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Social Media for B2B Lead Generation


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Delivered by Eric Schwartzman as a keynote at the Entrust Sales Conference at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012.

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  • Interesting! I would like to see the lecture as well? Video?
    I met Marcus Nelson, Social Media Manager for Sales Force last week in Las Vegas.
    I asked him, when Salesforce will become a network :-) What do you think?
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Social Media for B2B Lead Generation

  1. 1. 4  Steps  to  B2B  Social  Media  Lead  Genera>on   Eric  Schwartzman,  author/speaker/digital  strategist   “Social  Marke;ng  to  the  Business  Customer”   2012  Entrust  Sales  Conference  ::  SF  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  2. 2. AGENDA     Strategic  Brief     4  Steps  of  Lead  Genera>on     What’s  Coming  Next  #Entrust12   I’ll  Display  Follow  Up  Resource  Links  Here   @ericschwartzman  
  3. 3. B2B  Social  Media  Adop>on  Today   93%  of  all  B2B  marketers  are  engaged  in  some  form  of  social  media  outreach.   Social  Media  Channel   Adop>on  by  B2Bs   Linkedin   72%   Facebook   71%   TwiMer   67%   YouTube   48%   Blogging   44%   Online  Communi;es   22%  #Entrust12   Source:  Emerging  Trends  in  B-­‐to-­‐B  Social  Media  Marke;ng:  Insights  From  the  Field     @ericschwartzman  
  4. 4. What  Happened?  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  5. 5. Where’s  the  Value?  #Entrust12   Case  Study:  hMp://     @ericschwartzman  
  6. 6. What’s  the  Business  Case?   Paid   Earned   Brochures   Search    Discoverable   through  Search    Shareable  through   Social   Person-­‐to-­‐Person   Social  Networks  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  7. 7. What’s  the  Objec>ve?   To  generate  leads  by  geVng  your  subject  maMer  exper;se  on  the   record  online.  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  8. 8. Let’s  Connect   Follow  Us:   hMp://   hMp://     Friend  Us:   hMps://   hMps://     Connect:   hMp://   If  you’d  like  to  promote  any  of  your  own  content  through  these  channels,  send   an  email  to    #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  9. 9. Let’s  Check  In  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  10. 10. B2B  Social  Sales  in  4  Steps   •  Listen   Phase  1   •  Build  Your   Phase  2   Network   •  Par;cipate   Phase  3   •  Evaluate   Phase  4  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  11. 11. Step  1:  Listen   Future  o f  Search  is  Socia l   Use  Google  Related  Search  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  12. 12. Step  1:  Listen   Focus  on  Your  Market   Search  Volume  over  Time   Geography  of  Search  #Entrust12   hMp://     @ericschwartzman  
  13. 13. Step  1:  Listen   To  Import  Subs,  Click  Here   To  Share,  Click  Here  #Entrust12   hMp://­‐subs     @ericschwartzman  
  14. 14. Step  1:  Listen   Import  the  Subs   Google  Reader  Subscrip>ons:  hYp://­‐subs    #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  15. 15. Step  1:  Listen   Bookmark  Here   Build  Contact  Lists  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  16. 16. Step  2:  Build  Your  Network  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  17. 17. Step  2:  Build  Your  Network   Make  it  Easy  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  18. 18. Step  2:  Build  Your  Network  #Entrust12   hMp://rappor;     @ericschwartzman  
  19. 19. Step  2:  Build  Your  Network  #Entrust12   hMp://rappor;     @ericschwartzman  
  20. 20. Step  2:  Build  Your  Network   Go  to:  hMp://  and  send  a  connec;on  request  to      #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  21. 21. Step  2:  Build  Your  Network  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  22. 22. Step  3:  Par>cipate   Klout  Score  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  23. 23. Step  3:  Par>cipate   Likes,  Comments  and  Shares  determine  rank   +1s,  Comments  and  Shares  determine  rank   in  the  newsfeed   in  the  newsfeed  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  24. 24. Communi>es  Convey  Trust  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  25. 25. Raise  Your  Hand  of  You’re  on  TwiYer  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  26. 26. Step  3:  Par>cipate   • What  Should  You  Tweet  About?   •  Retweet  content  from  @Entrust  and  @EntrustSSL   •  Retweet  useful  info  from  other  users  by  searching  these   hashtags  #IPsec,  #TCO,  #malware,  #infosec,  #security,   #cryptography,  #ssl   •  Interact  with  other  aMendees  at  this  event.    Find  them   using  the  #Entrust12  hashtag   •  Live  tweet  from  big-­‐;cket  events  like  #RSA  and  #ISW   •  “Overheard  at  #Entrust12”  -­‐  what  are  aMendees  talking   about  around  you?   •   Who  else  is  there?  Tweet  about  people  you’ve  spoMed   and  include  their  TwiMer  as  an  @men;on.   •   Photos  with  other  aMendees  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  27. 27. Raise  Your  Hand  if  You’re  on  Facebook  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  28. 28. Step  3:  Par>cipate   •  Like  or  Comment  on  updates  from:   hMps://   hMps://     •  Posts  that  end  with  a  ques;on  are  15%  more  engaging   •  Posts  80  words  or  less  are  27%  more  engaging   •  Posts  outside  of  business  hours  are  20%  more  engaging   •  Don’t  ask  Why.  Ask  Where  or  When.   •  Most  Liked  posts  include  these  words:  Like,  Take,  Submit   •  Most  Commented  posts  include:  Comment,  Post,  Tell  Us   •  Least  engaging  posts  include:  Event,  Winner,  Offer  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  29. 29. Step  3:  Par>cipate  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  30. 30. Step  3:  Par>cipate  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  31. 31. Step  3:  Par>cipate  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  32. 32. B2B  Social  Networks  #Entrust12   About  the  SAP  Community  Network   @ericschwartzman  
  33. 33. Step  3:  Par>cipate   Embassy   Embassy   Homeland   Search   TwiYer   Embassy   Embassy   Linkedin   SlideShare  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  34. 34. Why  Make  a  Blog  the  Homeland?  #Entrust12   Source:  2011  State  of  Inbound  Marke;ng  Study   @ericschwartzman  
  35. 35. B2B  Blogs   35   •  73  blogs   •  17  bloggers   •  600%  jump  in  leads   •  Top  quality  #Entrust12   Case  Study:  hMp://     @ericschwartzman  
  36. 36. Extendhree:  Par>cipate   Phase  T the Reach of Existing Activities Video    Webcast   &  YouTube   PowerPoint     SlideShare   Text  Transcript     Blog  Post   MP3    Podcast   SME  Shares  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  37. 37. What’s  the  ROI?  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  38. 38. What’s  the  Value  of  Intangible  Assets?  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  39. 39. Expenses  vs.  Assets  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  40. 40. Step  4:  Evaluate   Search   Blog   TwiYer   Facebook   Email   Linkedin  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  41. 41. Step  4:  Evaluate  #Entrust12   hMp://     @ericschwartzman  
  42. 42. Step  4:  Evaluate  #Entrust12   hMp://     @ericschwartzman  
  43. 43. Review  -­‐  B2B  Social  Sales  in  4  Steps   Ac>vity   Tool   •  Listen  and  Map   Phase  1   •  Build  Your  Network   Phase  2   •  Par;cipate   Phase  3   •  Measure  and  Evaluate   Phase  4  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  44. 44. Policy  MaYers   44   Entrust  appreciates  the  effec;ve  use  of  social   media  for  business  and  employees  who   demonstrate  excellence  in  this  area  will  be   recognized  and  rewarded  at  their  annual   employee  review.  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  45. 45. What’s  Next?  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  46. 46. B2B  Mobile  Marke>ng   46  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  47. 47. Cisco  App  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  48. 48. B2B  Social  Marke>ng  Revolu>on   Eisner   Aristocrat   Revolu;onary   Lassiter  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman  
  49. 49. Thank  You   DOWNLOAD  THE  DECK     Eric  Schwartzman   +1  (310)  455-­‐4000   Available:     Amazon  ::  Barnes  &  Noble   iPad  ::  Kindle  #Entrust12   @ericschwartzman