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Ravish Mattoo :50 Essential Content Marketing Hacks


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Ravish Mattoo :50 Essential Content Marketing Hacks

  1. 1. Presentation to Indian Trade Promotion Organization By DOT COMMUNICATIONS, 8th July 2016 ITPO
  2. 2. Creative Approach ITPO’s focus area is to establish: BRAND INDIA at a global level. As the most Lucrative INVESTMENT DESTINATION with a sound Business Climate. • ITPO is a name that a nation of ONE BILLION PEOPLE trusts When it comes to TRADE. • ITPO LEAPFROGS INDIA on a Global Platform • Maintaining highest standards of trade • Keeping India upgraded on new trade and industry trends • ITPO is not only pacing growth index of India at a global level but is also SUSTAINING the HIGH GROWTH TRAJECTORY. Hence a warm Welcome to the 100% FDI decision of the government in selective sectors like Food Processing, Online Retail, Defence, etc.
  3. 3. CREATIVES 2 Corporate Ads & Adaptations
  4. 4. WHY 100% FDI as Strategic focus? As this will enable VERTICAL & HORIZONTAL GROWTH of TRADE And take it to higher levels. It is giving greater Flexibility to ITPO in contributing to Making INDIA Into ONE BRIGHT SPOT for Foreign Direct Investment
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  7. 7. BANNER
  10. 10. BUS PANEL
  11. 11. WEB BANNER
  13. 13. STANDY
  14. 14. DIGITAL CAMPAIGN The Objective of a Digital Campaign is creating awareness of events, build reputation among youngsters, spreading information, increasing engagement and building customer relationship for the events. Suggestive Digital Activity for Events 1. Events tab on fanpage 2. Invite Indian users 3. News about ITPO to be posted everyday with Hashtag 4. Special Announcements 5. Special Contest to win 6. Special Offers 7. Discussion Questions 8. Poll/Comparison 9. Photo gallery 10. Host a Special “Happy Hour” Networking Event Or A VIP Dinner
  15. 15. youtube Activity 1. Posting of Events Clippings 2. Interviews of Organizers and Companies 3. Interviews of Viewers/Visitors 4. Paid Campaign Build Buzz Use Twitter to announce your upcoming participation in a trade show. Share details about when and where the trade show will be and encourage your followers to attend the show. You can offer Exhibitor Passes if you have them or announce the EXPO's special events. You can even set up show appointments via Twitter.
  16. 16. Use Hashtags Hashtags have now infiltrated contemporary culture and advertising campaigns. Find out what the official hashtag for the trade show is and check in on the hashtag conversation well in advance of the trade show. (Example: #bookexpo is the hashtag for Book Expo America.) Many people will tweet that they are registering or booking their flights and hotels and this can be the entry point for a conversation with someone before the show. Once the trade show starts, you can tweet LIVE and make announcements with the hashtag and people who are in attendance or paying attention from afar can see your tweets this way.
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  23. 23. Backdrop
  24. 24. BILLBOARDS
  25. 25. Public Convenience display
  26. 26. BUS Shelter
  27. 27. Bus Panel
  28. 28. Global Business Pathways on India’s Largest Trade Platform - ITPO
  29. 29. A media mix of social & electronic media alongwith magazines, daily newspapers and outdoor is proposed to create an immediate impact of the campaign
  30. 30. Budget Allocation Media Budget Allocation Percentage (in Lacs) • Social/On-Line Digital Media 10.50 30 % (Facebook/Youtube/Twitter) Electronics Media • Dailies 10.50 30 % • Magazines 8.25 25 % • Outdoor 3.50 10 % • Misc. 1.75 20 % --------------- -------------- Grand Total 35.00 100% _____________ ______________
  31. 31. Sites Description Sites Google Search Rediff Mail Gmail Youtube Twitter Blog Facebook And Other Prominent Sites All popular interactive & social sites
  32. 32. International Airport Metro/Railway stations DND Flyway Sites at Corporate Hubs And Other Prominent Sites Mix & Match of various sites to Announce Event/Celebrations.
  33. 33. Thank You