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Historical and Cultural Context


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Historical and Cultural Context

  1. 1. Historical and Cultural ContextThe artists of the band sing about society and the world we live in today and therefore this needed toincorporated into the design of the product so that the morals of the band and the message that theband is trying to get across to the audience.I have considered that the band Video Boy have chosen to sing about society and the world we live intoday and therefore I have incorporated one main idea to all the designs which is to use items such asmanmade buildings in all of the ideas as this shows that society has built the world we live in todaybut then using one particular item as a bright colour whereas all the other items are in black and whitewhich I feel represents that some people wish to speak up about our worlds society, these people arejust like Video Boy.I feel that I have been successful in this objective as I feel it has a good representation of Video Boy’sobjective with their music. In the future I felt that I could improve on this through doing more thoroughresearch into the band and also more research into the audiences to see what the audience thoughtof the ideas.