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The Entrepreneurs Radio Show 020_Clint Arthur

  1. 1. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 1 of 22 EPISODE #20: CLINT ARTHUR You‟re listening to Diamonds in Your Own Backyard, the business owner‟s guide to success, inspiration, and community. Where each week you will hear fellow business owners share their inspirational stories, strategies and moments of clarity that helped them find success. And now here is your host Travis Lane Jenkins and Sandra Champlain. Clint Arthur Travis: Hey, it‟s Travis Lane Jenkins. Sandra: And this is Sandra Champlain and we both like to welcome you to Diamonds in Your Own Backyard. Travis: Hello Sandra. Sandra: Hello Travis. Travis: How are you dear? Sandra: I‟m great. It‟s beautiful day here in New England. The leaves are changing. That time of the year to be thinking about what we are grateful for. Travis: Yeah? How did that storm impact you? Sandra: Only a loss of power temporarily here in my town but neighbouring town they have been without power for awhile. Travis: All right. Sandra: So I‟m all right. Travis: So nothing serious, not a lot of down trees or anything in your area? Sandra: No, nope, very lucky. Travis: Lucky you. Certainly I‟m in Texas and just in case everybody doesn‟t know it. Yeah, it was an incredible me and you were both at an event where we saw a friend of ours who we are going to be talking to in a minute in Las Vegas and they were going crazy about the storm thing. I haven‟t heard much about it, after it passed so I really didn‟t have a good feel of how bad things were.
  2. 2. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 2 of 22 Sandra: Pretty bad, in New Jersey, towards the Connecticut, New York, really bad. Travis: I‟m glad we made it through. Sandra: Yeah, I did. Lots we have to be grateful for and I kind of want a segue into the call is that okay with you? Travis: What‟s that? Sandra: I, with the storm that has just passed, I‟ve really been counting my blessings because many people lost their homes. I can‟t even imagine what it would be like to come home and not have my home, and that started me on the chain of just thinking what I am grateful for, and I want to acknowledge both you and our guest for today because in the course of this past year, I got really clear about who I am what my life‟s for as you know I published a book now and none of that would have happened without one, having your support as my friend, as my coach, as my business partner. And then also if you can recall how you and I met just one year ago, did you remember Travis? Travis: I do, I do. Sandra: Do you want to tell the story? Travis: No, go ahead. Sandra: Okay. Travis: You‟re doing fine. Sandra: You are so sweet you usually do all the talking. Yes, I had met a really extra ordinary man name Clint Arthur just a few weeks, well, a year and few weeks ago. He invited me to what he calls an „unforgettable feast‟. Dinners, like no other dinner, where you can network and meet people at a whole other level than you normally do at a conference. I have said no to him so many times because I was rushing out to the airport. He said, “Come on you have time for this dinner.” I met some spectacular people at the dinner. I was moved to tears by who each one of us were, and in addition I got to meet you Travis Lane Jenkins. Travis: Right. Sandra: So I don‟t want to go on too much further if we can I‟d love to introduce the extraordinary guest we have today. Travis: Yes.
  3. 3. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 3 of 22 Sandra: We have Mr. Clint Arthur; now let me tell you a little bit about Clint. He is a graduate of the Wharton Business School. He is a very successful entrepreneur with over 10 years of running his own business. He has published many books. I am not even certain of how many, but he is a bestselling author with book such as the “Income Doubler”, “The Greatest Book of All Times”, “The president‟s Code”, and „What They Teach You at Wharton Business School. He has been on television. I can‟t even tell you how many times he has done many key note speeches. He‟s been on radio network TV like I said and he inspires millions of people to live larger, to live more intensely and how they can best have the most impact on the world. Without further ado, I‟d like to introduce you our listener to the magnificent Clint Arthur. Clint: Oh, thank you Sandra, I appreciate that. Travis: You are welcome, Clint. Sandra: You mean to the world to us and we‟re both very grateful that you could join us today. Clint: Well, you invited me so I was like of course I would be happy to join you on your show. You guys are awesome. Travis: Yeah, and to jump in real quick, I knew Clint from a mastermind that he and I were in together. I have never taken the time to say thank you because Sandra talks about the great things I have done for her. She has done a lot of great things for me. I want to tell you personally thank you for connecting us because we are both making in each other lives. People don‟t always get to see directly the impact they are making in someone‟s lives so thanks a bunch for that Clint. Clint: My pleasure. The „unforgettable feasts‟ were one of the best things I‟ve ever done in my life and I have done 36 of them now, and everyone, as long as you have good speakers. Travis: Right. Clint: You have to ask the people are you a good speaker? If they are not a good speaker then they should not be invited to an unforgettable feast because we are really about talking. Travis: Yeah. Hey, can you do like a minute and a half or two minutes on what that is and you get a place where people can go download that also, right? Clint: Yeah, there is a free website called the and at that website you can take the free training videos. Here‟s what happen, my friend Dylan and I were going to a conference in Las Vegas. We have just gone to Experts Academy like two months before and then after that I said “Hey let‟s go to James Malinchak Big Money speakers Secrets Revealed conference in Vegas. And as we are driving there, we were talking about how; it‟s too bad there wasn‟t a more organized networking
  4. 4. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 4 of 22 event. Because what happen is we go to lunch with people at these seminars and conferences and you basically get stuck talking to the person in the left and the right of you. If you get somebody good, it‟s good. But most of the people are not good and also you only meet one or two people per meal that way. Right then we had this idea let‟s create our own networking event. I think I came up with this idea of the unforgettable feasts. I went on my IPhone and bought the domain as we were driving. We‟ve came up with the structure and it‟s very simple structure. First, you say what you are grateful for so that‟s the first things we are talking about today and everybody has like 30 seconds what are they grateful for and you do this with 8 people. So here‟s how it works, it‟s best to do it with the partner because then you have somebody to support you. So you have two people that‟s the first two. Then each of you finds three more people, you go out to people in hallway or any way out of the conference you say hey, are you great speaker? Then let‟s say, I guess so, you say great, come to the unforgettable feasts, an organized networking event it really pays their own way. Everybody has to tell their story, everybody gets to hear everybody else‟s story and it‟s really great. So go to a restaurant, get a table for 8 and you start. And the first thing is 30 seconds what are you are grateful for and the next thing is, in the minute or less what is your intention for the rest of the conference, or the weekend, or whatever the timeframe maybe, or the day. Then the first part what are your grateful for that is your amuse bouche and then second part is the appetizer, and the third part is the main course of the unforgettable feast which is everyone has 3 minutes to tell their story and Brendon Burchard talks about how your story should be really a woe to win a story. What was the part of your life where you are in woe and how did you turn around that to win. And really I‟ve learned that your woe should create your win that‟s the kind of story there is, that‟s like the American dream, that‟s the main course. And then after that the dessert is what is your biggest take away from the seminar, you got a minute to talk to tell that in this way everybody has different perspective on the event. After that it‟s my favourite part which is the cheese ceremony and the cheese ceremony that comes from the fact that you will be having this problem, you needed nutrition from the milk of their goats and their cows, but they were wondering the plains and it was difficult to take it with them and the milk will spoil and so they can burn it to cheese so that they can transport and sustain among their journeys. Then the cheese ceremony say what is that you are going to take, what are the cheese that you are going to take with you on your journey from this lunch or dinner from this unforgettable feast. After the cheese of course, is the espresso is the quick shot, one unforgettable thing about you like 15 seconds like I did this. Like one girl she said, I‟m a demolition expert and I have taught many grown construction worker type men how to blow up sheep heads with dynamite. Sandra: Oh my! Travis: That‟s good.
  5. 5. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 5 of 22 Clint: You weren‟t. No, you were not in that one that was in San Diego. Travis: I know I wasn‟t there. I wasn‟t one in San Diego with you but I‟ve been in two of them with you. And it‟s really clever the way you tie it all together I‟m impressed that you are doing it on top of your head. But it takes you instead of all this chatter like you are talking about where you‟re just talking with someone at the end of the table. Everybody stops, focuses, pay attention and you come away from the table with the deep relationship than you would ever have with 8 people instead of a partial relationship with one or two people, right? Clint: Yeah, it‟s fantastic. And it‟s all timed out to work during a normal lunch break at a seminar like an hour and a half. Sandra: The beautiful thing I can share to both of you is at your unforgettable feasts it was the first time I put on loud speaker who I was and what I was up to about my woe being my dad dying and I wanted to really help people through grief and back and the life and all that. And I was scared to death when it came my turn to voice what I am up to. And what I found was 7 people at the table they didn‟t laugh, they weren‟t shocked, they embraced what I had to say like I was important. And it gave me the strength to say “Hey, these people think it is important.” it really is because I know I am my own worst enemy very often and they gave me the permission to follow that. Also it gives people the permission to be authentic vulnerable, Travis had a very heart wrenching blow the wind story and I thought in a second if this man is open and vulnerable and create such success in his life after in such being such despair there is no reason I can‟t have my dreams come true also. So thank you for creating that context because wow I mean I‟ve really blossomed as a human being. Like I said I have a book I‟m doing some other things and that helps some people with a lot of pain since the day I met you a year ago. Clint: Yeah, you are welcome. I‟m really grateful to have had created that with my friend Dylan I mean, and you could see me and Dylan we like explaining it to the segments and it‟s free videos at Travis: Yeah, was it intended, was the law of reciprocity was that an intention when you set that up? Clint: No really we just wanted to have better networking and nobody was providing that. We keep it on ourselves, we create that for ourselves. That‟s the best stuff right there, I‟ve gotten so much out of it and the other thing is this is the part that nobody gets because people just don‟t take actions. When you do this unforgettable feast, when you are the one running the unforgettable feast it becomes a leadership seminar or leadership training experience for you because I have lost so much as a leader from having led 36 of this lunches and dinners. It‟s just awesome it pushes every single time I‟m pushed out of my comfort zone which is the best thing you can do. Every single time it forces me to
  6. 6. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 6 of 22 learn new aspects of being a leader and when you are a leader of this lunches Man, it‟s a free leadership seminar you create for yourself. Travis: In the middle of that feast there‟s no room for BS. Everybody is not normally a great speaker not common that you can just grab a people and great speakers. But when you are speaking from a place of reality for yourself people are much more poignant at speaking, right? Because it‟s legitimate, it‟s real. There is so many underpinnings of what is going on there the law of reciprocity, I‟m coming out with it I‟m not holding anything back so everybody else or the person in front of you is not holding anything back so the next person is like, “oh shit, I‟d better lay it on the line myself,” right? And it just causes anybody because I know it intimidated me too and what I hear you‟re saying Clint it intimidate you as well, right? Clint: Oh, every time, every single time. When you have to start grabbing people say hey, are you great speaker? You have to start; you have to recruit 8 people into an event. First start you recruit yourself then you start recruiting others. It is not easy and every single time it‟s been difficult for me and many, many times I thought man this is not going to happen. I just kept pushing and pushing and make it happen and it‟s really rewarding that way. Travis: Right, right. Clint: By all means, if you are hearing this and you are going to a conference go to, learn quick format and the little strategies that we have about how to do this. Then you get a few little tricks you get to learn along the way. And we would like you to tell your story for 3 minutes because we demonstrate each section of the experience and go for it, it‟s awesome. Travis: Yeah, it has a very structured environment by all means go to the website and download it. Let‟s make a quick transition into, as I listen to you describe the amazing feasts. There is really element of that in the show also is we talk about people‟s woe to win, so their losses and their discovery of success a lot of times in those loses. One of the main reasons why we created the show is because I fell like there is a void out here that successful business owners are put on the pedestal as if they are smarter, they make less mistakes and they just have some stuff that everybody else doesn‟t have. I know I‟ve been behind the scenes and have experienced them myself and it‟s not just true. The truth is almost every successful person that I‟ve ever known including myself has lost at practically everything you could possibly lose at before I found the success. I just had to learn to embrace losing whether it was large or small but sometimes I wasn‟t always good at embracing it. I wanted to transition this conversation to that in your personal life. I know a lot about some of those stories for you, can you share those with us I know you‟ve got several. What do you want to share with us as far as that journey for yourself?
  7. 7. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 7 of 22 Clint: Well, let‟s start out on December 31st 1999 what were you doing that night, were you getting ready to go to the ATM machine and get your Y2K cash before close accounts, right? Travis: Oh yeah, I was partying. Clint: Yeah, partying like rock star, partying like… Sandra: Me too. Yes. Clint: I was in the taxi that night driving hundreds of people around the City of Los Angeles because I was a taxi driver. At the end of that night even though I‟ve been hanging out with all those people I thought I was totally alone that night. Even though I‟ve made more money than I would normally like in a week of driving the taxi I feel like the biggest loser because I have traded New Year‟s Eve of the millennium for 513 dollars and those days I was embarrassed that I was a taxi driver. See, back in this little tiny boat I was living on Marina del Rey the cheapest I could survive in Los Angeles at that time it was 282 a month. The only problem was there was no electricity, running water or toilet facilities on the boat. So I went back to the boat at the end of the night and I crawled into bed into my heavy comforter and started to read my favourite book because I wanted to calm down and get some solace. The language of the book really made me feel better because it was called “The Angelus Ashes” by Frank McCourt, and Frank McCourt had been my creative writing teacher in high school and it just made me feel great that I was connected to that greatness. But the only thing was that I thought I was reading by the light of my flashlight I got distracted by my breath it was condensing in the cold night air. I started thinking about how after I graduated from studies in high school, I studied with Frank I went on to get 4.0 GPA in my entrepreneurial management nature at the Wharton Business School same school as another one of my favourite authors Donald Trump had graduated from. When I graduated from Wharton the idea was that I was going to become a rich and famous businessman and writer. After I graduated from Warden I got this new idea that I want to become like one of my real heroes in life. Spike Lee he is not just a rich and famous screen writer he was also a movie star that kick me up to the next level and that really inspired me. So I moved out to LA to pursue that dream of become rich and famous movie star, film maker and screenwriter like my idol Spike Lee and after a decade of banging my head up against the brick wall of the Hollywood dream I ended up being a taxi driver for 5 years. That night on the boat as I laid there with the book in my hand, freezing, I started crying because I was terrified I was never going to be able to get out of being a taxi driver. I felt like I had wasted with all the great opportunities in my life and I didn‟t know what else I was going to do to turn it around but I swore an oath to myself that night that I was going to change who and what I was and how I was showing up the world so that I could achieve something close to my potential. So first of all I said I‟m not going to be a writer anymore, I gave up
  8. 8. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 8 of 22 writing. Second, I said I got to start doing stuff to change me so I started doing all kinds of personal stuff. I‟ve been working walk on fire with Tony Robbins, I did Tall Tech Wisdom studies with Don Miguel Luis himself the author for an agreement. I did men‟s potter circles and ceremonies and state involvement in the men‟s health movement for many, many years because sure enough as I really began to change how I was showing inside myself then the external circumstances in my life began to change as well. I started making money in the gourmet food industry and eventually about a year in the gourmet food and I could stop driving a taxi. Naturally I started making money I met an amazing woman we got married and she encouraged me to get into real estate. During the great real estate boomed I built a bunch of office and I became very successful, everything looks great on paper in my life. But the only problem was that there was something missing on paper, my book. I was still a writer. I‟ve been inspired by my great teacher Frank McCourt and I still have this dream to becoming a New York Times Best Selling Author and I haven‟t a word in 8 years. One day I was at this men‟s self help meeting and the man on the other side at the camp fire pointed me across the crackling yellow orange flame. “He said you don‟t know it yet but you are already dead.” Sandra: Wow. Clint: What the heck you meant by that? But I couldn‟t stop thinking about it. I wake up in the middle of the night I get already dead what does it mean, I‟m already dead. Then couple of things happened, somehow it got into my mind that I was afraid to be the leader of the men‟s self help team and therefore I had to do it. So I ran to be the leader and the man elected me to be the leader and then shortly after that I woke up on New Year‟s Day and I said, If this is going to be inspired by what the guy said that I‟m already dead I still can‟t stop thinking about it. I said on New Year‟s Day if this is going to be the last year of my life what would I want to accomplish this year? I wrote down that I wanted to write my book and I just knocked out that book and it became what they teach you the work in the Wharton Business School. So the first lesson here is, I spent 10 years trying to become a movie star and a film maker, I mean these are the prime years of my life my 20‟s and early 30‟s. While my college fraternity brothers were making millions of dollars. One guy he became a director I called him Zack. The time that I was driving a taxi I was driving a 500 bucks a week he was making a million of dollars. I‟ve racked up all my credit cards, think about the potential income I‟ve lost. It cost me so much money to pursue that dream so many opportunities and it was like I don‟t know that I couldn‟t gotten any lower in my life. Travis: Right. Clint: So I really just have to decide that I want to change and I wanted to turn my life around that I was going to do whatever it took and I was committed to that. Really, that‟s how you make changes in your life. You just get the lower point for you. Travis: That was the turning point for you?
  9. 9. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 9 of 22 Clint: Yeah, when you have enough pain, when it just seems like everything couldn‟t get any worst, that‟s when you are going to be able to change. So that was my first change, then the next low point was, I had this book what they teaches you to work in the Wharton Business School and what a great book. I mean who wouldn‟t want that book there‟s so many business people in the world who could benefit from what I learned. I spent a lot of money; I spent 4 years of blood, sweat, tears and a lot of money on getting this world class education. Such great education only comes all in that paid debt that same school. You can send them anywhere you want it and he is from there and nobody was buying my book and it was pretty weird. I mean it was like, wow, what the hell I‟m going to do. Then I realized the marketing of what you do is 10 times more important than what you actually do. I said I got to start spending money on marketing and how do you market the book, well you have to promote the book. I started studying how people became successful for promoting the book. I‟ve read about Jack Canfield he said that when he created Chicken Soup for The Soul they did some kind of media appearance, some kind of interview, promotion, promoting their book every single day for 3 years and then become the best seller. I said well, I got to start somewhere. The best time to plant trees was 20 years ago but the second best time is today. So, I said time for me not to cry that the year of wasting time not selling books I need so I started investing in PR. I bought a radio campaign I spent 3500 bucks did not allow to take action on that and then I have a great idea that I wanted to go for Good Morning America and tell the world about this book. I called up the publicist and it was a pay to placement publicist and I said I want you to book me on the Good Morning America to talk about my book what they teach at Wharton Business School and she laughed at me. She said they‟ll never put you on Good Morning America, you are a middle aged guy nobody ever heard of, you have a self published book nobody ever bought, you have no TV experience, you are not famous, you are not a politician it‟s never going to happen. I said look I‟m willing to pay, she goes if I could do it will cost you 2500 bucks I‟m telling you I can‟t. I said try, and she said I‟ll give it a shot. She called me back a week later and she said I told that you are in Good Morning America and they basically laughed at me they‟re suggesting that you should be on their show. I said that‟s not very nice. I said well what about local television I am a native New Yorker my wife and I have a home in Los Angeles. I am a native to both of those cities. Those are my hometowns can you get me on like Good Morning Los Angeles or something like that. She said like Clint it‟s the same thing‟s Good Morning America, you are talking about the number 1, number 2 market in America. They‟re not to going to put you on the show, you are middle aged guy, nobody‟s ever heard of with a book, nobody‟s ever bought, you self published it, you have no TV experience it‟s never going to happen I said I‟m willing to pay. She is like all right I‟ll try. Five days later she called me back they were yawning when they told me that Clint, you are not going to put you on New York or LA. This is the part that I never understood. Why didn‟t she say, look Clint if you want to get on TV you got to start out in small little market and work your way up. Why didn‟t she say that? Nobody ever said that to me, I had to create that idea in my own mind. I said what about like Salt Lake City Utah; do you think you can book me in TV there? She said oh, that I can do and that‟s only 1500 bucks. So it was from my
  10. 10. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 10 of 22 desperation because nobody was buying my book I figured out my way to get people to buy my book. I actually figured out a way to change my whole life because I went on Salt Lake City, I went on Phoenix, in Sacramento for 2 times. I spent 1500 in each one of those appearances so a total of 6,000 dollars getting 4 pieces of tape and those were pieces of video tape recordings of me on the shows and they‟re really were not very good. Travis: Right. Clint: They didn‟t have a lot of impact because the little cities not a lot of people watch. So I said to my wife hey if I‟m going to work my way up to Good Morning America I got to do a lot more TV. She said yeah but 1500 bucks a pop it‟s a lot of money and so she said can‟t you figure out by yourself. It took me a couple of months but I kept at it because I am a determined son of a gun and I figured out how to do this. I started booking myself on TV, and in the last 2 and half years I booked myself on 36 appearances after the first four and including NBC New York and CBS News in Los Angeles twice. And I booked myself on the station that she said they would never put me on and it only for 2 years. From that I‟ve been able to promote that book to be number 2 on Amazon and I have a couple of my other books I promoted to be number 1 in fact The Greatest Book of All Time about time which is a book about the last year of your life experience like I told you how the guy said you are already dead and I said well what if this is the last year of my life. I led my men team and experience of living as if we were going to be dead at the end of the year. That‟s so awesome and powerful I started reading people around the world through that experience. I wrote a book about it and last January 2012 that book was number 1 self help book on Amazon for 5 days in a row. That was awesome. It sold about 27,000 copies Travis: Congratulations. Sandra: Congratulations. Clint: Thank you. Going from selling nothing, I‟m selling 27,000 books basically in one month that came out of the fact that I was really struggling with nobody buying my book. The total failure of my marketing is what forced me to discover how to market because I just didn‟t want to fail. Travis: Right, right. Clint: That‟s my second whirlwind story and then the third whirlwind story also came out of last year the real life story with my men‟s team for the first time. That was like 2009, you know what the economy was in 2009 and there I was living as if it‟s going to be the last year of my life. And one of the things that happened was in 2008 my company was basically a distributor I was buying products from the manufacturer and telling them to my clients in Las Vegas. In 2008 as the world was falling apart my distributor raised prices on me in the fall of 2008 he raised the prices. In the spring of 2009 he raised
  11. 11. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 11 of 22 the prices again and when raised the price for the second time I called him up I said listen dude you are raising your prices and making it more expensive for me to do business. All my clients in Las Vegas are telling me they can‟t afford the product as it is we are like the most expensive products of its kind in the market. We shall portion and control butter like if you go to a banquet or really expensive restaurant in Vegas you get a piece of butter on a plate. At that time we were selling like a lot of logo butters, butters it has a logo printed right on the butter whatever the restaurant or hotel you are in. It‟s the most expensive products of its kind on the market. And I said your solution to your problem if not raising your prices on your customers it‟s got to be innovation. And he goes I‟m sorry Clint I have a consultant and he told me I‟ve got to raise prices. At that point I was basically being forced out of business through circumstances of the great recession and the price is going up there‟s nothing I can do for the product. I have to make up my mind what am I going to do? And I knew that what I have to do is make my own factory to capture his margins and compete with him and vertically integrate into a different a whole new manufacturing business. I‟ve explored that before back in like 2003 I‟ve explored making a factory and make my own products. Who was I to make factory? What do I know about building a temperature controlled manufacturing facilities for dairy products in the middle of Mojave Desert? It has to be inspected by State regulators in a dairy industry. How much was that going to cost? There was so many unknowns I was afraid of it but because I was living as if like it was the last days of my life it‟s going to be the last year of my life and because it was basically a do or die at that point. There I was, it has to be a do or die I had to do and I did. I said I‟ve got to make the factory and I have made the factory. In 2009 I signed a lease, actually it was in 2008 when I signed that lease and man, and the world was falling apart like November of 2008 I signed the lease. Travis: You signed the lease for the new factory? Clint: Yeah, I signed the lease to rent for the new factory. Travis: Right, okay. Clint: Make a facility and start building a factory inside there. Travis: Right, right. Clint: It was one of the most scariest things ever but the best thing I‟ve ever did because since then the company is gone on to rise and every month it‟s like record deposit and people are having still they are talking about how hard the economy is and I was just cruising along making my own product and making more money than ever. That‟s my second woe to wind story because I was basically being forced out of business and instead I went into a new business basically in manufacture. Travis: The necessity is the mother of invention, right?
  12. 12. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 12 of 22 Clint: I‟ve heard that before. Travis: Sometimes we get offer but we move forward because we are forced to. Because you and I are both been in groups where we see people do a lot of training and thinking and planning and then never take any action, right? Clint: That‟s the problem. Everybody goes to the seminars it‟s basically like finding a ticket to Disneyland. Unfortunately there is no qualification to go to seminars. Most people who go they‟re looking for business opportunity and they don‟t have a business yet. So they go to seminars to see what is like and then to have good intentions but the road to how it pays with good intentions Travis: Right, right. Clint: And they don‟t see a lot of stuff with it. Travis: Yeah. And I am talking about even high end things you and I both have been in double digit thousand dollar programs and this problem exist there. It‟s not a lower level type issue it‟s a problem across the board of just not taking actions and so there is something in you being under the gun with the gun to your head with this being your last chance. You bear down, you‟ve focused, you gave it everything you‟ve got. There is no plan B there is a lot to be said about that it‟s a very stressful situation to be in but there is a lot to be said about it, don‟t you think? Clint: I definitely agree. That‟s the beauty of living the last year of your life experience. There‟s different ways that people do it, they can get grades a couple of times which includes over 60 hours of video and audio training to go with each week of the 52 week experience. The reality of this is that luckily or unluckily, most of us are pretty comfortable in our lives. Most people in America don‟t have a gun to their head, they are not being put into business, and they are not up and against the wall. So how do you get that urgency? How do you break through the fear and procrastination and doubt that comes with regular life in comfortable middle class or even in working class America? Travis: Right. Clint: Well, you get that by pretending that you are going to die. It‟s an amazing little thing can see. Travis: Yes. Clint: I am going to live as if I only got one year left to live and if you have a leader who can keep you track on that like I was able to do with my men and then with the people around the world and then through making these videos. I do this with people all the time and it‟s a beautiful thing it calls from people or Facebook messages from people, “Hey Clint you don‟t know me but I‟ve been doing last year of your life and it turned a huge difference for me today.” It‟s very gratifying to know that I have people
  13. 13. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 13 of 22 to get urgency and power and breakthrough procrastination and doubts in your life with this thing called the last year of your life. Travis: Good stuff. Sandra: Wow. Travis: There are several things I want to circle back on but I hear that I talked over Sandra over there, Sandra what do you have to say there? Sandra: Oh, just one thing. Clint, your sense of urgency that you‟ve created has made you successful but really successful. I know that you sell your product to the Bellagio, Four Seasons, with Carlton‟s, your sense of urgency, well let me put it this way I think as human beings we can be comfortable with we are at even if it means lots of death as long as you still have a bed to rest your head on, you still have food on the table. What I hear you saying is the self inflicted sense of urgency really it takes playing the game it is the last year of your life. Really it takes playing the game that it is the last year of your life and who knows maybe but that you really put yourself on the skinny branches and said through lying in the sand and this is the way it‟s going to be. It‟s not just getting some results of getting extraordinary results. I just commend you because I know that some of the people that have been through your program and I„ve seen you holding people‟s hands for a year coaching them and the incredible things people have done. Clint: Well, it‟s very important and thank you very much for what you said Sandra by the way but it‟s very important that not just get a lot of results but also get the results that are important to you. Many people they‟re doing all kinds of stuff for everybody, except themselves. Let‟s say you went to the doctor tomorrow and you don‟t know it could happen. Let‟s say you went to the doctor tomorrow and he said look, you got a year left. Do you think you would still be doing the BS busy work for people in your life who were just manipulating you and letting you to do the stuff or would you be entirely focused on the things that really matter to you? That‟s the last year of your life experience is really all about is cutting out the BS and focusing on what is really important and getting stuff done for you that makes a difference to you. The reality of it is the sad reality back in 2010 when I did this with people around the world. One of the people‟s names was West White, he was a 33 year old man from Los Angeles, California. He was the youngest guy in the program and on October 27th he went to sleep and on October 28th they had to break down the door and 7 days later I had the privilege to be able to screw on my own courage and get up and speak at his funeral. Sandra: Wow. Clint: Who the hell are we to say we‟ve got 40 more years, we have the average life expectancy in United States is like 80 years but that doesn‟t guarantee you anything. It doesn‟t mean you are going to
  14. 14. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 14 of 22 live that long, it doesn‟t mean that you‟re going to be healthy for that long. Every single day that you have as healthy functioning adult is a treasured commodity and unless you really seize the day and go for it and play full out you‟re really wasting the most valuable thing that you have. That‟s what the last year of your life is designed to help you avoid wasting your time. Travis: Yeah, I agree with you 100%. On top of that so many people out there that are teaching stuff and a lot not legitimate and you can spend 6 to 8 months even if you know your stuff following a program and until you actually realize that it‟s not legitimate. That‟s another reason why we want to put a program or the show together is that we don‟t charge anything for but we are connected with people that really are making a difference. This gives us a platform to connect our listeners with those people that really are making a difference because a lot of our listeners don‟t have thousands and thousands of dollars that we‟ve spent on these programs. What you are talking about goes in so many directions. I think Sandra was alluding to it that you can still be in debt and up to your eyeballs and have a lot of problems but a lot of people have not reached that level of discomfort, they are scared, they are frustrated, they‟re aggravated but they still not reached that level of frustration towards they‟ve gotten pissed off and they said damn it, this is changing I‟ve had enough, no more, no more. I know I reached that point and I just spent several days with myself getting a group on the truth of what‟s been happening. I get beyond angry, did you have a point where you got beyond angry and I wasn‟t looking for people to blame. I blame myself, did you have that same pinnacle at your turning point or something similar? Clint: My turning point was really about, I believe in turning points being in the classic Tony Robbins sense of the word. You only are going to change when you get enough pain and it‟s unfortunate that it has to be that way but it‟s human nature. People are lazy, they have anthropy they don‟t want to get out of the house unless the house is burning. Travis: Right, right. Sandra: Right. Travis: It sounds like you even went through a several months it‟s not a year or two process of getting fed up. Clint: Yeah, yeah. I mean what happens is that you are in a pot and water keeps getting hotter and hotter and you try to stay on the pot as long as you can until before you know it the water is boiling and you have to get out of the pot. Travis: Right.
  15. 15. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 15 of 22 Clint: That‟s life. Unfortunately that‟s the difficulty with enticing people into the last year of your life program because most of them are not in a boiling pot of water. They‟ve lived a very comfortable life in going to their job and getting their pay check until they get fired or let‟s go in austerity measure everything is fine. But everything is not fine it‟s an illusion. The whole thing is a freaking illusion we are on a ball of rocks spinning through the universe in thousands of miles an hour. Travis: Right, right. Clint: Sometimes it‟s really good to go out in the desert and pull off the main highway and get out into the darkness and look up to the sky so that you can really see our true position in the universe and how it‟s not really as secure and as comfy as we think it is. Travis: The media is not a guarantee it is? Clint: Yeah, the media, we have the news every day I was going to say with Dan Rather or Walter Cronkite whoever this guy is, we got Anderson Cooper, we got modern family, we got all these things. We got Brad Pitt, God bless them. We got George Clooney showing up making us feel like everything is good but everything is what it is. It‟s only good in mind because were lured into this false sense of security by United States of America and western media. Travis: Yeah. Do you remember the old candy and now and later? Sandra: Yeah. Travis: Remember those hard candies you can chew? A lot of the steps you would have today is kind of like a mind now or later it‟s something to occupy your mind and keep you from going very deep in thought, it‟s enough to keep you occupied and you can chew on it for 2 hours or 4 hours and you never really make any progress and I think that‟s part of what you are speaking to. Few people have taken the time to invest in themselves and so since they really haven‟t taken the time to invest in themselves a lot of times they find that they are in a tough situation that is completely out of their control. Everyone that listens to us is an entrepreneur so we‟ve all decided we don‟t like status quo we are going to take things into our own hands. But we‟re the few we are the minority the majority is people don‟t take ownership of their time. It sounds a little bit like what you are talking about there, is that right? Clint: Yeah. I mean I‟ve done many TV segments which have been on a topic of are you married to a zombie? I did that are you married to a zombie and are you the zombie? Take the quiz and really this is about are you living actively or you just going through the motions. Going to Starbucks in the morning and get your coffee and going to work and just kind of subconsciously going through the day. It‟s really true if you stop and think about it there are a lot of people who just really aren‟t just going for it there they are content with their lives. How do you become alive again? How do you bust out of that? Well,
  16. 16. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 16 of 22 the first thing you need to do is A. Awareness. Awareness like if you are hearing me right now, if any of these is ringing any bells for you, beware that you probably have not been living as actively as you could. That you could be getting more out of a life, that‟s the first step to fixing any problem, is awareness of the problem. Next, you have to let go of the past. The tendency is to you want to beat yourself up over the fact that you wasted years of your life just accepting what came your way instead of creating a destiny that you could be proud of and excited by. The problem is beating yourself up isn‟t going to solve the problem and moving on to the awe which is inspiring yourself. This is Chapter 1 of my book what they teach at the Wharton Business School you have to have inspirational goals that keep you jumping out of bed every morning. For me, when I was 14 years old I‟ve read about the Wharton Business School in a book. I looked it up on the Encyclopaedia, it was a real thing, I was always interested in making money. I‟m like wow, you go to college to learn how to make money? That sounds awesome. I dedicated the next years of my life getting in and succeeding once I was in at the Wharton Business School. It‟s those types of gigantic inspirational goals that really excite you on a primal level. For whatever that is for you, that‟s what you need in your life and you have to inspire yourself with different kinds of goals. Once you have those goals, and how do you get those? Well when you‟re grown up, I would say a really good way to find your goals that would really turn you on is to think back to what you what enjoyed doing when you were a kid. Interestingly enough for me, when I was a little kid the thing I love to do practically the most was to play with Lego, and we use to build cities, me and my friends and my brother we used to build cities out of Lego. Well my brother became an architect. I told you I made a bunch of money building houses in the real estate boom. Today one of the things that I enjoy the most is my little hobby on the side of building construction products, projects. Right now I‟m building an apartment building on Sunset Boulevard at Los Angeles. That‟s just another thing that I‟m doing. I don‟t do that, it‟s just like one of those 80/20 rule things. The 20% of what you do makes 80% of the money. I have been 20% on this building for almost a year and a half now. Pretty soon it‟s going to be kicking out a lot of money for me. Anyway, you have to figure out what it was that you were really inspired by and try to develop that in yourself as an inspirational goal. Then next you have to visualize how to make your dream become a reality. Because nobody is going to do it for you and a lot of these things you have to figure out on your own. Really what it takes is sitting down and what‟s it going to take to make this happen? Visualize make it become a reality. Then E, once you got the visualized the plan of what to do and then you need energy to carry out that plan and there‟s what I call 3 dimensions of energy. The first dimension of energy is the physical energy that you get from getting good nutrition and enough rest. If you don‟t have good nutrition and rest you are not going to have energy. You need to do physical exercise in order to have energy. You need to be healthy. You need to work out. You need to move your body in order to have energy. The third type of energy is probably is the most important kind, Spiritual energy. You get that by providing yourself the inspirational things. Like listening to great speeches, like Martin Luther King‟s I Have a Dream, or great motivational speakers like Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn or Zig Ziglar another way to do that is read inspirational
  17. 17. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 17 of 22 quotes there are Apps that you get through your iPhone which give you inspirational quotes on a variety of subjects. My favourite one that I have discovered like that was from General George S. Patton. He said “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the acceleration of victory.” And true, it‟s the challenging thing the difficult things in life that make us really experience true acceleration when you are able to triumph. For example, I bought a piece of property in 2004 it took me until earlier this year April 2012 to get the permit to build my dream home on that property. The whole neighbourhood was in a coalition against me. One stopped me because they just don‟t want any more construction on their street. Meanwhile this expensive piece of property in Hollywood Hills and that‟s where I want to build my dream home. I hired the best architect in the world he‟s been on a cover on the next Metropolitan Magazine 3 times to design the building for me and my wife to live in. And if it hasn‟t been such a huge dream for me to create my dream home there I never would have been able to persevere through 8 years of development. Travis: Right. Clint: Just for a single house that‟s it against the whole once I had a lawyer, he said Clint I am an attorney I live directly across the street from your lot I am never allow you build that house. I am going to do everything in my power to stop you and he tried. But ultimately my dream was bigger than his anger. Travis: Right. Clint: He wanted to shut me down; your dreams will always triumph. You have the right inspiration as your third dimension of energy you will triumph. That is when you feel the true acceleration of living and that is what it‟s all about. It‟s not about eating another hamburger for lunch it is about feeling so excited that you want that‟s the life is all about. Travis: Say the last part again you said it out there, I‟m sorry. Clint: It‟s about feeling so excited that you won. Travis: Oh okay, right. Sandra: Yeah. I think people have lost touch with their dreams and they haven‟t allowed themselves to dream because like what you are saying dreams can energize but if you lose track of them. I can see there‟s plenty of us that you could say you are already dead like what the guy told you. Travis: Right. Sandra: So people need to tap into that.
  18. 18. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 18 of 22 Clint: I don‟t know exactly if, look I don‟t want to go off on a political rant but there seems to be feeling in America today that people are almost embarrassed about wanted to make money and to accomplish big things in their lives. It‟s a horrible thing how the hell did we ever get there this is United States of America, I should not have to feel embarrassed because I want to be rich and, I should not have to feel embarrassed because I want to make a lot of money. People don‟t talk about that, people want to make money in a shy way it‟s ridiculous and it has to change in order for this country to be great again and in order for people to really feel just about their life. They have to feel like they‟re thriving, they‟re prospering and that they‟re moving, that they‟re expanding becoming more abundant and that‟s the change we need on this country. Travis: I agree with you. Every person that I ever heard say that it is not about the money have not ever made a lot of money. Money doesn‟t have to be the priority it is the driver behind how much good you can do and the impact you can make. We don‟t trade goats and eggs and things, it is money. Our economy is driven with money and so there‟s nothing wrong with having nice things. I have something similar happened to me at an event when I first started going through this phase of self improvement to where a guy got in my face and screamed in my face that my playing small isn‟t serving anybody and he did it very aggressively out of the blue and it startled the heck out of me and it seemed to speak to something that was inside of me. I did just experience some incredible success in business the most money I‟ve ever made in one year. That‟s not something you can share with anybody because nobody wants to hear it, right? Clint: Right. Travis: You can‟t talk about it so it‟s a silent victory. It‟s kind of like I don‟t know I guess the silent victory is the best way to say it because you just have to keep it to yourself. I dreamed all my life of having an exotic sports car. I never really could afford one. Now all of a sudden I could afford one. I could afford to pay cash for it. I wouldn‟t let myself buy it because I was worried about what people were going to say and that guy screamed that in my face. That was the point I thought it‟s my money I‟ve worked my butt off for 20 years to get to this level I am going to reward myself for it because it‟s all I want. For some reason I think you are right, our culture has gotten to where they think shame on you because you‟ve got a lot of money but I‟ve worked for what‟s the negative there, where does the negative connotation of that coming in I‟m missed with that, does that make sense for you Sandra? Sandra: No, go ahead Clint. Clint: There‟s couple of things here to talk about, part of that is the fact that it is lonely at the top. Unfortunately for a lot of us who would do well who would thrive in this economy with leaders and as a leader by definition were on the top and it‟s lonely on the top. There‟s not a lot of people who can relay,
  19. 19. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 19 of 22 there‟s not a lot of people who are on the same path because very often to be the leader in your industry you have to be doing something that nobody else is doing. Travis: Right, right. Clint: Yeah, there‟s nobody really to share with. Unfortunately when you talk about the 99% and the 1%, well it‟s very true. There‟s a lot of people out there who were in this mess delusion that you can‟t make any money these days. There‟s only the 1% who‟s really understand that that is just your own state of mind and if want to make a lot of money, you can make a lot of money but you got to do it yourself. Travis: Right. If you follow that they have done it themselves, right? Clint: Definitely model success. Travis: Right. Clint: That‟s why you and I have invested money to go a high level coaching programs with people like Bernard Burchard. We spend a lot of money like that so that we can model success. We also did it to try to meet people and that‟s the whole thing about it when you need to talk. Yeah, well hopefully if we go to a higher level of things and we hang out with enough people who have enough money to invest in high level things we‟re going to meet other people like ourselves and connect with them and be able to have new friends and new circle of influence so that we can bring our lives even higher. The higher you go the harder it is to go higher because it is harder to associate with more people like that. It takes more deliberate actions so that‟s what we are going to do. Travis: We talked about this one on one in Las Vegas is I believe the answer is to create our own mastermind, right? Clint: Yeah. Travis: To where we can start attracting to those people that are aggressive or willing to put it out there or willing to scare themselves or willing to apply what they are learning, willing to make mistakes but grow and evolve. I think the answer is create your own mastermind. Really the show is part of that also, I forgot who it was who taught it, Sandra and I have talked about it before on the show. I think there is 2 types of masterminds and she and I are in a mastermind with each other. But one mastermind with people at your level and higher, another group that are below you that you can inspire and mentor and health as long as they are taking action and moving forward how do you feel about that? Clint: It‟s good to give back and it‟s good to help other people, it‟s very rewarding. It‟s also great to connect with people who are playing better tennis than you so that you can be a better tennis player.
  20. 20. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 20 of 22 It‟s harder to get in those. Nobody wants to help you by especially those people on high end ones they‟re really trying to keep their own thing going, that‟s what it seems like to me. Travis: Yeah. Well, I think what we need to do is we three need to work together and crack the code on this. I want to circle back, you told us about the great information about overcoming and pulling yourself out of tough situations and moving yourselves and to your own dream, your own future. Some of the things that you hit that are critical that I think that are super important to talk about. Number 1, you decided to learn marketing and that‟s huge. Almost everyone that I talked to that are business owners knows very, very, very little about marketing. Yet it‟s one of the most important component of their business and so I want to highlight that. It‟s just critical the bankruptcy culture field with craftsmen and incredible restaurants and just incredible businesses they couldn‟t sustain themselves because they didn‟t have their marketing down, right? Clint: Yeah, unfortunately the most important thing in business is marketing. It‟s ten times more important than the actual work that you do. If you are really caring the work that you do then you really has to devote yourself to learning about the marketing. I heard coaches say like if you are a hotdog salesman, right? You are not in hotdog business you are in the business of selling hotdogs. If nobody is buying it doesn‟t matter if you have a great product in the world. You can‟t help anybody unless they know about your product and are convinced that value in the marketplace. That‟s why the marketing of what you do is the most important thing and it‟s 10 times more important than what you actually do. Travis: Right. So Peter Drucker said there are only 2 questions in business. What business are you in and how„s business? Clint: Awesome, awesome. Guys, I‟ve really enjoyed this interview and I would love to stay with you all day long. Because when you connect with people who are like minded spirits that‟s what you want to do. I do have a previous engagement that I actually postponed for this interview so I look forward to connecting with you at some point real soon. Travis: Well no problem at all. Clint: Did I tell you that we could probably have to make this a multi part interview? Travis: Yeah, yeah, you did. You did tell that we could be a multi part interview. We appreciate it. Also, I didn‟t mean to step on you there. One of the important things that you mentioned about is the no margins, you change that in your butter business and that will turn your business around as you wait for low margins to high margins. I want to point that out for our listeners. Those are the two key things beyond your great story there that you shared with us Clint. I appreciate you sharing and taking your time and spending it with us. There‟s so much more information to cover, maybe what we will do is we‟ll set up a time and do another segment with you. What do you think Sandra?
  21. 21. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 21 of 22 Sandra: Yes sounds great. Clint I want to thank you and let our listeners know that you go to you‟ll find out his books, his programs, he also coaches people to get their passions out, be on television. Clint you are a spectacular human being and I am so grateful for what I have gotten my life to get to knowing you so thank you for spending your time with us today. Clint: Oh thank you for saying that I really appreciate it I think I the world for both of you guys and it‟s been my privilege to have any impact in your life at all and thank you for allowing and then inviting me on the show. End of Interview Travis: Outstanding. All right so listen that pretty much wraps it up for today go to post your questions for us and we‟ll keep an eye out for you on the next episode. Have a great day. Bye. Sandra: Take care.
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