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Mobile is your friend, not enemy.


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Mobile is your friend, not enemy. 2014 Presentation at Cyberport Hong Kong.

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Mobile is your friend, not enemy.

  1. 1. Mobile is your friend, not enemy. @edithyeung
  2. 2. @edithyeung
  3. 3. Dolphin was born Ex-Microsoft engineers frustrated with their mobile browser, got together and built Dolphin for Android. (July, 2009) Launched Dolphin Gesture World’s first Gesture browser enables users to customize their own gesture and shortcuts. (May, 2010) 1,000,000 First 1M users achieved (July, 2010) 10,000,000 First 10M users achieved (Nov, 2011)Launched Dolphin Sonar World’s first voice-enabled browser. You can now talk Dolphin. (February, 2012) China Telecom & KDDI Partnership Carriers love Dolphin Dolphin Milestones 50,000,000 First 50M users achieved (Aug, 2012) Series A Funding Partner with Sequoia and Matrix Partners 2014 100,000,000 First 80M users achieved (March, 2013)@edithyeung
  4. 4. Mobile is eating the world. @edithyeung
  5. 5. @edithyeungSource: comScore Smartphone & tablets are new media & distribution outlets that businesses have never seen before ….
  6. 6. @edithyeungSource: Facebook/Alexa Facebook has over 1 billion mobile monthly active users as of March 2014
  7. 7. @edithyeungSource: Facebook/Alexa Uber & Lyft destroy the taxi industry
  8. 8. @edithyeungSource: Onavo Whatsapp, Wechat, Line, Kakao Talk, Viber destroy SMS & Voice Revenue for Mobile Operators
  9. 9. @edithyeung
  10. 10. @edithyeung
  11. 11. @edithyeung
  12. 12. @edithyeung How to make mobile your friend?
  13. 13. @edithyeung What kind of businesses are you running?
  14. 14. 60% of American mobile phone owners use their phone to access the internet. 34% go online mostly using their phones, not desktop. @edithyeungSource: Pew Research
  15. 15. Mobile expands the internet by location, new screen sizes, gesture, voice and push notifications @edithyeungSource: Pew Research
  16. 16. Mobile is your best & closest friend. @edithyeung