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Google Tools


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Learn how to generate more traffic for articles using Google keyword search, Google Trends, and Google Insights.

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Google Tools

  1. 1. Get more traffic for your articles using Google tools. Brian Meert
  2. 2. Tool 1: Google Keyword Search
  3. 3. Tool 1: Google Keyword Search
  4. 4. Why Keyword Search is Valuable 1. As you write your article, notice the keywords that are appearing frequently. 2. The Google Keyword Search will show you other variations of those keywords that may have more people searching for them. 3. Modify your article to include and focus on the higher traffic keywords. This will increase your potential audience online.
  5. 5. Tool 2: Google Trends
  6. 6. Tool 2: Google Trends
  7. 7. Why Google Trends is Valuable 1. While the keyword search will show you overall traffic, Google Trends will show you the traffic on a time graph. 2. This means you can see if certain keywords are gaining in popularity while others are decreasing in popularity. 3. Focus on the keywords that are rising or moving upward.
  8. 8. Tool 3: Google Insights
  9. 9. Tool 3: Google Insights
  10. 10. Why Google Insights is Valuable 1. Google Insights allows you to research search traffic and filter by time and location. This allows you to see how many people are searching on your keywords in your area. 2. Google Insights also allows you to view the hottest keywords in specific categories (entertainment, health, etc). Writing articles around these keywords ensure your have a captive audience for your article.