A2 media evaluation


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A2 media evaluation

  1. 1. A2 Media Evaluation By Semi Ehigiamusoe
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?My media product uses conventions of hip hopthe fact it is set in an estate. It highlights the streetlife that people live which is a very hip hop theme.The song itself is an political out cry of howpeople live and what can be done to make lifebetter for people that don’t have as much asothers.This idea is developed by setting the scene in abridge, estate and graveyard. It develops ideas bypeople fighting and having post code wars. Thekind of things that people who are in gangs wear We used the music video of “ J Cole Who Dat”reinforce the conventions. as a template to make our music video. His video shows and highlights what he had to doThis video doesn’t really challenge the to make himself who he is now and how he gotconventions, but it shows the emotion of how to where he is and some of the struggles he hadpeople suffer which might not be seen in hip hop in the street life telling people not to do themusic videos as much. same thing. This real media product shows the conventions of hip hop.
  3. 3. How effective is the combination ofyour main product and ancillary texts? Our ancillary text was the music magazine advert, CD front cover and back cover. I researched within the genre to come up with what I want my product to look like. I focus on some conventions of hip hop. That the background should be black. The picture should be of the artist and he looks at his audience with a strong presence.
  4. 4. What have you learned from your audience feedback?I have learned that my music video is good but on a novice level. That I have to experiment with misc en scene and the meaning Iwant the audience to leave with. The target audience of this music video is young people age range 13-25 as they might seethemselves struggling with these kind of problems.They also taught I could have taken better locations to film certain scenes. That I could have enforce some of the hegemony byshowing images or short little clips of how people struggle rather than them being on the street doing the same things that wesee on a day to day basis.The audience also gave good feedback that they like the message of the song and it is portrayed in the music video clearly andthey can identify some of the themes a hip hop music video can have e.g. buildings, post codes, people in hoodie and so fort.The comments I got on Facebook and YouTube were all positive which is good as it encouraged us to make music videos thatshow problems or changes that we should make in society and we learned that these type of things interest our audience.One last thing our audience also taught and like things that are abstract and new and that these things maybe could have beenpresent in our music video to get them thinking for the next time we shoot to show them something they haven’t seen to makethem think and tackle a problem or issue in different ways.
  5. 5. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?We used different media objects like a camera and software e.g. Photoshop. I will brieflytalk on each of these categories hardware we used software and the research andplanning we had to undertake Hardware We used a digital camera to take pictures to make the magazine cover, CD front and back cover. The digital camera was not to hard to operate as I have used cameras before. What I learned is that we needed a stand to take good valid pictures that look nice as the image is still. To create a media convention we would use the camera in our hands to create a media meaning. We also had to use a film camera, which was a bit harder to operate, because I have not used that type of camera before. I had to learn to record rewind back fast forward and other important things to produce a good film. We also used a computer to save our film and images we took on the hard drive. Software We used different soft wares to edit the tape we took on the computer hard drive. We used Final cut pro to edit the music video and put meaning to it as we only had scenes that didn’t make sense on its own so we put it together to make a sequence. For our pictures I used Photoshop to edit the picture itself in size and in colour. Then in InDesign I used the pictures and added some extras like headline or something to make the magazine, CD cover front and back.
  6. 6. Research and planningFor the research and planning I did a lot of research on the artist and what he has done and achieved, also I have listened to someof the music he created and what he wanted the audience to get out of the music. I also checked to see what genre he fits and itwas hip hop as in most his videos he raps and talks about life and how it should be lived.We also planned how we are going to film it by making a storyboard of the different things we want in the video. The amount ofactors we are going to have the amount of equipment we are going to use location all these things are going to be included in thestoryboard for the misc en scene.Before we started filming we also wrote down what kind of shots we are going to take. If were going to use long shots, mid shotsand others. We needed to construct what different shots we are going to use to create different meanings the audience arefamiliar with.We also searched up stuff that fits with the genre of music we are making. What kind of music video they have done and if it fitsour perception of hip hop and rap and what we wanted the audience to leave with. Its media text used to give us a pilot idea ofwhat we want our music video to be like.