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The Power of a CoP: Influence, Innovation, and Shared Value


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Presented at KM Showcase 2019 by Madison Jaronski (Enterprise Knowledge) and Shitalkumar Sabene (Airlines Reporting Corporation), the presentation offers a case study from ARC on how they have built a Business Intelligence Community of Practice (CoP) to connect individuals, spark innovation, and infuse collaboration into the company's culture.

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The Power of a CoP: Influence, Innovation, and Shared Value

  1. 1. Airlines Reporting Corporation KMI Showcase 2019 Shitalkumar Sabne The Power of a CoP: Influence, Innovation, and Shared Value Madison Jaronski Enterprise Knowledge
  2. 2. © Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) All Rights Reserved. 2 Shitalkumar Sabne Manager Data Solutions & Product Design Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) KM Analyst Gamification and Learning Enterprise Knowledge (EK) Madison Jaronski
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. © Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) All Rights Reserved. 4 Meet the BI CoP Team Felicia Thomas Director CoP Sponsor Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) Seamus Cho Data Analyst CoP Leader Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) Doug Mangold Vice President CoP Sponsor Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC)
  5. 5. About Airlines Reporting Corporation Legacy of Trust: ARC operates at high volume, settling more than $94 billion in transactions between airlines and travel agencies each year. ARC has become the single record of truth for data collection of airline ticket transactions, covering approximately 60 percent of the world’s passenger air tickets. Mission: Advancing and unifying the global air travel community by delivering trusted solutions, proven expertise and flexible technology. Travel Agencies Airlines Corporations Other Data Users Our Customers
  6. 6. © Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) All Rights Reserved. “Partnering for Success” Roadmapping & Planning 6 Leadership Coaching Guiding leveraging Best Practices Process Improvement BI CoP’s Partnership with Enterprise Knowledge “Seamus, our job is to make you famous and the need for us obsolete.”
  7. 7. Our greatest challenge: There was no way to bridge the islands of knowledge across the company. - Chuck Thackston, Managing Director, ARC
  8. 8. © Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) All Rights Reserved. ARC’s Business Intelligence CoP Journey Map 8 2010 2011 - 2015 2016 - 2017 2018 - Present Lack of right format resulted in gradual decrease in interest Eventually, CoPs closed down CoP re-launch in 2015 Improved format & alignment of key initiatives to reduce negativity and promote the value of BI-CoP CoP began to bring in more valuable contribution from participants External presenters spiked interest and success Repetitive format started a slow down Add new events Many CoP attempts at ARC since 2010 = CoP Interest Level
  9. 9. BI CoP Current State 40+ Active Members 12 Departments Up to $20K Funding Per Year 3-4 Major Events Per Year Executive Team Support and Visibility Measuring the Success in the last 36 months 2019 Goals CoP Charter Monthly BI CoP Meetings Hack-a-Thon Knowledge Fair Field Trip
  10. 10. © Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) All Rights Reserved. Three Keys to BI CoP’s Success: 10 Content Is King The content has been pro-bono from internal/external experts, SMEs, and customers focused on touching at least 80% of the audience need. No Management Allowed Members wanted to foster an environment where they could openly talk about problems and knowledge gaps. Contribution Required Members need to contribute valuable input. The contribution can be a technical skills, methodology experience, or even a business understanding of a problem.
  11. 11. © Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) All Rights Reserved. BI CoP’s Impact on ARC 11 Knowledge Growth Mindset shift • Diversity among CoP folks helped bring different perspectives on BI and data related challenges • CoP participation from 12+ departments enhanced increased cross functional collaboration • Help breaking down the silos and increased individual’s professional reputation • Events like hackathon helped change legacy mindset to agile way of thinking • Knowledge Fair promoted creativity and innovation among the ARC folks • Customer guest speakers sparked innovative ideas for product related operational issues • Learning complex data practices and analytical concepts helped bridge the gap among the data folks • Learning from external industry experts/ SMEs increased overall knowledge among the folks • One-on-One SME sessions helped individuals gain new skills Increased Collaboration
  12. 12. © Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) All Rights Reserved. 12 Incorporate Future Technologies Foster Product Innovation Promote Agile mindset The Future of BI CoP Lead as a go-to resource and serve as a catalyst for innovation. Future Key Areas of Focus
  13. 13. January 1 Knowledge Fair February 1 March 1 April 1 May 1 June 1 July 1 August 1 September 1 October 1 ARC BI CoP 2019 Roadmap Meeting & Event Roadmap FieldTripHack-A-ThonBICoP November 1 December 1 2019 Knowledge Fair Monthly BI CoP Design Thinking | IDO Presentation Big Data in Business Agile Methodologies Future State Tools AI & Knowledge Graphs Data Visualizati on Block Chain 2019 Hack-A- Thon BI CoP Field Trip BI CoP Field Trip Secure Event Budget Develop Event Plan Develop Marketing Strategy Identify Partners Identify Judges Secure Resources Secure Event Budget Develop Event Plan Develop Marketing Strategy Secure Venue Identify Presenters and SMEs Identify Volunteers Contact Field Trip Location Finalize Date and Time Customer Experience | NDC & One Order
  14. 14. Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. - Pele 14
  15. 15. Questions and Discussion