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Scientific Method for Social Media with Tamsen McMahon (@tamadear)


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Is there a science to social media marketing? Tamsen McMahon of Sametz says YES! Check our her slides from her webinar with Awareness, Inc from 12/16

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Scientific Method for Social Media with Tamsen McMahon (@tamadear)

  1. 1. The Scientific Method! For Social Media!
  2. 2. On  the  line…   Your  Presenter:   Tamsen  McMahon   Sametz  Blackstone  Associates   Brass  Tack  Thinking   @tamadear   Your  Host:   Mike  Lewis,  Awareness     @bostonmike  |  @awarenessinc  
  3. 3. Got  Ques/ons?   Use  the  hashtag:     #awarenessinc   On  Twi7er   Technical  Issues?     Contact  Webex  customer   support  
  4. 4. Who  is  Awareness  ?   •  Creators  of  the  Social  Marke/ng  Hub   •  Allows  marketer  to  control  and  centralize  all  social  media  marke/ng  ac/vi/es  in   through  one  interface   •  SoIware  is  powering  the  social  media  strategy  of  mid-­‐to-­‐large  sized   organiza/ons   •  Partnered  with  leading  digital  and  interac/ve  agencies   CUSTOMERS   PARTNERS  
  5. 5. Social  Media  Challenges   ‘I’m  Overwhelmed!’   Social  Media  is  only  a  %  of  my  job  and  it  requires  a  lot  of  my  /me  to  be  effec/ve   ‘Help  me  prove  the  value!’   I  know  social  media  works,  but  I  need  data  to  get  buy-­‐in,  The  execs  are  pushing  me   for  meaningful  data  before  we  invest  further   ‘I’m  Losing  Control!’   Too  many  channels,  too  many  comments  to  respond  to,  too  many  passwords,  too   many  places  to  login,  hard  to  keep  control   ‘I  Need  to  Get  Strategic!’   Need  to  move  from  tac/cal  ac/vi/es  to  strategic  programs  
  6. 6. The  Next  Step   Contact  me  for  a  demonstra;on:   @bostonmike  
  7. 7. Awareness  Social  Marke/ng  Hub    Publish  :  Content-­‐centric,     Gain  Control  of  your   mul/-­‐channel   Social  Media  Programs    Manage  :  Enterprise  grade     Centralize  your  programs   access  controls,   permissioning,  and  control     Evolve  from  tac>cal    Measure  :  Meaningful   programs  to  strategic   reports  and  marke/ng-­‐ social  media   focused  Social  Monitoring     Measure  Success  for    Engage  :  Interact  with   mul/ple  channels  and   individuals  who  are   assets   passionate  about  your   content  
  8. 8. See  the  Hub  in  ac/on!   Social   Marke;ng   Hub  Demo   w/  Will  Eisner,   Director  of  Product  Marke/n g   Dec  21st  –  2PM  ET o   Sign Up Now!!
  9. 9. TheScientific Methodfor Social Media Sametz Blackstone Associates
  10. 10. Who I am  Tamsen McMahon    @tamadear  Sametz Blackstone Associates     @sametz  Brass Tack Thinking 
  11. 11. You heardfeedback, andthought you weredone.
  12. 12. Nope.
  13. 13. Now withamplification!
  15. 15. Twitter
  16. 16. TwitterBlogs
  17. 17. TwitterBlogs
  18. 18. TwitterBlogs
  19. 19. TwitterBlogs
  20. 20. Twitter FacebookBlogs
  21. 21. Twitter Facebook YouTubeBlogs
  22. 22. Twitter Facebook YouTube Wiki(leak)sBlogs
  23. 23. Some say it’sAN ART.
  24. 24. I say it’s aSCIENCE.
  25. 25. Got your lab book?
  26. 26. You’ll need it.
  27. 27. Today
  28. 28. 0 Define the question1 Observe2 Investigate3 Hypothesize4 Experiment5 Analyze6 Retestthe method
  29. 29. Odefine thequestion
  30. 30. How can we best usesocial media in ourbusiness?
  31. 31. Is podcasting aneffective way togenerate prospects?
  32. 32. task:Answer the question: What am I trying to figure out about social media?
  33. 33. 1observe
  34. 34. Grow bigger ears –and eyes. Paraphrase of Chris Brogan
  35. 35. LISTEN: IF WHAT
  37. 37. task: Run searches for relevant keywords Establish accounts on the major social networks
  38. 38. 2investigate Scope Audiences Content Resources Outcomes Measurement
  39. 39. Scope
  40. 40. task:Answer the question: What’s the scope?
  41. 41. Audiences
  42. 42. Resonance &Dissonance
  43. 43. task:Answer the questions: For your scope, which audience(s) make the most sense? What do they care about? How do they perceive you?
  44. 44. Content
  45. 45. task:Answer the questions: For your scope and audience, what’s the best content? What already exists? What doesn’t?
  46. 46. Resources
  47. 47. task:Answer the questions: For your scope, audience, and defined content, which tools are most appropriate? What resources do you need? How will you get them?
  48. 48. Outcomes
  49. 49. task:Answer the question: Are you trying to achieve awareness? comprehension? participation? loyalty? support? (choose one)
  50. 50. Measurement
  51. 51. task:Answer the questions: What does success look like? How will you measure it? How will you tie it to concrete business results?
  52. 52. 3hypothesize
  53. 53. For {scope}, {content}from {sources}, usedacross {tools}, willproduce {measured}{results} with{audiences}.
  54. 54. task: Draft your hypothesis!
  55. 55. 4experiment Design Execution
  57. 57. OBSERVATION ≠PARTICIPATION (you have to do it)
  58. 58. task: Outline the steps of your experiment, with start and end dates Execute your plan, while documenting significant events, impressions, and ongoing results
  59. 59. 5analyze
  60. 60.  Numbers Sentiment Actions
  61. 61. task: Collect metrics Overlay results onto experiment steps and significant events Note alignments Draw a conclusion
  62. 62. 6retest
  63. 63. It takes practice.
  64. 64. task:Hypothesis confirmed? Define a new question and start againDisproven or inconclusive? Revise hypothesis Design new experiment Retest
  65. 65. So maybe it is amadhouse.
  66. 66. But now you’re themad scientist.
  67. 67. Who I am  Tamsen McMahon    @tamadear  Sametz Blackstone Associates     @sametz  Brass Tack Thinking 
  68. 68. Dec  16  –  Is  there  a  science  to  social  media?   Content  is   the  future  of   Marke;ng   w/  Joe  Pulizzi,  Author  of   Get  Content  Get  Customers   Jan  11th  –  2PM  ET zi   Sign Up Now!!
  69. 69. Use  the  hashtag:     #awarenessinc   On  Twi7er