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General electric company 2


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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General electric company 2

  1. 1. General Electric Company Today’s Challenge,Tomorrow’s Markets
  3. 3. Founder of General Electric: Thomas Alva Edison1876: Creation of the first industrial researchlaboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey1878: Foundation of the Edison ElectricLight Company1879: Invention of the first electric light bulb
  4. 4. •CEO: Jeffrey R. Immelt •EXECUTIVE LEADERS : FerdinandBacilli, Charlene Begley, Kathryn Cassidy, Beth Comstock, Pamela Daley •BOARD OF DIRECTORS : JamesMulvane, Claudio Gonzalez, Robert Jane, AndreaJung, Susanne Hockfeild, Sam Nunn, Alan Lafley, Ann Fudge, Ralph Larsen, William Castell, Roger Panske.
  5. 5. Innovative technologies…nowRevenues ($B) 25 Carbon 20% CAGR 17 14 12 10 Energy Efficiency … 05 06 07 08 ’10 goal • 80 certified products • company-wide Water solutions
  6. 6. Innovative technologies…tomorrow Hybrid evo Wind $1.5B by 2010 doubling our 2005 investment Solar OLEDs Advanced Desalination Carbon Capture GEnx Zero Liquid Energy Storage Discharge Turbine Efficiency
  7. 7. Products and services Appliances Consumer products Aviation Electrical distribution Energy Oil and gas Rail Water Software and services
  8. 8. Business UnitBusiness Unit Strategic intent Strategic intentInfrastructure Continue global dominance Leverage knowledge and Marketing GE Money capabilitiesHealth Care Growing needs = high returns NBC Capitalize on easy PR exposure Development of high quality, Industrial demanded goods Financial Expert diversification leader $
  9. 9. “Core Competency Maximization “Core Competency Maximization = Sustained Competitive Advantage“ = Sustained Competitive Advantage“•• Capitalizeon opportunities Capitalize on opportunities •• Monitor environment Monitor environment•• Careerleadership Career leadership •• Quality programs Quality programs•• Maximizeproductivity Maximize productivity •• Financial expertise Financial expertise•• R& D R &D •• Focus on future Focus on future•• Technology Technology •• Communications Communications
  10. 10. A sustainable businessstrategy INVEST Profit GROW $1.5B in R&D Technology Revenue to $25B GEnx jet PV solar Use 20% more fuel Iberinco – engine panels efficient 10MW carbon- free electricity Caceres, Save REDUCE Spain GHG/H2O Impact lower emissions solar at GE HQ from jet test rig
  11. 11. Global Roundtable On Climate Change Steve Fludder February 27, 2009
  12. 12. 1. Grow revenues to $25B by 20102. Double R&D to $1.5B3. Reduce GHG 1% absolute by 20124. Reduce water 20% absolute5. Inform & Engage public… ongoing Transparency
  13. 13. We Can Meet the ChallengeImagine healthcare as a ‘continuous’ process supporting early healthImagine consumers and clinicians always being ‘connected’ and able to access the clinical record and workflow applicationsImagine devices that improve your clinical workflow and seamlessly integrated into your personal devices to support technology convergence and evolution