Google Hummingbird’s Impact on the Future of Search


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In our final project for #MKT4450, we spent several weeks researching, writing, and promoting an article, "Google Hummingbird's Impact on the Future of Search." In this presentation, we break down our strategy, marketing plan, Google Analytics findings, and lessons learned.

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Google Hummingbird’s Impact on the Future of Search

  1. 1. Erika Folkl, Angela Compton, Andre Moore, Laura Marsh, Beth Anne Weiler The Future of Search Google Hummingbird’s Impact
  2. 2. Content • Why did we choose this topic? o • Interesting, different from other groups in looking toward the future Who is our audience? o o “Average Joes” Still an interesting read for SEO experts
  3. 3. Content • • • Does Hummingbird affect SEO? What is Hummingbird? What is Google’s strategy with Google+, Glass, Now, and Hummingbird? Different segments: o o o o Google Innovations Google Hummingbird’s Impact SEO Isn’t Dead The Future of Search: Now, Glass, Plus, and Hummingbird
  4. 4. Media
  5. 5. Media
  6. 6. Media
  7. 7. Keywords Original target keyword phrases: 1. Blue links 2. Google’s future for search and SEO 3. Google Hummingbird impact on SEO Revised target keyword phrases:
  8. 8. Keywords Revised keyword phrases have: ● ● ● ● High volume High conversion High brand alignment High competition
  9. 9. SEO Optimized Meta Description: “Explore Google Hummingbird's impact on the future of search and SEO. Google's history, innovation, and growth give a glimpse at the search of
  10. 10. SEO Optimized “Google Hummingbird’s Impact” Page Headline Page Sub-heading Page Title Body Content Page File Name
  11. 11. SEO Optimized “Future of Search” Page Heading Page Sub-Heading Page Title Body Content
  12. 12. Marketing Plan ● Social Campaign ● Link Building
  13. 13. Social Campaign Groups
  14. 14. Social Campaign
  15. 15. Social Campaign What Did Not Work
  16. 16. Social Campaign What Did Work
  17. 17. Social Campaign
  18. 18. Social Campaign
  19. 19. Social Campaign
  20. 20. Engagement ● ● ● ● ● Owner of Stone Temple Consulting Knowledgable about Google and Hummingbird Has a presence on G+ and Twitter Built on previous communication from earlier assignment Obtained input about our article and insight that we were able to incorporate in an updated version
  21. 21. 217 clicks acquired through campaign
  22. 22. Links • • High Link Value Strategy Asked someone we knew for a link o Chris Compton
  23. 23. Links • • High Link Value Strategy Recently obtained unsolicited link o Jeremy Rivera Will be a listed resource in this post on the Caddis Interactive Blog
  24. 24. Links • • Low Link Value Strategy o Site used to drive traffic and build “no follow” links
  25. 25. SERPS 29. “Google Hummingbird’s impact” 73. “future of search” N/A. “Google innovations” *39. Hummingbirds *40. Hummingbird
  26. 26. Google Analytics From the launch date until November 20th: • • • • Visit Overview Content Drilldown: Most Popular Content Traffic Flow Search Engine Optimization
  27. 27. Analytics: Visit Overview Pageviews spikes correlate directly with promotional pushes
  28. 28. Analytics: Content Drilldown Main Takeaways ● Average time on all pages: 3 minutes, 36 seconds. ○ ● ● ● Average time on Hummingbird: 8 minutes, 22 seconds. Article brought 387 new visitors and 93 returning visitors to iMarketingClass. Hummingbird’s bounce rate was 85% ○ Visitors spent an average of 8 minutes and 22 seconds on our article. 718 total pageviews makes it the the most popular content. ○ Hummingbird was responsible for 22% of iMarketingClass pageviews.
  29. 29. Analytics: Traffic Flow Visit Breakdown Google Plus: 94 visits Facebook: 86 visits LinkedIn: 129 visits Twitter: 31 visits LinkedIn: 129 Google+: 94 Facebook: 86 Twitter: 31
  30. 30. Analytics: SEO ● ● ● “google hummingbird” was the #1 search query driving people to the site. When people search “google hummingbird,” 5 people click for every 600 impressions. ½ of search queries were related to Hummingbird keywords.
  31. 31. Analytics: SEO ● Hummingbird article is the landing page with the highest impressions and residual clicks!
  32. 32. Insights What We Learned from the Project • • • • How long should you promote one post? Be intentional with where and what you say Be smart about keywords Don’t be afraid to get links