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E idea profile participant-internal-final

  1. 1. Participants Profile E-Idea Regional Event & Training Jakarta and Ciawi, 1-6 October 2011The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.
  2. 2. AUSTRALIA1. Stephen Keith Mushin Stephen is a designer and illustrator based in Melbourne. For the last few years he has been working with CERES Environmental Park. As the ‘urban sprawl’ encroaches on farming land, the financial cost and embodied carbon emissions in fresh produce continue to rise. As a result, many people are looking to ways to grow food locally in urban areas. The Origami Farm is a collaboration project with CERES Environment Park that aims to help kick-start urban food production by empowering local communities to build small urban farms as inspiring ecological and social enterprises. Organization: CERES www.ceres.org.au2. Will Wansey Will Wansey is a Sydney based industrial designer. There are currently 35,000 decommissioned Australia Post ‘postie bikes’ in circulation. Many have broken down and are hiding in sheds. Will’s company, Chunk! Design are collecting these bikes, removing the petrol motor, adding an electric one and enabling people to customise them as they please. Perfect for inner city commuters, this idea is all about re-use and creating more sustainable transport options. Organization: Chunk! Design www.chunkdesign.com.au3. Michael O’Brien Michael O’Brien is a 25 year old Industrial Designer, who now works from Hobart, Tasmania. In 2010 he graduated from the University of Technology Sydney with a BA in Industrial Design and a BA in International Studies. Michaels design approach is largely influenced by his international experience, with several years spent living, studying and working in Barcelona, Mexico City, and Ciudad Del Este -Paraguay. As an industrial designer he believes in democratic design. “I consider that if necessity is the mother of invention, then designers should ideally design for needs, not wants". (Michael OBrien 2010).In 2010 he designed a Surgical Lamp for Developing Nations. Basically the design problem is that indeveloping nations, power outages or no access to an electrical grid means hospitals are left without lighting.Throughout rural Africa, kerosene lamps are often the only light source in a hospital. The design is a Low-cost, flat packed Surgical Light for developing nations. The design proved to have potential and in 2012 thissolar powered Surgical Lamp is scheduledShort message from Michael: I look forward to any form collaboration that may come from meeting andworking with other environmentally passionate people.4. Nerida Alice Lennon Nerida is a model who is working to educate and inspire the fashion industry to operate in a more sustainable way. She is the founder of The Whispering Threads, which aims to drive consumer awareness and demand for sustainable fashion, while supporting the industry to meet that demand by educating it about the opportunities and challenges to move to sustainability. Short message from Nerida Alice Lennon: I’m very excited for the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and hear of their impressive and innovative projects aiming to transition the world to sustainability. Page 2 of 17
  3. 3. CHINA1. Chen Li, Taking a Green Step – Bu San Bu Si Sock Doll After graduating from the Department of Arts, Hangzhou Normal College, I worked as a local radio music DJ. In 2007, I founded Bu San Bu Si, where I work as the brand doll designer and Director of Operations. Bu San Bu Si is a cutting edge design studio that has worked with corporate clients such as SWATCH, and also produced its own line of cute, handmade dolls that are sold in China and Western Europe. I like living with no restriction and everything that makes me smile.Short message from Chen Li: Our design is about "green" creation, it is based on the love for the pure dreamof childhood. Organisation: MECA Creative Toys Co., Ltd, Wenling2. Huang Ke, V-Roof (Vegetable Roof) My name is Huang Ke, and you can call me Rebecca also. I am from Shanghai, the most dynamical city in China. The project which we are working on called “V-Roof” (Vegetable Roof). I was major in pre-school education in Nanjing Normal University and got a B.A degree of Journalism in Suzhou University by self-study. So I used to be a teacher in kindergarten for over two years. Because of I feel really interested in design, then from 2004 to 2006,I studied Interior Design atDHC Lasalle International Design College in Shanghai. When I was a intern in NITA design company, whichwon the competition of 2010 Shanghai Expo centre Park in 2006, I worked as the assistant of the Chiefdesigner, and participated in the Expo Park design. From that time, I spent about three years working for the2010 Shanghai Expo site, especially for landscape design. So I am acutely a landscape architect. Severalmonths ago, I start V-Roof project with my partners in OUDG creative centre. Our slogan is “Green city,Better City” I’d like to share our idea with everyone.Short messages from Huang Ke: think all you guys must be concerned about the environment. I am veryhappy that we can meet together, and share different ideas.Organization: Orient United Design Group Shanghai VV Agriculture Develop Company3. Li Ting Ting, A Bu Recycled Fashions In the past three years, I have worked in the area related to social development, as well as social innovation and sustainability. I have been responsible for the practice research projects on green design, recycling and social enterprise such as “A bu Jean’s Family”. I also participate in the program on service-learning. We are particularly interested in how innovation can be applied to assist sustained social development in emerging new urban communities and remote ethnic minority regions in China as part of building a harmonious society. E-mail: ttlee19@gmail.com Organization: A Bu Jeans Page 3 of 17
  4. 4. 4. Wang Xuan, Tianjin Environmental Protection Music Festival I’m a journalist working for Tianjin Daily News Group Tientsin’s in China. China is a very friendly country. I’m a loyal volunteer of Tianjin Friends of Green. Tianjin Friends of Green is a non-government organization concentrating on disseminating environmental education for pupils and students. Few months ago, I proposed a plan about Tianjin Environment Music Festival handing on cultural and education section of the British Consulate General in the name of Tianjin Friends of Green to join the E- idea competition. Luckily, I got in to E-idea China top 6. This time have the opportunity to visit Jakarta and be part of a world-wide environmentaldiscussion. Thanks for the cultural and education section of the British Consulate General and LRQA givingme the opportunities to present my country to share environment experiences with other countriesrepresentativesShort messages from Wan Xuan: This is my first time visiting Indonesia. I’m rather excited and interested inthe country which I heard charming and such a wonderland for a long time. I’m eager to seeing Indonesiavert soon. Organization: Tianjin Daily News Group Tientsin’s in China5. Yu Jia, Re-Light My name is Yu Jia, graduated from RenMin University of China. I worked as an editor in the periodical office for more than ten years. My project is Re-light (To recycle the light box into the lamp shade). A brief about the project, according to data from the Beijing Public Transportation Advertising Co., Ltd., bus, subway and railway stations in Beijing annually dispose of more than two million ‘backlit film’ banners used in advertisements on bus shelters, kiosks and stands. These banners are typically made of PVC, a product whose manufacture and disposal posesubstantial environmental problems. In an effort to mitigate these hazards, we will collect used backlitadvertising film from bus and railway stations in Beijing, and collaborate with a professional design team torepurpose it into fashionable and strikingly-shaped lampshades and other products. Inspired by the Lego toyproduct, we will publish our designs online in an open-source model and invite members of the public toshare their creations on our site. We will host an exhibition of the most elegant of these ‘Re-Light’ products,and sell them online and in shops across China.Organization: Beijing Qingkongwanli Culture and Communication Center6. Zhang Chao, Only One Reusable Bag My name is Zhang Chao. I studied Industrial Design at Beijing Institute of Technology graduated in 2007, I have worked as a teacher at the Guangdong University of Technology, teaching Art & Design. My research interests include visual communication design, digital media technology. I am a hard working person. I believe that working hard can bring us more opportunities. It doesn’t matter that we succeed or fail. Someday when we look back, we will not regret the things we’ve made. I believe that if you try your best, everything can be done well.As a teacher, I always well prepared. I often organize my students to participate in various designcompetitions. I think the E-idea 2011 competition is the most meaningful one among them. Firstly because E-idea stimulates creative responses and encourages young people to be take more responsibility in protectingour planet. Secondly, thanks to the online training and the expert guidance provided by E-Idea, we havelearned a lot, such as leadership, management, etc. I feel so lucky that I can be part of it. I think this will bemy unforgettable experience in my whole life. And I will try all my best to complete our project.Organization: Guangdong University of Technology Page 4 of 17
  5. 5. INDONESIA1. Alfadho Kashroh, Text-Based Intelligent Industrial System as Implementation of Green IndustryConcept in Electric Energy Efficiency Efforts Having some experiences from several technology-based competition (Avian Influenza Information System and Bali Molecular Epidemiology Investigation Information System) I challenge my self to solve the electricity management problem using using readily available hardware and low-end mobile phones. With my other three teammates, from multiple scientific disciplines, particularly in engineering, we develop the control system of electrical devices, suitable for factories, manufacturing plants and manufactures. By sending the text message, we can turn on and off the electric system. Organization: Bandung Institute of Technology Short message from Alfado: Just do your best guys =)2. Anton Abdul Fatah, Rehabilitation of Agricultural Land Affected by Brick Industries usingLivestock and Agricultural Waste In 2011, Anton Abdul Fatah (26) pioneered Agro forestry to rehabilitate farmland damaged by the brick industry in Kampung Sindang Sari, Kab. Garut. Indonesia. Rampant real estate development in Bandung and its surroundings, has implications for the widespread appearance of the brick industry in Garut. Agro forestry is a planting pattern where intercropping legumes as a crop production to restore fertility and timber perennials Albasiah to become barriers of land erosion. Anton actively cares for the environment since junior high, with a start planting the riverbanks Samoja. Anton is the Winner of the National Writing Competition in the Field of Volcanology & Natural Disaster Mitigation and the winner of National Tax Debate Competition, is also active in providing training for Sindang Sari farmerscommunity especially in making compose by utilizing livestock waste that had been discarded and waste ricestraw that had been burned by farmers. Together with his brother, Anton is also active in providingentrepreneurial training for teens and youth in the Cilawu District, Garut, West Java.Short message from Anton: Welcome to Indonesia. Together we will make our world environment better witha small step that we do!3. Arief Nugroho, Utilizing Coconut Fibre Waste as a Revegetation Medium As a person I am concern with the community development and an outgoing person. Based on my experience in training the coconut farmers, I came up with idea of reuse the coconuts shells. I’m concern to community development. And through this idea, I’d like farmers to reuse the coconut shell wastes to prevent erosions in disused mining sites, thus improving income and the environment while at the same reducing waste. The coconut can be reproduced as coconut fibre and coconut netting as medium for grasses and trees to grow informer mining sites. I’m sure the future of this business as I already signed several contract to produce it.The contract was also mean I can increase a new job opportunity from 5 to 100. I’m pleased to work withcommunity as I learned and experience many things. Organization: Sabut Mandiri (Pusat PengolahanKelapa Terpadu)Short message from Arief: Welcome to Indonesia Page 5 of 17
  6. 6. 4. Gustinov Brilliant, Multipurpose Eco-Bike I am an ordinary person who lived in a village. I live in small a village called Tarudan Bangunharjo Sewon Bantul Yogyakarta which hit a big earth quake in 2006. By the time of the earthquake, I came up with the idea of making Eco Bike. The basic idea of Eco Bike is a cheap electric two-wheleler that is equipped with an emergency electricity generator. According to the design, it would come with a 1,000 watts 220 volt inverter that could function as the generator. The Eco Bike would not only be solution in emergency situation but also solution for many villages that is still lack of electricity access. Furthermore it would positively affect the many other socio-economic aspects of lives and open up business opportunities in sales, distribution, maintenance and modification of the Eco-BikeShort message from Gustinov: Lets create a solid fellowship to save our earth beginning from small thingsaround us. Do what we can do5. Nugroho Wiratama, Blue Heart Ocean Technology to Accelerate Coral Reef Growth I’m a student of Brawijaya University, Malang, majoring in Management of Water Resources in Fisheries and Marine Science Faculty. The Ocean Blue Heart project was one of result from my research. I’ve seen the fishermen in various small islets of Madura, practicing the traditional way to harvest the seaweed. If they still continue their practice, directly harvesting the seaweed from the sea, it will totally destroy the coral reef. By modifying existing transplantation model with the use of blue lights placed around the nursery and formed in the shape of a heart, I believe it will speed up the revitalization of ceoral reef. And a healthier coral reef will not only mean bigger harvest for the farmers and fishermen of Madura. It will also revitalize the potentials for eco- tourism and as research centre in Padike village, Ponju beach, and the TalangoSumenep islands. Organization: Research and English Departemen, FOKSI, Brawijaya University.Short message from Nugtoho: Care for the Environment and you care not only for yourself but for the entireUniverse6. Shana Fatima, Microfinance Services for Converting Natural Gas Vehicles in Cirebon City My name is Shana. I am 25 years old and live in Jakarta. I love movies, traveling, and playing music. Now I start up my company, Tinamitra Mandiri, a company with its vision to bring sustainable business practices in energy, food, and ecosystem development. Currently, our company work on converting up to 979 public transportation vehicles from gasoline to CNG in Cirebon City. This project aimed to reduce green house gas emission to the atmosphere. We all know that vehicles carbon monoxide caused the most GHG effect. By converting petrol engines to natural gas engines, each CNG vehicle can actually reduce its carbon monoxide emission around 70%-90%. Imagine a significant multiplier impact could be happened if more vehicles are converted. We believe that our project will be a catalyst of cleaner energy transformation intransportation field, especially in Indonesia. Hopefully, by doing business and doing good, we can finallyhave a happy and sustainable world for all. Organization: Tinamitra MandiriShort message from Shana: I would like to learn more about green business practices, especially those thatapplicable for Indonesia. It is an honor and pleasure to be here and to know you, and hopefully you havegreat time too. We can share and collaborate and see what we can do together regionally. Thank you andhave fun! Page 6 of 17
  7. 7. 7. Ahmed Tessario, Green Flame: Spiritus Gel Fuel Practical Solution to the catering as a prospectivebusiness My name is Ahmed Tessario, I was born in Palembang November 1988. Now, I’m post graduate student of ITS Surabaya and the founder of Green Flame, a heater food fuel for catering and hotel industry. Through my project, I’m providing additional income for local people who have small income. I have a dream to distribute my product to all city in Indonesia. I hope Green Flame become a solution of energy saving issue in this country. Organization: Joy- Fresh International Short message from Ahmed: I’m very glad to have an great experience with you all soon. I hope I can learn many things that will upgrade my knowledge and expand my network. See u there..8. Vanessa Letizia, The Plastic Bag Diet Campaign I am currently working at Greeneration Indonesia (GI), a social entreprise engaged in the environment that has a focus on products and programs as program assistant. I’m also pursuing my master degree in ITB, majoring in Biology Management. In GI, I’m assigned to hold a national campaign called “Plastic Bag Diet“ targeting in 15 big cities in Indonesia. The purpose of the campaign is to make the society aware about the environment issue, mainly how to deal with the waste especially the plastic bag waste. It also an effort to minimize the sewage produced by the community. Organization: Greeneration Indonesia Short Message from Vanessa: Hello, I hope we can share a lot of experiencesduring the training. Can’t wait to start the programme with all of you. Page 7 of 17
  8. 8. JAPAN1. Hiromi Morimoto, Tie for Change After a six-month community development experience in a Zimbabwean NGO as a university student at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, I decided to pursue a career in education and development. I worked as a teacher in Japan to gain more field experience and furthered my studies though a Diploma in International Development at the Institute of Developing Economics Advanced School and a MPhil in Politics and Education at University of Cambridge in the UK. Recognizing the importance of presentation skills and image management while working for UNESCO and UNICEF in Namibia, I studied international image consulting in 2008, and launched the Tie for Change project to promote positive communication and a more sustainable society. TFC aims to contribute to sustainability by creating an ecological, educational and empowering platform, where “looking better” can lead to “makingsociety better” by being more environmental friendly through the reuse of unwanted items. In the remaking ofthe ties, we provide employment opportunities to disadvantaged people in the society such as the homelessand single mothers. We are keen to expand this initiative to other country. Organization: TFCShort message from Hiromi: I am Hiromi, pronounced Hero-Me, the representative of Tie for Change and theonly female e-idea participants from Japan. I am very much honored to be a part of this program and excitedto see you all in Jakarta, getting to know you better, exchanging stories and ideas to inspire one another. Letus have a lot of fun together ;)2. Sitoshi Yanasigosi, Cyclus Born in Tokyo, Japan 1978, I have received several awards in my career as a sustainable designer and practitioner living in London. I studied at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, formerly known as the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, where I graduated with a First Class Honours in Product Design and Sustainable Future. During my educational career, I began work as a sustainable design practitioner with a number of sustainable design consultancies and sustainable organizations. My project, called Cyclus has been designed as a hand-held, portable power generator which utilizes practical and reliable technologies, combining epicyclical gears, an induction motor and a spring system. Cyclus is small enough to be takenanywhere and used in daily life. Users rotate the lower part of the Cyclus several times, and then the fullywound spring releases, providing constant rotational energy for up to 20 minutes. This energy can be used torecharge various types of hand-held digital gadgets without a negative impact on the environment.Organization: Studio Ross LovegroveShort messages from Satoshi: E-idea competition has been opened among multiple cultural and socialdeference. So this occasion has contained huge potential as a catalyst for empowering large scale socialcommunication frame work, I believe3. Taishi Azuma, Exploring Rice Fields through Segways After completing my graduate research at the University of Tokyo, I worked at a large food manufacturer working as a researcher. I then worked in an IT venture company where I was involved in launching new projects. After the company went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, I set up my own company, EcoBrand, in 2008. At EcoBrand, I worked as a consultant supporting companies to launch their environmental programmes. From 2011 I moved to Mimasaka City and have been involved in the regeneration of rice terraced fields and maintaining the "Satoyama" eco-system. Our project is aiming to use the drainage systems of the terraced rice fields to produce energy through the use of a micro hydroelectric generation system. Organization: EcoBrand. Co.,Ltd Page 8 of 17
  9. 9. Short messages from Taishi: Hi, nice to meet you everyone. Im Taishi “Brian” AZUMA, 34 years old. I wantto broaden my experience and knowledge with friendship. Im grad to get plugged-in to this internationalnetwork, and make a contribution to you. Thanks a lot, and lets make an ECO-JOYMENT LIFE !!4. Tatsunori Kikuchi, Horses and Humans Together After graduating from California State University, Hayward, where I majored in Environmental Studies, I worked for an environmental consulting firm as an environmental inspector in the United States of America. After my return to Japan, I worked at the NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting Inc. Later, as a researcher, I participated in the design and the coordination of a graduate course in Strategic Environmental Management and Sustainable Solutions (SEMSaT) at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University. Currently, I work as a consulting group manager at E-Square, Inc., an environmental and CSR consulting firm located in Tokyo.For our project we are using unused land at a horse riding club in Tomisato City, Chiba prefecture. Using thehorse manure from the riding club, we are developing a farming project which reduces dependency on fossilfuels and contributes to the conservation of local ecosystems. We are also looking to increase the food self-sufficiency ratio in our area and also to address the issue of unused farm land in communities. Organization:E-Square, incShort messages from Tatsunori: I’m looking forward to the opportunity to meet and become betteracquainted with social entrepreneurs from all of Asia!5. Takayuki Miyauchi, Energy Literacy Platform After working as a designer and a developer, I studied interaction design at Keio University Graduate School, where I started a business while I was studying there. My motivation was that I wanted to use the service design and development experiences I had cultivated through my work and research to make a product that would change the world, and to design a service that is truly based on the users experiences in life. The vision for our Energy Literacy Platform is to optimize energy consumption in households in Japan by providing a platform which will enable you to manage in a user-friendly way your household energy consumption. By creating a system to check real-time energy usage, we believe that we can encourage actions whichcontribute to saving energy in households. Users can learn more about the amount of electricity that they areconsuming every day in a more intuitive way, and so increase their home energy literacy as well as reducingelectricity usage. Organization: Sassor Inc.Short message for other participant: I am looking forward to getting inspiration from this workshop todevelop my project.6. Tsuneyuki Fujioka, Art School by FUNFAM After graduating from Chuo University in 2000, I joined Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in 2001. In 2007, I founded the green design firm, Brand Architecture, where I work alongside other key creative professionals based in Tokyo and overseas in pushing forward the international boundaries of green product design and art. In the course of my career, I have won several awards including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Good Design Award (2007) and the Kids Design Award (2008), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Traditional Crafts Award(2008), and we have also had our product selected for the New York’s Museum of Art and Design’s (MAD) Permanent Collection (2011).The "Art School workshop is an interactive program for children to make original bamboo plates throughtheir own designs in collaboration with the bamboo craftsman at FUNFAM. Through the workshop, we aim Page 9 of 17
  10. 10. to raise awareness of environmental issues among children and their families and an opportunity to learnmore about the super, eco-friendly material- bamboo. Organization: BRANDARCHITECTUREShort message from Tsuneyuki Fujiyoka: We at FUNFAM believe environmental issues will not be tackleduntil we examine our culture of mass production and mass disposal. Page 10 of 17
  11. 11. KOREA1. Park Suel, Innovative educational programme on Climate Change for children I am currently working on the first phase of the development of an eco-friendly playground in the Suwon area. Our eco-playground contributes to sustainable development and the reduction of carbon emissions by inspiring citizens to communicate more with the environment. It is important that children, who are leaders of the future generation, appreciate the environment as something that is important and interesting rather than something that is difficult and abstract. Therefore, we aim to develop awareness-raising activities based on games and play. In this way, children will engage easily in issues related to the environment. We also aim to help children from poor backgrounds to become leaders in the field of environment with an Environmental Leaders’ School. In other words, the eco friendly playground will contribute and invigorate discussions about the environment andbecome the basis from which we can encourage people to care more about the environment.Through our project, we’d like to provide an enjoyable meeting place meeting for our village and environmentactivities. The eco-friendly playground aims to foster an environment for communication. The eco-friendlyplayground is a model where the public can experience and learn about the environment through variousactivities related to the environment. Organization: The ButtonShort message: Let’s be FRIEND, shall we? :^)2. Lee Jeung Sae, Energizing Kerbside Bins I am currently studying Chemical and Biological engineering at Seoul National University, and I have also studied at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand as a exchange student. As a young entrepreneur, I have been in involved in various projects at such companies as the Cobalt Sky and Social Consulting Group. One of special experiences is an adventure. I love the challenge. I travelled China by sidecar and Japan by bike with 10 members. When I went to China and Japan for conducting project, there were many unimaginable incidentsfollowing one after another. By overcoming those risky and embarrassing situations, I could improve myability of solving those tangled matters. Not only that but also, I also learned to be patient when dealing withtasks. Now I am participating in making innovative trash bins. The strength of my project is that it can besustainable. When I worked in energy consulting company for launching UN CDM project, I was disappointedbecause many of activities for the environment were dependent for subsidies. However, with innovativemethod, this project aims to promote environmental sustainability and guarantee the sustainability of projectitself at the same time. That’s why I am working on this project. Organization: EcubelabsShort message from Lee Seung Jae: I always enjoy meeting passionate people that inspired me. I cannotwait for it.3. Yeom Jihong, Upcycling Project: The Wire Hanger Bookstand I studied business administration and Iranian at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. As a social entrepreneur, I am working as the CEO of Passion Design. I have been a speaker at international events such as the KDI International Conference on Social Enterprise, and the Ashoka Youth Venture Summit, and I have co-authored a book Homo Bookers (2009). The objective of the project is to raise awareness among the public that even simple objects such wire hangers, which can cause environmental pollution problems, can be re-evaluated and, using sustainable design approaches,can be re-created into new objects for daily use such as bookstands. For this project, we will cooperate withthe public, non-profit environmental organizations, and by connecting with different stakeholders help fulfilthe social responsibility strategy of our project. Organization: Passion DesignShort message from Yeom Ji Hong: I’m happy to be together with wonderful E-idea friends. Page 11 of 17
  12. 12. 4. Kim Jin Hwa, Rebirth Project Season 2: In-Vest for the Future After successfully working as a digital media project leader at DAUM, one of the nation’s largest internet portals, I became interested in fashion, especially in ethical fashion design, production, retailing, and purchasing. I was the CEO of Vandal, a Korean clothing manufacturer, and now I am the CEO of the social enterprise Orgdot group. We aim to pave the way for ethical fashion in Korea. Clothes protect people and can, through the suitability of their design function, improve people’sparticipation and enjoyment of daily activities. We will provide innovative apparel items, which are good bothfor the earth and for people, so that people can enjoy walking and riding bicycles in better conditions. Ourproject aims to play a meaningful role in making Korean society more eco-friendly. Organizationa:ORGDOT CorpShort message from Kim Jin Hwa: I expect you all to come up with ideas that make the world better!5. Sin Yi Seul, Green Agri-Venture Vision of our project is harmonious development between human being and nature by new technology. Through our project, wood will be used widely and third world peoples quality of life will be improved. Furthermore it will be the effective way(plan) to prevent(ease) global warming. I hope that E-idea competition becomes a chance to rediscover and raise the value of wood and the foothold to substitute for fossil fuel. Organization: Sungkyunkwan University Short message from Shin Yi Seul: I am very glad to meet people who have common interest in environment problem and sustainable development. I hope that E-idea competition becomes a worldwide chance to share the vision for better world.6. Hyosun Kang, Eco-habit Project for Students I am high school student who’s interested in sustainable & self-sufficient life. I’m a student Geumsan Gandhi free School, alternative school. I have been close to nature since childhood. It makes me have sensitivity of nature. As time goes on, I want to share this eco-friendly life with my friends. So I decided to arrange an enjoyable event about what we can do for earth. My project is about improving eco-friendly awareness and habit for youth. I start this project from my school, and it’ll extent to other schools. The one of important concept is FUN. I think if it’s not fun, it’s very hard to keep up. So I try to be fun & enjoyable. Organization: Geumsan Gandhi Free School Short message from Hyosun Kang: I am very glad to meet people who have common interest in environment problem and sustainable development. I hope that E-ideacompetition becomes a worldwide chance to share the vision for better world. Page 12 of 17
  13. 13. THAILAND1. Tidarat Toktaeng Chupraphatthasri I am from Kanchanaburi province in western of Thailand. Many people said to me that they want to visit Kanchaburi because of its beautiful forest, waterfall and the natural world heritage. “We have good forests” I heard but never realize till I went to Kroeng Kra Via Waterfall suddenly, Great Hornbill flew down to the ground and Barking Deer jumped and both of them stand pretty close to me. That story happened when I was young but its moment was very impress and be the turning point that makes me interest on forest, wildlife and other related topic, environment and climate issue.I selected to study on forest and bird after got bore with human from the conflict between farmers and pulpand paper factory on my first work. Finally, after finish my degree I realize again, if we want to protect forest,environment and our planet. We need to work with human.So, right now I work on the forest restoration and education to transfer technique on how to plant the forestto people. After work with NGOs for a while i think we need to sustain ourselves not only write proposal forfunding but find something and work on it which can support our work, our mind and our life at the same time.Organization: Rajchapruk Institute Foundation and Plant a tree today FoundationShort messages from Tidarat: I am very new to work on this topic but would like to know more on socialenterprise. Welcome for any suggestions. I’m very excited and looking forward to see everyone. See yousoon.2. Thanapon Srehthatputra Thanapon had an experience in running social entrepreneur incubation and seed funding programs called UnLtd Thailand and BANPU Champions for Change. In managing the project, Thanapon had to work with program participants and pro bono mentors in shaping the selected projects business model and strategy. Apart from business development and drawing marketing strategy, Thanapon also worked with FAO in several research projects, featuring renewable energy in Thailand. In addition, recently, Thanapon has also involved in developing community forest online portal for Southeast Asia region. The aim of the mentioned portal is to bridge the gap and encourage cross sector collaboration, such as community forest groups, businesses, academias, NGOs, and international organizations.Prior to joining ChangeFusion, Thanapon was a sales and marketing executive at SCG Trading which is atrading arm of SCG, the biggest business conglomerate in Thailand. At SCG Trading, Thanapon, togetherwith SCG Tradings international staff, was responsible for seeking new market opportunities and developingnew markets in Asia for home improvement products. Thanapon also has an experience in marketingcommunication and advertising industry with Chuo Senko, one of the leading Japanese advertising agenciesin Thailand. Organization: Change FusionShort messages from Thanapon Sreshthatputra: I am very excited to be here. And Id love to learn what youguys are doing out there as well! Page 13 of 17
  14. 14. 3. Sudarat Chomroong, Inducing Oxygen through the Antagonism of Trichoderma Species inMangrove Forests I am currently a senior student from the Faculty of Science at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, majoring in Biology. I was the university representative for the Innolab Pathway project in 2010, which is a competition for science students with excellent initiatives for social development. Our project is to use antagonistic fungus to create a tablet fertilizer, which can double the growth and the resistance rate of mangroves and plants. Thanks to this tablet fertilizer, trees can grow more rapidly and so prolong the life of the mangroves, which have an important role in reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The pilot area for our project is in the central province of Samutsakorn. Organization: Faculty of Science, Rajamangala University of Technology ThanyaburiShort messages from Sudarat Chomroong: Thank you E-idea project for allowing us to meet with wonderfuleco-entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific.4. Kran Kantachote, Creative Heater (Gasifier) for Strawboard Production Line I am Kran Kantachote, the technical consultant for Kokoboard Co., Ltd. I am professional in engineer, wood product, product design and so on. I cordially support to Kokoboard as they are truly a social enterprise which benefit to not only grass root but also environmentally and users. We are currently producing more than five types of particle boards made from diverse agricultural by-products such as rice straw, sunflower seeds, rice husks and coconut dust. However, our electricity to run the heavy hot-plate machinery in the production process still depends on the grid system, which produces carbon dioxide. Therefore, our goal in this project is to develop a technology that will allow the production line to be automated by clean energy and technology so thatour product will be truly green. The idea is to produce bio-gas from the strawboard chips and leftovers tofuel the heater (gasifier) for board production. We require a 60 x 60cm model gasifier heater for a cleanerproduction line. The use of the gasifier will lower the cost of investment by reducing our dependence on theelectricity grid, and also reduce our carbon footprint. Organization: Kokoboard Co, LtdShort messages from Kran Kantachote: I have experience in many industrial sectors, and see a lot of changein bad and good ways. I’d like to experience about the youngster idea if you have any creative which I neversee before. It would be my good time to see what you are going to do and see how the world would be inyour generation.5. Khwankhao Sinhaseni, Social Enterprise “Keaw Suay Homm Organic Fertilizer” My name is Khwankhao Sinhaseni (Kimmim), and my study background is B.S. and M.S. of Biology, forest ecology/forest restoration, Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. I have been a field researcher and education officer of the Forest Restoration Research Unit, Chiang Mai University. Chiang Mai is a significant tourism centre and the second biggest city of Thailand. However, smog caused by organic waste burning is an important problem, leading to health and economic problems. Chiang Mai municipality is responsible for the waste management process, and their survey showed that organic waste makes up 40% of the total waste collected. Our concept is to transform organic waste into compost fertilizer through the use of an air filter system. The waste will be collected by the Chiang Mai municipality from households, and private companies will support the fertilizer production andan education centre in the city. We aim to set up a social enterprise “Keaw Suay Homm” to provide incomesupport for current and future activities, so that the Chiang Mai Green City Project can be self-sustaining.Organization: FORRU-Chiang Mai University, and Chiang Mai Green city project Page 14 of 17
  15. 15. Short messanges from Kimmin: “Life= Infinite learning, Learning + Action = Value”. Hope sharing motivation,knowledge and friendship J6. Jantima Pipitsoontorn, Waste Separation and Biowaste Recycling I graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a BSc in Biochemistry. During my time as a student, I was involved in many activities including the role of Chairperson of the Border Patrol Police School Development project in the province of Kanchanaburi as well as the Regional Young Thai Science Ambassador in 2007, a British Council and the National Science Musuem programme in Thailand. After graduated I had a chance spending a few days in Pai, a famous attraction of Thailand,with a villager that I had learnt about waste problem due to the expanding of the city that turned out people lifestyles into more waste production than previous. Presently, this problem seems to be a common problem to many attractions, but why cant we deal with this common problem? Luckily, I also traveled to other areas that following royal thought about sufficiency economy for sustainable development so, theyhave inspired me of doing this project.The project consists of three main activities: the promotion of waste separation via the operation of trashbanks and presenting awards to members who care about environmental issues; the promotion of garbageseparation on commercial streets by creating unique trash tanks featuring the designs and paintings ofyoung Pai volunteer artists, which will strengthen community ownership of the tanks and promote the wasteseparation policy to tourists and members of the community; and the promotion of the use of biowaste andcreation of revenue opportunities by establishing the Learning Centre of Biowaste Recycling. Organization:Green AdobeShort messages from Jantima Pipitsoontorn: I always believe Duguet quote that the smallest good deed isbetter that the grandest good intention. Page 15 of 17
  16. 16. VIETNAM1. Nguyen Van Quy, Vertical Gardens After graduating from Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry in 2003, I was offered to do the teaching and scientific research in the University. This is a favourable environment for the implementation of my researches. In 2004, I was offered a scholarship to Thailand four months for studying. This is the first time I have been experienced the high agriculture technology in the foreign country. After coming back home, I focused on the research of planting trees in big cities which is the so-called ‘agriculture urbanization”. In my opinion, it is a solution to the problem of food security and environmental protection. Currently, I am studying PhD program in Thailand in order to enhance myknowledge and the quality of my future researches. My goal is helping every citizen in the city have avegetable garden on the terrace, in addition to helping people build vegetable farms on the sandy, desert,wetlands, and the island, thereby helping them to build livelihoods to cope with global climate change.Organization: Agronomy Faculty, College of Agriculture and Forestry, Hue University, Hue CityShort message from Nguyen Van Quy: It’s time for us to come together, to make a small contribution toprotect our living environment2. Vu Tu Nam, Excavatus (b. 1991) I am currently studying International Commerce at National Economic University in Hanoi. I am a friendly, active person, with some special hobby like cooking, origami, poetry. I also enjoy sports such as football, chess I am interested in business and stock market. I had some small business plan when I was in high school and wish I could run my own business in the future. After joining the SIFE-National Economic (a non-governmental organizations in the community), with a desire to help farmers to create a sustainable society, my friends and I pursued environment projects to bringhigh economic efficiency. Through helpful activities, we not only bring benefits to society but also learned agreat deal of knowledge and skill to improve myself and create the basis for future development. Our projectwill provide famers with techniques and models to develop a cow manure treatment system that combinesscientific, environmental and economic elements. This project, thus, will tackle not only environmentalproblems- pollution resulting from cattle breeding businesses- but also social and economic issues bycreating employment and family income opportunities. Organization: Sife Team of National EconomicUniversity Hanoi, Viet NamShort message from Vut Tu Nam: We are all young and we can do things with our passion. Let burn up yourdream and try your best to create a green social.3. Nguyen Ngo Anh, Green Health In 2007, I graduated from Environment Sciences Faculty of Hanoi University of sciences. After that I have worked for Institute for Water and Environment which is under Academy for Water Resouces of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Working for the institute brought me chances to approach and implement projects on environment assessment and other researches. I also have time to join and finish my master course in new energy and environment at the same university in 2010. Our project will utilize the energy generated by gym activities to provide energy for the pumping of water in the water treatment system. The pump is connected to the gym machines and when the gym machines are operated, lake water will be pumped into the water treatment system. Organization: Institute and Environment – Ministry ofAgriculture Rural and DevelopmentShort message from Nguyen Nguc Anh: Let’s do exercises with us to have green health Page 16 of 17
  17. 17. 4. Pham Nhu Trang, Organic Agriculture Forum (b. 1986) My nick name is "small tiger". I studied at Hanoi University of Agriculture. During my study, I joined 2 project about plant breeding. After graduated from university, I studied Azolla Microphylla and Vermicompost and began care about organic agriculture and sustainable agriculture. Currently, I am working at Centre for Organic Agriculture Promotion and Studies. Our project activities include: the creation of a forum to disseminate information about organic agriculture; the provision of practical trainingworkshops and extra-curricular activities for students at the Hanoi University of Agriculture to equip them withknowledge of organic agriculture; and the creation of networking activities to bring farmers closer toconsumers who are interested in green products. Organization: Organic agriculture promotion and studies(COAPS)Short message from Pham Nhu Trang: Join organic agriculture forum for your health and developmentsustainable agriculture.5. Nguyen Hung dang Khoa, Recycling Garbage in School to Green our Buildings My name is Khoa. I am 20 years old. I come from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I am studying urban engineering year 3 at university of architecture of Ho Chi Minh city. I like science, photography, hi-tech gadget, travelling and swimming. My viewpoint about life is “impossible is nothing”. I used to be very passive and rarely attend any competition. I figured out that I always lack experiences, skills and also motivation. Therefore, I decided to join Sciencetific Research Club at my university and my life turned at a milestone. Coming to this competition, I hope that I can give a hand to improve our environment. It may be a small action, but the effect is big. To be in place of top 6 presenting for Vietnam, it is my great honour and I have learned a lot of things, which is very significant to me. Thank you E-idea, I’ll give my best shot. Short message from Nguyen Hung Dang Khoa: First of all, I long to see all youguys at Jakarta. I hope we can have a good time and unforgettable memories. Moreover, throughout E-ideacompetition, I believe together, we can make the world better. Page 17 of 17