtn.Seenu said that the internet and the hi-tech communications is distancing him from all his near and dear ones. So he has made a resolution not to Whatsapp, Gmail, Facebook or Twitter his near and dear ones but to pick up the phone and talk to them. Rock Babu said that his New Year resolution was to beat Rtn.Nagi in the game of Whatsapp, beat Rtn.Seenu in the game of Corel and resolved that he will register for all conferences, conventions and all Rotary functions. Rtn Vishwa, the towering personality wanted to take it easy in life and not push too much in search of material wealth. It was a treat to listen to all the Rotarians and their resolutions and then came the ROCK TIME. Rtn.Rakesh had arranged a quiz on Rotary knowledge and made the available Rotarians into 4 groups and presented the quiz paper for competition. It was a brain whacking but fun and in the end group1 and group2 were tied with the same score and ultimately he had to toss a coin to decide the winner. The winner was the whole club. Conclusion: Nice start for the New Year. - Rtn. Srinivasan D Annual day celebrations at RMA In a glittering function, Rotary Midtown Academy celebrated 5th Annual Day Function on Friday (Jan 03,2014) at School premises in Hootgalli. Chief Guest Rtn. S.Bhanuchandra inaugurated the function. Rotary Midtown Academy Chairman Rtn.A.R.Alagappan, Rotarians, Innerwheel members, Principal Dr. Vanitha.K.Bhat & Administrator Mr. Thimmaiah were present. SSLC students of 2013 batch and teachers were honored on the occasion followed by attractive cultural show by the students of the academy.
  4. 4. Practical Innovation Rotary Information The Sensegiz Star fitness monitor goes a step beyond keeping track of your vitals—it will also keep you safe by sending an alert if you crash or fall down. The Star can be clipped to a shirt or worn in a wristband, where it will carry out the normal, movement-tracking functions of standard fitness monitors. But exercising, particularly outdoors and off the beaten track, comes with a risk of injury. To provide an added degree of security, the Star is equipped with an integrated crash/fall alert system. Its sensors will recognize the forces that signal a crash or fall, triggering the device to send an audible alert to pre-determined contacts. How your gift to The Rotary Foundation changeslivesLeonor Fraser and other members of her Rotary club arrived in Masaya, Nicaragua, ready to deliver shoes to the elementary schoolchildren and play with them. It immediately became apparent that the school, located near a diesel plant, had bigger problems. The plant emitted pollutants into the air, which made the children and teachers lethargic, and the cracked building had no sanitation facilities. Fraser had difficulty breathing during her visit. More info at: Today'sTeaHost: Rtn.Umesh Rotary Quiz Q: The Rotary Foundation marked its one-millionth Paul Harris Fellow in what year? b)2005 d)2007 Answer : Option C a)2004 c)2006 Courtesy : Internet Next Week Birthday Wishes Rtn. C.S.Gururajan th 13 Jan Rtn. D.K.Manjunath th 13 Jan 15th January meeting postponed to 19th January 2014. Gruhapravesham function of Rtn.Gopal's new house Time : 12.30pm Please Attend 1. IsittheTRUTH? 2. IsitFAIRtoallconcerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. WillitbeBENEFICIALtoallconcerned?