E idea country presentation - china - only one reusable bag


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E idea country presentation - china - only one reusable bag

  1. 1. ‘ONLY ONE’ Reusable Shopping Bag Center ZHANG CHAO CHINA GuangDong University of Technology Digital Media Technology Group Members: Chao Zhang, Runhao Zheng, Lihua Su,Meimei Lin, Manling Zeng, Jiehao Ma, Xiaofen Peng, Haijian SuBackground‘The Ban On Free Plastic Bags Policy’In china, The production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags, 0.025 millimeters thick or thinner , will be banned, and retailers will be prohibited from providing customers with free plastic bags, January 1, 2008.
  2. 2. 出门忘带了,家里已经堆积如山 Oh! I forgot to bring it. Should I buy one or not ? 再买一个?买还是不买?…… But, there are so many shopping bags in my house!Sir, would you like to buy ashopping bag? people always forget to clean the reusable shopping bags in time, which give a chance to the bacterias to breed. In the end, They have to 扔掉算了 throw them away.
  3. 3. 1.2. The Objective of our project Try to support ‘The Ban on free plastic bags policy’.Introduction Project -Establish Reuse-Lease-Clean System - To make full use of our ‎resources. - people can use reusable shopping bags healthily. - Provide convenience for people’s green life. ‘Only One’ ——I only have one reusable bag! Stop misusing reusable shopping bags! Reusable Shopping Bag center Guangdong University of Technology 1.3. Project Implementation By setting supermarket checkouts and residentialIntroductionProject area as site centers, residents can gain qualification and use tokens to exchange their dirty bags for ones that have been cleaned. Supermarket site Customer Cleaning site receiving Recycle site Reusable Shopping Bag center Guangdong University of Technology
  4. 4. Go shopping without bringing any bags with you Use token to get clean reusable shopping bags in supermarket site Return the reusable shopping bags to nearby sites (residential area) and get token back. 2.1. Setting Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center as experimental area, then cooperatingShort-term with supermarkets which are located in the radiation area and establish distribution sites in Objectives the supermarket. 2.2. Cooperating with student unions, environmental protection organizations, volunteer organizations and etc. to establish recycle sites in dormitory areas. Reusable Shopping Bag center Guangdong University of Technology
  5. 5. 2.3. Invest about 7000 reusable shopping bags at preliminary stage and cleaning them onceShort-term every two weeks. With the improving of our operating system, we will enlarge the number Objectives of investment of reusable shopping bags. 2.4. Complete the design work of related reusable shopping bag center products. 2.5.Set up our own website of this project. With the help of university BBS platforms and those hot social network sites, spreading our ideas and attracting more students to join us.
  6. 6. Long-term We will Carry out our project in the other districts of Guangzhou, and eventually extend it Objectives to all around country successfully. Thank the British Council and LRQA, who provide us the opportunity to realize our concept of environmentalProject protection. We benefit a great deal in the project. Thank all those people who give us support and concern. Sentiment We hope that with our efforts, people will make full use of our ‎resources. And their green life will be more convenient and healthy after Restrictions on the use of Plastic Bags. We also hope that our ‘Only One’ concept can influence people, and more people will join us to contribute their efforts to our planet. Reusable Shopping Bag center Guangdong University of Technology
  7. 7. Thank you! ZHANG CHAOGuangdong University of Technology