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Robert hansor lrqa e-idea-3 oct 11

  1. 1. Climate change & the killer app Jakarta, 5 October 2011New strategic risks• Globalisation provides opportunity for companies to find efficiencies and opportunities • Complex and fragile web of materials, production, and markets • Global transformation thats lifted millions out of poverty• Based on assumption of global stability – policy, security, access to markets• Based on assumption of infinite growth utilising finite resources• A changed climate challenges these assumptions.• Business recognising limits to this model • Disruption, scarcity, uncertainty à risk exposure • Appetite for new services, technologies, networks à opportunity 1
  2. 2. Companies need to transform; anything less is failure Resource 70% efficiency to improve by over 90% 50% Life Expectancy 80yrs 30% 10% 2050 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 -10% 80% reduction in CO2 emissions -30%Source: NEF Peter Drucker: “the best way The ‘new’ Dynamic to predict the future is to create it” Changing Rules & Societal Expectations • Policy • Regulations • Market Standards Changing Supply & Changing Awareness, Costs Values & Demands • Customers • Natural Resources • Stakeholders • Employees • Business Partners • Access to Capital Changing Competition & Technology • Product & Service Differentiation • Reputation & Brand • Business/Service Model Innovation 2
  3. 3. Examples of business value Resource Efficiency Product Innovation Investment: <$50k Annual savings: $153k Compressed Air ys ela c td oje pr w Ne Employee & Stakeholder Brand Differentiation EngagementBusiness is taking opportunities to harness... Citigroup – $100m a year from energy In 2005 Marks & Spencer launched a savings by turning off escalators, Strengthen marketing campaign ground-breaking Corporate Reputation switching of recruiting and retaining Ease off unnecessary lights, called ‘Look behind the label’ which redesign to include more natural lights informed customers of M&S’s long etc Provide new access to opinion commitment on social and environmental Enhance brand integrity issues. formers A Citigroup report said that the campaign contributed to the ongoing sales Enhance customer loyalty Deliver operational M&S brand recovery and would underpin efficiencies performance going forward GE’s Ecomagination has doubled its Whole Foods Group – the US company revenue targets from green products, from Generate innovative products based on providing natural and organic and Lower$20 billion between 2006 and 2010 $10 to risk profile foods is services fastest growing US one of the retailers and entered the Fortune 500 in Philips wants its Green Flagship products 2007 with sales of over $5.5 billons to be delivering 30% of its sales turnover Maintain/ Create four years to operate within the next licence Access to project financing 3
  4. 4. LRQA Business Assurance Sustainability Business wanting to be part of the solution; fearful of being left behind. Understanding and managing their footprint. value Validation/verification of projects, products, services, suppliers, operations Accountability Do good things if you can, but at least be transparent. CSR assurance Regulation Stop doing bad things. Compliance Management systems timeDemand for new ‘killer apps’• New networks, access to customers and capital, is lowering traditional market entry barriers• Sustainability dynamic is increasing the value of an ahead-of-the-curve insight and innovation• Enthusiasm for innovation and technologies that • Do more with less • Enable conservation • Enhance energy/water efficiency • Support moves to a carbon economy • Build in or enable recovery and re-use • Reduce costs and does not affect convenience of use 4
  5. 5. For more information, please contact:Robert HansorHead of Climate Change & CSR - AsiaT +86 (0) 10 5825 6801E robert.hansor@lrqa.comw are provided by LRQA and other members of the Lloyd’sRegister Group. For further information visit 5