Geo -Target Your Content Marketing Efforts to Yield Better Search Results


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Geo-Target Your Content Marketing Efforts to Yield Better Search Results will cover SEO, content and social media changes in 2013, which affects how we develop hyper local content that affects overall online marketing efforts.

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  • My name is Victoria Edwards and I work for Florida Blue as their Digital Marketing Strategist. I am in charge of content creation, management and optimization for their English and Spanish blogs. I also help build out content on their main website not only to attract the consumer, but to attract the search engines
  • This is where you can find me on the interwebs
  • When I am not working for Florida Blue, I blog for various publications and also speak at various conferences.
  • Today I am going to talk about how to geo target you content marketing efforts to yield better search results,
  • Here is an overview of what I will be talking about today, so let’s get started!
  • 2013 was a very busy year for SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media
  • A lot happened last year, but the 3 things that I will cover are a brief background into algorithm updates, what changed with search for marketers and one social media update, which was hashtag search.
  • In 2013, there were no fewer than 15 noteworthy algorithm changes in addition to several minor updates.There were various updates to Google’s existing panda and penguin algorithms. Just to give you some background, the original Panda update was released in 2011, which was a content quality filter. The update lowered the rank of low quality sites. The next one was Penguin which happened in 2012. A year later, we saw the Penguin update, which targeted suspicious links, such as paid links or the use of link networks. Thousands of domainswere hit by these tweaks. In 2013 Penguin and Panda had their own unique updates along with another big update in 2013. 
  • This was Hummingbird and was one of the bigger ones. People were curious how big this update was. The best way I read was think of it as a 1950’s car, removing the old engine and replacing it with a new one.
  • As people start to search the web as a conversation, Google tries to learn what your intent is to better serve you up content that you want.
  • For example, people now start to search in question form versus just typing in a brand or name.
  • In 2013, Google decided to enable secure searching for all users.
  • This means that organic traffic from Google can no longer be tracked at a keyword level. Unfortunately, we lose a lot of valuable information about our visitors because of this ‘minor’ change. In 2014, it will be more difficult to optimize your site for relevant keywords
  • The introduction of Hashtag Search adds another element to the SEO timelines. Google now shows hashtags from Google Plus posts and links to the hashtag feeds on Twitter and Facebook in the search results. For marketers, hastags offer branding and authority opportunities. Likewise, hashtag search again reveals the value Google places on Google Plus. With this update, it appears that alignment among digital marketing channels is more important than ever.
  • What does this mean for 2014?
  • Google likes to see that you’re consistent in your content delivery and that you’re providing unique, interesting content to your consumers.
  • Ask yourself questions like where do people live that you are trying to target?Build out a list of brand and non brand of around 10-20 keywodsWhat are your core keywords? Add the locations to those core keywords.What are core keywords?
  • For example “Florida Blue” and “Health Insurance” are core keywords.From there you can build out longer tail keywords, but adding your location in there. For example “florida blue center tampa” or “health insurance Jacksonville”
  • Build out various keywords sets based on your locationUse those keywords in content consistently Develop Content Around Your AudiencePersonasValue Content LocationPromote in social mediaGoogle Places for BusinessPaid AdsFacebookTwitterLinkedInPPC CalendarOff page contentOn page content
  • More landscapeStands out
  • Target miles
  • Promote using hashtags!
  • Geo -Target Your Content Marketing Efforts to Yield Better Search Results

    1. 1. Victoria Edwards Digital Content Strategist
    2. 2. Where you can find me… • • • • @tallchickvic
    3. 3. When I am not working…
    4. 4. Geo-Target Your Content Marketing Efforts to Yield Better Search Results
    5. 5. Overview • 2013 & Beyond • Local Content Marketing • What You Can Do Today
    6. 6. 2014 State of Search
    7. 7. History Lesson 1. SEO: Algorithm Updates Galore 2. Content: Secure Search was Implemented 3. Social Media: Hashtag Search
    8. 8. SEO In 2013 • No fewer than 15 Algorithm Updates!
    9. 9. Hummingbird
    10. 10. What Did Hummingbird Do? • Affected 90% of searches worldwide • Hummingbird allows the Google search engine to better do its job through an improvement in semantic search.
    11. 11. Semantic Search • How to better understand the user and their intent of what they are searching for.
    12. 12. As conversational search becomes the norm, Hummingbird lends to understanding to the intent of terms used in a query.
    13. 13. Another Thing That Happened… SECURE SEARCH
    14. 14. No More Keyword Data
    15. 15. Before…. • You could track data at a keyword level • Help build out keywords to build out your SEO Strategy
    16. 16. After….
    17. 17. Hashtag Search • Introduction of hashtag Search • Google+ now allows hashtags
    18. 18. What is it? • Along with standard search results for their query, the user will also get a live scrolling feed of public Google+ posts bearing the hashtag searched for and links to those hashtag feeds on Twitter and Facebook.
    19. 19. Everything You Learned in 2013 is Still Relevant, Just Amplified
    20. 20. Three Main Components of a Strong SEO Strategy: 1. Great high-quality content 2. That people want to link to 3. That gets people talking
    21. 21. Content Marketing is Bigger Than Ever!
    22. 22. “Content marketing will move from buzzword to mature marketing movement in 2014. From an SEO perspective, Google will be looking at companies that have robust content marketing efforts as a sign that they're the kind of business Google wants to support.” ~Jayson DeMers Search Engine Watch
    23. 23. Advantages of a Good Content Marketing Strategy • Regular, helpful content targeted at your audience. • Social signals from regular sharing and engagement. • Freshness or signs that your site is alive and growing. • Increasing authority connected to your body of work.
    24. 24. Local Content Marketing
    25. 25. How to Geo-Target • Keyword Strategy • Content Development • Promotion
    26. 26. Keyword Strategy • Where do the people live that you’re trying to target? • Build out keyword list (10-20) • Core keywords + location
    27. 27. Health Insurance + Location • Focus on brand  Florida Blue Center Tampa  Florida Blue Center Jacksonville • Focus on non-brand  Health insurance Tampa  Health insurance Jacksonville
    28. 28. Develop a Content Calendar
    29. 29. • • • • • Content Calendar Title of content (add location) Keywords (Geo-focused) Platform (social, web, blog, podcast…) Audience Date
    30. 30. Build Out Content • Build out valuable content utilizing those keywords • Types of content • • • • • • Web pages Blogs Whitepapers Video Presentations (Slideshare) Podcasts
    31. 31. • • • • Develop Conversational Content Frequently Asked Questions How-to Why buy? Why now?
    32. 32. Optimize Your Content • Place Keywords in: • Page Titles • Meta Description • On Page
    33. 33. Even Optimize Images • Make filename keyword friendly • Add keywords in image alt parameters
    34. 34. Image Example
    35. 35. Image Example • Filename: health-care-reform-andyou-infographic • Alt parameter: health care reform and you infographic
    36. 36. Social Media • Optimize Facebook & Twitter Profiles with Geo-Targeted Keywords
    37. 37. Promote Your Content • Promote your content regularly in social media
    38. 38. Promoting in Twitter • Use location as Hashtag (#tampa, #newyork)
    39. 39. Promoting in Twitter Title+ Blog image + Link + Hashtag
    40. 40. Promoting in Facebook Text + Link + Hashtag + Upload Image
    41. 41. Google – Places for Business
    42. 42. Benefits of Google Places for Business • Shows up in Google Searches
    43. 43. Benefits of Google Places for Business • Can add accurate information • Hours of operation • Address • Website URL • Category • With targeted keywords • Can add anchor text which can link to your other digital assets
    44. 44. Benefits of Google Places for Business
    45. 45. • With targeted keywords • Can add anchor text which can link to your other digital assets
    46. 46. Local Social Media
    47. 47. Paid Advertising • Social Media Ads • Twitter • Facebook • LinkedIn
    48. 48. What You Can Do Today
    49. 49. Optimize Business Profile
    50. 50. Optimize Business Profile • Build out content with geotargeted keywords • Add links, images, photos, videos
    51. 51. Optimize Social Media Profiles • Add geo-targeted keywords in: • Profiles • Updates • Ads
    52. 52. Develop Your Content Calendar • Start to develop your content calendar • Make sure you’re focusing on location focused content
    53. 53. Develop Your Social Community
    54. 54. Develop Your Social Community • • Find people in your niche • Analyze followers
    55. 55. Start Promoting! • Promote deals (with hashtags) • Promote content(with hashtags) • Promote news (with hashtags)
    56. 56. Victoria Edwards • @tallchickvic • • •