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A very informative and resource laden presentation that shows social media managers and worker bees many of the keys to successful content and community management.

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  1. 1. Twitter!For BusinessesMarcus NelsonDirector of Social Media
  2. 2. O hai. Marcus Nelson Director of Social Media @marcusnelson #smss
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda   Twitter is big   The basics   Tool talk   Marketing your services   Establish contacts   Best use cases   Why do people share content?   Build your following   Q&A @marcusnelson #smss
  4. 4. Twitter is big@marcusnelson #smss
  5. 5. User growth 2007-2010 @marcusnelson #smss
  6. 6. Tweets per month @marcusnelson #smss
  7. 7. The basics@marcusnelson #smss
  8. 8. Social Media TeamSocial Media Strategist Product Marketing, Comms•  Responsible for the overall program, including •  Produce content and ROI messagingCommunity Manager PM, Development, QA•  Customer facing role trusted by customers •  Builds and maintains social apps, website, and CRM system integration Web Analytic, SEM, SEO •  Assist with listening platforms, advertising, and search Source: @marcusnelson #smss
  9. 9. Organizational models Organic Centralized Hub-and-Spoke Multiple Hubs Source: @marcusnelson #smss
  10. 10. Social Media Policy Provides Clear Rules   What’s In Bounds   What’s Out of Bounds   Who to Escalate Things To @marcusnelson #smss
  11. 11. Training Employees Support Strategy, Policy, Best Practices Sales Products Marketing @marcusnelson #smss
  12. 12. Definition of terms Tweet = a message of 140 characters or less Retweet = the reposting of a tweet, passing it along @username = how you address or reference someone #hashtag = used to track topics or conversations /via or /by = source or author of content referenced OH = overheard #ff = follow friday @marcusnelson #smss
  13. 13. Crafting the tweet — content post [title of article] /via @source #hashtag Pro tip: leave around 20 characters for others to leave a comment in retweet @marcusnelson #smss
  14. 14. Crafting the tweet — retweeted post RT @username: [title of article] /via @source #hashtag « [insert comment] Pro tip: you can insert a comment before or after the RT. It does encourage others to join in if you make it sound interesting (i.e. Funniest post ever!) @marcusnelson #smss
  15. 15. Crafting the tweet — sending a message @username [body of message] #hashtag Pro tip: your message will only show up in the recipient’s stream, and those that follow both you and your recipient. To make a message seen by all, start message with a word or a ‘.’ @marcusnelson #smss
  16. 16. Crafting the tweet — sending a direct message D audiencemember It’s a private message silly. You can’t see this yet. D username [body of message] Pro tip: You cannot direct (private) message someone who is not following you. Remember also, “@” not required. @marcusnelson #smss
  17. 17. Social media audit Sales Marketing Support Products Where Are Your Strengths?" Where Can You Improve?" Source: @marcusnelson #smss
  18. 18. Tool talk@marcusnelson #smss
  19. 19. Engagement @marcusnelson #smss
  20. 20. Tools to Manage Your Channels Schedule Posts Moderate Conversations @marcusnelson #smss
  21. 21. Measurement @marcusnelson #smss
  22. 22. Other tools @marcusnelson #smss
  23. 23. @marcusnelson #smss
  24. 24. Videos have been very successful 10,000 7,500+ Views Per Day 7,500 5,000 2,500 @marcusnelson #smss
  25. 25. It’s like automating a sales team 7,500 video views a day = 46 Hyper-efficient Reps a) average video view is 3 minutes Assumptions b) average hyper-efficient rep pitches 8 hours a day, no breaks @marcusnelson #smss
  26. 26. Social media dashboard @marcusnelson #smss
  27. 27. Marketing your services @marcusnelson #smss
  28. 28. Add value   Do your homework – what does your audience enjoy?   Create content that caters to those interests: –  Content can be blog posts, videos, infographics, contests –  Make it captivating, instructive, humorous, or inspirational   Experiment, find your voice -- measure results   Search relevant keywords or competitor terms –  Ask permission before engaging people –  Don’t assume your interruption is welcome @marcusnelson #smss
  29. 29. of all tweets sent were invitations for product information, or responses from peers or brand representatives.source: @marcusnelson #smss
  30. 30. visited a site after learning about a product via social media.source: @marcusnelson #smss
  31. 31. of twitter users introduced to a brand were compelled to search for additional information.source: @marcusnelson #smss
  32. 32. Establish contacts @marcusnelson #smss
  33. 33. Finding people like you   Use Twitter’s suggested users   Follow popular/relevant #hashtags   Who do your friends follow?   Linkedin lists twitter handles @marcusnelson #smss
  34. 34. Best use cases@marcusnelson #smss
  35. 35. Develop and promote your brand @marcusnelson #smss
  36. 36. Customer Support @marcusnelson #smss
  37. 37. Provoke thought / humor @marcusnelson #smss
  38. 38. Be known as a thought leader @marcusnelson #smss
  39. 39. Help with access to information @marcusnelson #smss
  40. 40. Engage followers with a question @marcusnelson #smss
  41. 41. Why do people share content? @marcusnelson #smss
  42. 42. motivations for sharing   reinforces shared views & deepens social bonds.   need to proselytize or create a desire to connect.   emotional, positive, interesting, anger-inducing, or sad stories are more likely to be shared.   calm themselves or reduce uncertainty.   to bolster their own sense of self. source: @marcusnelson #smss
  43. 43. broadcasting is self-focused   self-presentation motives, identity signaling, or affiliation goals play a stronger role in shaping what people share with larger audiences. source: @marcusnelson #smss
  44. 44. Build your following @marcusnelson #smss
  45. 45. Have steady and consistent content   Content doesn’t have to be directly about your product –  Become a resource for information about your respective space –  Don’t be afraid to go “off brand” –  Content should appeal your follower’s humor, emotion, or intellect. If not, they won’t RT no matter how much you post   Set up searches for content to RT or learn from   Schedule tweets for optimal engagement/exposure @marcusnelson #smss
  46. 46. Example - grasshopper launches videos that speak directly to entrepreneurs – connects with the geek crowd who socialize videos to 2 million viewers. 1,101,526 views 534,125 views @marcusnelson #smss
  47. 47. Example - salesforce @marcusnelson #smss
  48. 48. Example - kissmetrics @marcusnelson #smss
  49. 49. Example — kissmetrics blog @marcusnelson #smss
  50. 50. Example — kissmetrics infographic @marcusnelson #smss
  51. 51. Example — kissmetrics infographic @marcusnelson #smss
  52. 52. Example — kissmetrics infographic @marcusnelson #smss
  53. 53. Example — kissmetrics infographic @marcusnelson #smss
  54. 54. Example — kissmetrics infographic @marcusnelson #smss
  55. 55. Be a person, not a machine   Follow back everyone who follows you   Engage your audience   Ask questions or opinions   RT your followers and/or reply as often as possible   DON’T send auto-direct messages   Be kind, stay positive and say #thankyou… a lot! @marcusnelson #smss
  56. 56. Q&A@marcusnelson #smss
  57. 57. @marcusnelson #thankyou @marcusnelson #smss