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Issue 16

  1. 1. Issue : 16 Volume : 32 17-10-2012 Pages -4 about the activities carried out by the club. SheCHAIRMAN’s briefed us all about how to increase theVISIT membership, how to encourage members to take up responsible posts, and how important it is to to publicise our activities so that they are assured that money collected from public is used properly. Her advice was so well received and the result was Inner evident when Annet Lavanya Alagappan, daughter Wheel of our Rotarian Alagappan, who had come to see the club activities, decided to get inducted. Two more members Anitha Gangadhar and K.P.Kusuma also joined our club taking the membership strength to 35. Anupamas efforts bore ur District Chairman Mrs. Suma Krishna results when the chairman remarked that ours is aO made an official visit to our club on 10th October. As it is one of the major programmes in the club, PresidentAnupama and her team had updated all records VERY HAPPY AND HEALTHY CLUB, both in members participation and in finance. Presence of PDCs and Rotarians in large numbers added colour to the function. It was indeed over whelmingand the arrangements were pukka. when the Chairman observed and mentioned the big helping hand of Rotarians in mobilising funds.The day started with President Anupama and Yes they are our backbone and strength.Secretary Premilla visiting the Chairmans house to The programme was conducted mostly bywelcome her officially. After enjoying the hospitalityof tender coconut by our Chairman, we all started tovisit the places of our projects. First visit was toMakkala Mane, where children of prisoners are New Memberslooked after. It was heartening to see them alldressed smartly and waiting to receive us. We allhad a nice time talking to the children who rendered Green Brigadepatriotic songs. Shavige machine was given there,as children loved shavige and so there was a new members who made the seniors sit back andrequest for the same from them. Then we all went to enjoy the proceedings. Chaitra as MC was veryNireekshe, a centre for academics and vocational good. Vimla and Pushpas invocation, Veni andtraining for special children run by Mrs. Hemamalini Jabeens participation made us realise all ourKrupakar. Children received us with all love and members are highly capable. The programmeaffection. Here the requirement was for wax thread concluded with Uma rendering the vote of thanks.and moulds to make candles, which was given to After a long session, sumptuous and tasty lunchthem. was enjoyed by everyone. Later, we all assembled at Kings Kourt,and our Chairman quickly started the club ...Geetha Krishnaassembly. It was very interactive as Mrs. Sumainvolved all the members in getting information
  2. 2. Dear Friends, October being the vocational month, The best industrialist award is Some people turn to God, Some turn to given to people who alcohol. Honestly speaking I maintain best vocational dont see any difference, both ways life practices. The award given to is being guided by a Spirit. M r. N a r a y a n o f E x e l - p a r Electronics is indeed a very Having a wife is part of living. But deserving one. having girlfriend along with wife I would like to thank Rtn. Ramki for is Art of Living. instituting this award & Rtn. Narendra for identifying Mr. Narayan . Imagine living with 3 wives in one compound and never leaving the Editor Rtn. Srinivasan had house for 5 years. Osama Bin Laden organized a memorable board must have called the US Navy Seals meeting at his residence. We had a himself! brain storming session, followed by a sumptuous dinner with great A friend recently explained why he hospitality and a very pleasant refuses to get to married... He evening. Thanks to Seenu, says the wedding rings look like Lavanya and Akhil. miniature handcuffs. Today let us deliberate on Compromising does not mean you are the projects and future wrong and your wife is right. It planning. only means that the safety of your head is much more important than Thank you your ego! VISHU The Industrialist who Excelled at Excel-ParM ysore is a retired mans paradise with not turnover of more than Rs. 200 crores. What much scope for entrepreneurs and emerged from his talk was that there are no short industrialists. In spite of all odds some cuts and the ability to take decisions at the right industrial roses have managed to bloom time leads you to your goal. At the end of the day, itamongst a large number of thorns. One such rose is not how much you have worked, but it is howis Mr. Narayan of Excel-Par Electronics. Some time much you have achieved. Empowering – he said isago, a trainer at a seminar explained that Rotarians the hallmark of a true leader. He is ably supportedwere people who religiously follow their vocations by his sons Prashanth and Raahul. Mr. Prashanthand do a little bit more. Thatlittle bit comprises oftouching lives, followingethical practices, achievingstandards, setting upbenchmarks and a lot lot is turning out every bit like his father, which wasmore. Mr. Narayan is an entrepreneur who follows evident in his conviction in following core values ofall the above principles. Rtn. Narendra had Transparency and Truth.identified an apt person for the Best Industrialist Mr. Narayan was honoured by Mr. Vishwanath,Award this year, for the Vocational Service Month. President of Mysore Industrialists Association. The The humble Mr. Narayan narrated his highlight was Rtn. Rakeshs differently packagedstruggle in climbing up the ladder of growth and event, making it all interactive and he quit his plum job at BHEL to start his ownventure. The result is Excel-Par Electronics, which ...Harishemploys more than 200 people and has an annual
  3. 3. CONGRATULATIONS Our Tennis champion, fondly known as Nagi TRF Seminar is being held on 3rd & 4th of November at Shimoga. Our Club has won the participated in Seniors first place in TRF contribution in Dt.3180 for the N a t i o n a l To u r n a m e n t past year. It is a proud moment for all of us to conducted by Vasanth Vihar have acheived this. Rotarians please block your Club, N.Delhi. He won the dates and let us all receive the honours in person titles both in singles and at Shimoga. Trip chairman is IPP Raghavendra doubles in 45 plus category. and he has made arrangements which will be on He dedicates this win to his the memory for a long time. Don’t miss the darling daughter oppurtunity to share the sucess. Cost of the trip Samyuktha. is Rs. 2,500/-. MIDTOWN ROTARIANS A MYSORE DASARA T Mysore Dasara is a colourful event every year even if the administration is not gearedup. last minute preparations and hurried cleaning of the city are hallmark of Dasara. This year the Midtown Rotarians have been given responsibilities which we are proud of. Rtn. Nagaraj is the director for Dasara Tennis Tournament and Rtn. Salil Das is the ‘Event Organiser’ for Bengali Cultural Event at Dasara Food Mela. Congrats to you both, we know you will do a good job. Today’s tea hosted by CONGRATULATIONS Annet Shaz.K.Suryani, son of Rtn. Wajid Suryani has bagged the MBA seat at the Bahadur Institute of Rtn. wajid suryani Management Sciences, Mysore University through the PGCET 2012 entrance exams. WEDDING ANNIVERSARY 19th OCT Manoharlal & Bharathi Ashok & Roopa NEXT WEEK IN MIDTOWN Members are requested to assemble at the gate of Advanced to 20th Oct, Saturday Vocational visit to Infosys. Infosys premises at 3:00 pm sharp with family Q uiz Q.: In which city was the second Rotary1. Is it the TRUTH ? Club chartered?2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ?3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS ? a) Houston b) San Francisco c) New York4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ? (Last week’s answer : Chesley R.Perry)
  4. 4. Chairman for Special Olympics. IPP Raaghu JHOOYUSE will lead us to the Dist TRF Seminar at Shimoga on 3rd and 4th November. Then came the discussions about Rotary IN International Convention at Lisbon which is going to be well attended by Rotarians with their families. Rtn. Sundar and IPP Rtn THE T he Board meeting was hosted by our editor Rtn. Srinivas at his residence. The members arrived at 6.45 pm and the meeting started at 7.00 pm wherein completed projects and forth coming Raaghu are going to lead the team. programmes were discussed in detail. President Vishwa thanked the hosts Rtn. Srinivas and family for having the board meeting at their residence which created more warmth than any restaurant. Members agreed that more meetings should be held at Rotarians’ residence in future which was the practice in Midtown a few years ago. The meeting was followed by dinner and the members enjoyed the evening. No wonder they did not want to disperse until 10:30 pm. Bhanu gave detailed vision of ‘Diksoochi A great evening of business, fun, warmth and 2012 and Baliga chipped in with ideas to hospitality. make it more successful. Rtn. Azeez will theR otary International has made a new funding commitment of US$75 million over three years to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI). Rotary, which has already contributed nearly $1.2 billion to the GPEI, announced the commitment at a 27 September high-level side eventon polio eradication, convened by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during the UnitedNations General Assembly in New York.The side event -- “Our Commitment to the Next Generation: The Legacy of a Polio-free World” --brought together leaders of the remaining endemic countries, and representatives of donorgovernments, development agencies, the GPEI partners, and the media to underscore the urgent needto finish the job of global polio eradication. Although the wild poliovirus is endemic only inAfghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria, other countries are still at risk for re-established transmission ofthe virus through its “importation” from the endemics.Ban urged UN member states to ramp up their support for the GPEI, launched in 1988 by Rotary, theWorld Health Organization, UNICEF, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Thepartnership now includes the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United NationsFoundation.“This decisive moment is a matter of health and justice. Every child should have the right to start lifewith equal protection from this disease. That’s why I have made eradicating polio a top priority for mysecond term as Secretary-General,” said Ban.New donors“Governments need to step up and honor their commitments to polio eradication if we are to achieveour goal of a polio-free world,” said Wilfrid Wilkinson, chair of The Rotary Foundation. “We are at atrue tipping point, with success never closer than it is right now. We must seize the advantage by actingimmediately, or risk breaking our pledge to the world’s children.”