Introduction to Xamobi Design & Development


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Introduction to mobile technologies for business and services from Xamobi Design & Development.

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Introduction to Xamobi Design & Development

  1. 1. Introducing XamobiMobile Design & Development Mobile Computing 101
  2. 2. The Beginning ...In 1999 Blackberryreleased its first model.In 2007, Apple unveiledthe iPhone.Google followed andreleased Android in2008.The Mobile Revolutionhad begun.
  3. 3. How many people use one?According to a recentNielsen survey 48% ofall U.S. mobile phoneusers own smartphonesas of January 201236% in Q1 201123% in Q1 2010
  4. 4. Why Should We Go Mobile30% of all restaurant searches are done on amobile phone.By 2015, more people will access the Internetfrom their smartphones than their desktops.70% of smartphone users user their device whileshopping51% of business travelers use their devices to gettravel informationGoogle OTX The Mobile Movement 2011, Google OTX The Travelers Road to Decision 2011, Google Internal Data 2011
  5. 5. What Are Our Options?iOS AppAndroid AppBlackberry AppHTML5 Web App &mobile formatted websitesOthers?
  6. 6. Apple iOSIOS operating systemfor iPhone and iPadAccount for 59.0% ofthe marketOver 500,000 apps onthe app store available
  7. 7. Android (Google)Android operatingsystem is sponsored byGoogle for phones andtablets from a variety ofmanufacturersAccounts for 23.0% ofthe market
  8. 8. BlackberryFirst to market in 1999.Widely adopted bybusiness, but …Loosing share to iOSand Android rapidlyNew businesses nowadopt iOS more often
  9. 9. HTML5New Web StandardCapable of producingwebapps that run on allsmartphonesResembles native apps,but limited functionalitySome of the fuctionalityof apps, gps, data
  10. 10. What Does Xamobi Do? We develop apps for iOS, Android, and some Blackberry devices. We also specialize in web apps and mobile formatted web sites We tie existing web sites and application data into mobile apps and webapps
  11. 11. What Makes Xamobi SpecialWe have been developing apps since iPhone wasreleased in 2007.We specialize in mobile technologies, we dotraditional websites and desktop development, butto support mobile rolesWe find the right solution for the organization atthe right price.We are located in the USA and employ people inthe USA.
  12. 12. Next StepsContact Xamobi for afree initial consultationWe will work with you todetermine your mobileneedsWe will present you witha quote with differentoptions