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EDEN 2015 - EMMA workshop "An introduction to MOOC design"


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At EDEN 2015 a workshop was given about MOOC design in its basic principles. This was given by a team formed within the project EMMA. To know more about EMMA and MOOC design, visit

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EDEN 2015 - EMMA workshop "An introduction to MOOC design"

  1. 1. • Introductions • Basics of MOOC design • Group work • Feedback and discussion #euMOOCs
  2. 2. Introductions • Deborah Arnold, University of Burgundy, France • Sally Reynolds, ATiT, Belgium • Maka Eradze, University of Naples Federico II, Italy • Jessica Chao, UOC, Spain #euMOOCs @DebJArnold
  3. 3. HOW TO DESIGN A MOOC IN 9 EASY STAGES (G. SIEMENS) MOOC Topic, audience Find someone to teach with Determine Content Plan spaces of interaction Plan interactions (live, asynch) Plan *your* continued presence Learner creation (activities) Promote and share Iterate and improve
  4. 4. Why? • “visibility”, “reputation” • Student recruitment • Pedagogical innovation • Open Education policy • Faculty initiative • … For whom? • Students • General public • Professionals Purpose (topic / audience)
  5. 5. Purpose (EMMA examples) • Digital Culture and Writing, University of Burgundy – For students at risk • Cultural heritage, Social Innovation and New Citizenship, University of Naples Federico II – Marketing, reputation • Computer-assisted enquiry, Tallinn University – Filling gaps in the national curriculum
  6. 6. Teachers Who? Individual? team? Previous experience •Online teaching •On camera Availability Role? •Content delivery •Interaction with participants …? Coherent with purpose?
  7. 7. Learner activities Watch videos Read material Do quizzes Research information •Within the platform? •In wider social media? Share information and comment •Individually •Collaboratively •Where to publish? Produce artefacts Evaluation ? Certification
  8. 8. Learner activities (EMMA examples) • Open Wine University #OWU University of Burgundy • Draw taste map of tongue • Make soil sausages • Meet-ups for wine-tasting • Sharing on social media and EMMA blogs
  9. 9. Existing content • IPR • Repurposing New content • Choice of Media • Production values • Production capacity Languages • Video Transcriptions • Text Content • Activities (quizzes etc.) Coherent with purpose and pedagogical scenario? CONTENT
  10. 10. Promote and share How to reach target audience Websites Blogs and social media MOOC lists MOOC aggregators Traditional media Conferences Word of mouth
  11. 11. Iterate and improve Beta-test Correct 1st iteration Improve (Learning analytics, user feedback) 2nd iteration Improve 3rd iteration = MATURITY?
  12. 12. Group work (F2F)
  13. 13. Design a MOOC! 1. What is the purpose of the MOOC? 2. Who is the target audience? 3. What kind of MOOC are you planning to produce? 4. How long will the MOOC be? 5. What language(s) will it be in? 6. What type of content do you need to produce? 7. What type of content do you already have? 8. What human / technical resources do you have / need? 9. What interactions will there be? 10. …
  14. 14. Questions (for online group)
  15. 15. Q1: What different factors do you need to take into account when designing a MOOC?
  16. 16. Q2: Should teachers be actively involved in a MOOC while it's running? What are the pros and cons of active teacher participation?
  17. 17. Q3: It has been suggested that it would be better to have professional presenters (journalists or TV presenters) to appear in MOOC videos. What do you think?
  18. 18. Q4: What can we do to increase learner engagement within a MOOC, if indeed this is necessary?
  19. 19. Q5: What resources do you know of to help in designing a MOOC (guidelines, how to guides, research,…)? Please share the links here (we will collate and publish them for everyone)
  20. 20. Feedback and discussion
  21. 21. Thank you!