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March 2013 member's letter


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March 2013 member's letter

  1. 1. Members’ LetterDear Member,Overleaf you will find our March 2013 schedule for Gateway.March Speaker: There will be no Speakers Corner in March as the third Monday March is a holiday. TheLocal Employment Service will speak on the third Monday of April.Changes in Gateway: The decorating group have made a great start to the middle room – It will become theListening Room used both for Peer Counseling (there will be information on this in the room) and for listeningto relaxing music. The decorating groups meet the last Thursday of the month from 11.00 – 1.00.How to get more involved in Gateway?Newsletter Group – You can join the team Thursdays from 11.00 – 1.00.Project Team – Mondays 11.30 – 12.30.Minutes of the Members Meeting of the Gateway Project 11th February 2012Chair: Mary B Minutes Tom Members Present 10 1. Welcome: Mary chaired the meeting and welcomed all members. 2. Minutes: The minutes of the members meeting from 7th January were read and passed. Matters Arising - Members extended a welcome to Ali who has volunteered as a project worker since September 2012. Ali has now started as an employee of Gateway. 3. Cinema: Nicholas is waiting for the Cinema Manager to return his call re: reduced rates. 4. Walking Group: Members would like to wait till March to resume walks. A discussion took place about different types of walks i.e. silent/talking. A suggestion was made about forming a committee to organise these walks. 5. Speaker for March: A speaker from LES is coming to talk to members. 6. Speaker for March Members decided that they would like to have someone come and talk about Mindfulness and GROW. 7. Bullying in Gateway- Member who raised the matter not present at the meeting. A conversation followed about a particular incident that happened in Gateway in December 2012 the member involved felt this incident could be termed as bullying. Reference was made to the rights and responsibilities displayed on the wall during the meeting which states clearly that bulling of any kind will not be tolerated in Gateway. A member said that it was difficult to define bullying in the project as members are at different stages in their recovery. 8. New Member Form: This item to be put on March agenda due to Martha not been present at the meeting. 9. A.O.B.  Third drop in day for discussion: Sharon will take names of members interested in taking on the role of leaders so that the project can be open for an extra drop in day.  Decorating Group: Mary Q asked for members to donate lamps, rugs etc. to make Parker Hill cosy and inviting.Next members’ meeting is the 11th March 2013 and the agenda is: - 1.Welcome - 2. Minutes 3. Welcome toTom starting CE- 3 Cinema 4. Dublin South Supported Employment request to speak - 5. 6. Taking ControlProgramme – offer from Shine for Gateway Members 7. New member form 8. Gateway Extra Day 9. AOB.Kind Regards,Gateway Project Team.