10 Ways to Create Awesome Content for your Blog


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Content is King, we all know that, but in this world of unrelenting Google updates, it has become increasingly difficult to come up with fresh and interesting content. Check out this awesome presentation created by Tushar Taliyan from SMG Convonix to learn how.

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10 Ways to Create Awesome Content for your Blog

  1. 1. 10 Ways To Create Awesome Content For Your Blog - by Tushar Taliyan
  2. 2. Find Great Ideas WHERE?? Search Engine Suggestions Scan Youtube Yahoo answers Quora Linkedin Groups Create Polls
  3. 3. Find Great Ideas Search Engine Suggestions – Type in your keyword and see what suggestions appear Youtube – Use Youtube suggestions or repurpose the videos present there
  4. 4. Find Great Ideas Yahoo answers – Highly popular, search for topics related to your domain and find interesting content ideas Quora – Rapidly growing in popularity, a hub for wide variety of insightful discussions
  5. 5. Find Great Ideas Linkedin Groups – search for your domain and engage in discussions there, sure to find amazing ideas Create Polls – create creative polls, keep them short, invite readers to submit topics they want to read about
  6. 6. Vs. Articles Compare Products Compare Options Compare Technologies
  7. 7. How-To Still a great way to attract visitors and rank Create ‘How To’ videos Easy to create Find Ideas on Search Engines, Social Media, Discussion Forums etc. A variation could be – ‘How Do I’
  8. 8. What Is?  Similar to How-To, but the tone is different Very frequently used search phrase term Easy To find ideas – discussion forums, Social Media Examples:- What is Content Marketing? What is Schema.org? What is Influencer Management?
  9. 9. Anticipate Queries Anticipate queries that people may have 3-6 months down the line Combine dates with names (peoples, places, events) Examples- Vacation deals in 2014 Google updates to expect in 2014
  10. 10. Free Guides • Give away free guides, people love free guides. • A free guide is a one stop resource for complete information on a topic. • Famous free guides – 1- SEO – The Free Beginner’s Guide by Moz 2- Social Media Marketing Beginner’s Guide by Marketing Pilgrim
  11. 11. Write About Current News Write a detailed analytical post on latest news and updates
  12. 12. Write About Shortcuts So if you are an excel wizard or a Wordpress expert or you know some hacks for any technology, write a post/draw a flowchart/make a video.
  13. 13. Case Studies We are all looking for practical applications of our knowledge, and if you have any observations, then share them with the world Insightful studies and analysis are venerated both by Google and the searchers. So it ranks well and also gets a steady stream of visitors Case studies are a ready source of content. With little effort, get wonderful results
  14. 14. THANK YOU!