Social media and search trends 2013


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This presentation was given at Go-West Summit on January 28, 2013.

Go West Summit is the premier business-oriented travel tradeshow selling the American West. We bring together the world's top international tour operators with specialty suppliers who offer year-round products in a 14-state region of the Western United States.

In 2013, Go West Summit partners with the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau and Texas Tourism to bring you the ultimate convention experience!
Learn about a few key trends in 2013 that should be added to your strategy.

Microformats or Structured Data or Rich Snippets are typically useful in 4 formats:
-Author Tag

Dwell Time and Click-Thru-Rates are also becoming important and worth studying and improving.

Likes, Shares, Comments, Tweets and Pins are being measured and are considered the hottest new part of Google Algorithm... at least in 2012.

Image search is up-and-coming with Google just releasing a new image search interface.

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Social media and search trends 2013

  1. 1. Social Media and SearchTrends For 2013Trent BlizzardBlizzard Internet
  2. 2. Rich SnippetsAKA:•Microformats•Structured Data•SchemaEssentially: telling search engines what they are seeingBenefit: More Traffic Now, Future Bright but
  3. 3. Author TagSerious SEO:•Guest Blog Posts are Back!•Discuss adding "author" tags to your pages.
  4. 4. VideoSerious SEO: Find Videos on Youtube and Video and embed in website. (and of course proper rich snippet code)
  5. 5. EventsSerious SEO: Using Googles Data Highlighter
  6. 6. ReviewsSerious SEO: Adding schema coded reviews
  7. 7. Rich Snippet ResourcesGoogle Rich Snippet Tool Webmaster
  8. 8. Dwell Time and Click-Thru-RatesNew Elements in Google•% of viewers that click on a search result•# seconds visitor stays on website after clicking. o specific to keyword phrase searchedAdvanced SEO:•Strategies to increase CTR•Strategies to increase dwell time
  9. 9. Shares, Likes, Comments,Tweets & PinsGoogle and Bing rewarding website that are "mentioned" on social websites.Serious SEO:•Adding Facebook "commenting" area to webpages.•Actively grow reviews on review websites.•Understand "FanGate" and Fangating
  10. 10. Image Search GrowingGoogle revamped "Image" search recently.Use Google Webmaster tools for data on your websites image search results.Serious SEO:•Using Pinterest•Image filenames, titles and descriptions.
  11. 11. Mobile Usage GrowsLikely 25%+ as you read this.Serious SEO:•Websites that works in o Smart Phones o Tablets o Laptops o Large Monitors• Responsive Design?