Audience survey – digipak and music advert


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Audience survey – digipak and music advert

  1. 1. DO THE IMAGES AND THE MUSIC VIDEO LINK WELL? YES NOThis pie chart shows the results I got from asking 20 different students about whethermy music video linked well with the image I used for both the music advert and digipak.18 people said the they did link well because of the colours used and the different shotsrepresent each other therefore working well together. However, 2 people said they don’tas they feel different sorts of images could have been used instead of just the malefeatured in the video even though they agree with the others that it is effective still.
  2. 2. WERE THE EDITING TECHNIQUES USED SUCCESSFUL? Yes NoAll 20 students that I asked for this questioned thought the editingtechniques used were successful for the digipak and music video. Theyexplained that the effects used worked well for the style of video andalso showed off the creativity skills that have been included within thisproject.
  3. 3. IS THE DIGIPAK CONVENTIONAL OR UNCONVENTIONAL? Conventional Unconventional Mixture4 out 20 people said that the digipak was conventional to how others are already inthe music industry as some already tend to use images of the artist involved withinthe music video. 8 people said that it was unconventional due to the effects used onthe images and the different shots that are included throughout. The final 8 peoplesaid it was a mixture of being conventional and unconventional to other digipak’salready created because the style of images used are similar to how other digipak’sare however the effects and editing to them are slightly different.
  4. 4. IS IT CLEAR WHO THE TARGETAUDIENCE IS FROM THE DIGIPAK AND MUSIC ADVERT? Yes No Half and half 14 people asked said that it is clear who the target audience is from seeing the digipak and music advert, as the clothing used help promotes the age of teenagers and also how the colours are used. 2 people said no they don’t feel it is clear as they think more things such as props should have been included to give a more younger feel to it. 4 people said it is half and half whether it is clear or not because some of the images used help represent the age of both male and female teenagers, whereas some images don’t show how it could be a teenage target audience therefore it isn’t as clear.
  5. 5. IS THE COSTUMING USED FOR THEIMAGES SUITABLE FOR THE GENRE OF MUSIC? Yes No 19 people out the 20 that I asked said that the costuming worked extremely well for the genre of music that was chose for the music video. They pointed out that by having a smart, casual approach to the costuming for the images helped promote the genre of music as this costuming would be used in any sort of genre such as this song by ‘The Script’. The one person that said no it isn’t suitable suggested that it could have been even more of a rock style costume instead it was simple and didn’t help promote the genre as much as it could have.
  6. 6. IS EVERYTHING INCLUDED IN THE DIGIPAK THAT SHOULD BE? Yes NoAll 20 people for this survey answered Yes, as they feel that my digipak haseverything included in it that others have that are already being sold in themusic industry today and have been in the past. By this they mean thebarcode, title, images, cd, and the licenced writing informed on the CD.
  7. 7. WHAT I LEARNT… By collecting this information back allowed me to know what worked well with the digipak and music advert that I created to help promote my music video. The audience suggest that the digipak and music advert works well and is suited for the targeted audience I chose for this production and that they link well with the video to help promote it. Some of the audience members I asked suggested that I could have had more detailed costuming or something a bit more quirky instead of going with a smart casual look, however they still feel that the costume did work well. If I was to do this same task again I would take all of this feedback into account to hopefully make an even better digipak and music advert for the targeted audience.