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Family Readiness Group                         Delaware Company 1/501BNSeptember/October 2011                             ...
September 2011 CAC Notes673D JBER Safety Office Heighten your awareness for pedestrians, animals    and hunters with incr...
Calendar HighlightsHousing Privatization / Nameplates/ Snowremoval                                             September ...
2011Pirate Pub Crawl Downtown               CALENDAR                                    Ahoy! Join us for the Pirate Pub C...
Pre-Deployment Family Readiness ChecklistFinances[ ] Will your bank accept your power of attorney to conduct busi-        ...
Training Opportunities                    Want to take FRG classes,                     but can’t make a class?           ...
DELAWAREDelaware FRG Contacts                             FRGFRG Email :                    ...
Fre                                                                                e                                      ...
Frg news sept-oct_2011
Frg news sept-oct_2011
Frg news sept-oct_2011
Frg news sept-oct_2011
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Frg news sept-oct_2011


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Newsletter for Sept.2011

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Frg news sept-oct_2011

  1. 1. Family Readiness Group Delaware Company 1/501BNSeptember/October 2011 VOL. 1 ISSUE 2 Dear Delaware Family & Friends, First we would like to say Thank You to the families for your support while we were down in Fort Polk, Louisiana. The month went by without any is- sues for the Company. Early on at JRTC there was an issue that occurred in the BDE that reinforced why contact information is so important. The guy was unable to call his family, and the only way his family was informed was because of the proper information he provided during DCS. I am glad that he provided the correct DCS information; however, the information that he provided to the FRG should have been correct and constantly updated if any changes occurred. Either way, the family was informed and notification went well. While we were at JRTC there were only one or two days where the tem- perature was not 103 degrees and 100% humidity. Your Paratrooper worked very hard and succeeded in defeating the OPFOR. The OPFOR guys that I ran across constantly said our guys were the best they have seen in a few years. I am not bragging on the guys, well maybe a little bit, but they are well trained and ready to deploy. 1SG Hahn and I are assured that the guys will be safe, defeat our enemy, accomplish the mission, and do so honorably."Then summer Now the guys have worked very hard and proven their level of training, it is time to maintain proficiency in our skills, but more importantly spend timefades and passes with families and relax a bit. Because physical fitness is such an importantand October thing to maintain, we will still be conducting PT at normal hours. It is ourcomes. Well smell policy to train to standard but to release the guys from PT in time for them to bring children to school and spend time with family. Our first call from PTsmoke then, and will be 0930 and we will release no later than 1700. There will be a few ex-feel an unexpected ceptions to this schedule, such as the Snow Hawk Valley shoot. These ex- ceptions will be minimized as best as possible. To minimize the deviation insharpness, a thrill this time schedule, I will have to be briefed by Platoons if they need to goof nervousness, past 1700, and then I will have to brief the Battalion Commander.swift elation, Again, thank you for your support and please enjoy the time we have be-a sense of sadness fore deployment.and departure." Very Respectfully- Thomas Wolfe Anthony Dovie CDR, D Co 1/501 IN
  2. 2. September 2011 CAC Notes673D JBER Safety Office Heighten your awareness for pedestrians, animals and hunters with increasing hours of darkness. 15 September—Studded tires are authorized in city Or stop by ACAP in Building 600 Rm A-24 or A-28 & JBER. Be prepared for Black Ice. 15 October or sooner—Motorcycle operators; antici- BOSS - Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers pate road condition change from Green to Amber due SGT Kacillas , to ambient temp. Road condition Green only for op- 384-9023, 952-9570, eration on JBER. For update contact info 907.552.INFO (4636) Upcoming EventsNotification procedures  Sept. 25th Rock Climbing (AK Rock GYM) Mission Support Group CDR will set road condition  Oct. 8th Murder Mystery (Arctic Chill) level: Green, Amber, Red or Black  Oct. 14th Pumpkin Carving (Kashim Gym) Installation Commander will make decision on:  Oct. 28– 29th Two Days of Halloween (Arctic Chill) Delayed Reporting (by 0500) Closure / Mission Essential Reporting (by 0500) The Army Deployment Cards - Army Deployment Pack- Early / stagger release ageMethods of Notification JBER Web page :  Family Members of deployed Soldiers (1 Card per Straight Talk line: 907-552-INFO/4636 family) JBER Twitter : Local News & Media  Force Support Services Available at JBER at no Unit Telephone Pyramid Notification charge to the customer  Deployment cards are Signed & NumberedTroop Medical Clinic (Flu Shoots)  Valid 30 days before deployment to 60 days after the Once Units are at 75% then they will start issuing to Soldier returns. family members. Deployment cards are available now and are issued out by BN FRSA. Michelle Kimball 384-0708. Commissary Case Lot Sale Education on Benefits to a Healthy Weight Buckner Physical Fitness Center Sign up 384-1305 or HWAC 552-2361 September 16-18 Weight Loss Nutrition Workshop List of items available at  Oct. 5th, Nov. 2nd, Dec. 7th Performance Nutrition Workshop  Oct. 19th, Nov. 16th, Dec. 21Hiring Heroes & their Spouses Career Fair Classes will be held at Dyea Ski Hut on JB Richardson100 Employers with Jobs (Dyea st.) Wednesday Nov. 2nd Lunchtime workshop atarts at 1145-123010 am—3 pmUniversity Center3801 Old Seward Hwy , Anchorage AKMore info call 907-384-3501 Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Albert Camus
  3. 3. Calendar HighlightsHousing Privatization / Nameplates/ Snowremoval September Town Hall—Birch Hill Sept. 20th  Sept. 15—Oct. 15th National Hispanic—American Heritage Month Snow Removal  Sept. 27th 0900-1230 Finances & Fundraising Train-Three separate elements removing snow: ingAurora Housing Neighborhoods OctoberIn-House, Housing main through streets  Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence AwarenessBase Ops Contractor, Cantonment area & MonthRanges For issues contact 773d Customer Service  Oct. 1st Elmendorf Arctic Bazaar , Hanger #20 @ 384-3664 /3620. If it is housing 9am-5pm neighborhood specific contact Aurora main- tenance @ 753-1091  Oct. 4th Key Caller Training 0900-1230 Housing Neighborhood Top Priorities: Resi-  Oct. 7th Columbus Day dents with disabilities; Major intersections; areas prioritized by key and essential per-  Oct. 12th CAC , 0930-1030, building #7, JBER sonnel Ed Center Non– Housing Top Priorities : Post Access,  Oct. 26th-27th Anchorage School District Parent School Zones, Child Care , Running Routes, Teacher Conference Days bus routes  Oct. 31st Halloween—Trick or Treat hours onTypically it takes 72 hours after an event (3” or post 6-8pmgreater accumulation) to clear snow
  4. 4. 2011Pirate Pub Crawl Downtown CALENDAR Ahoy! Join us for the Pirate Pub Crawl on Saturday, September 17, 2011 starting at 7:00pm! Enjoy live music, piratical games, Battalion, Company & Local Events costumes, entertainment and prizes! Each participating pub will have different piratical activities! Don’t forget yer eye patch andFort Richardson Spouses Club—September 15th peg leg!6:30pm– 8:30 pm @ Building 56th. All are welcome.Annual fee is $20 more information check out the face- This event is FREE fer all you 21+ Pirates. Dress up in yer bestbook fanpage @!/pages/ Pirate garb and voyage through downtown Anchorage with yerRichardson-Spouses-Club/146825218728460?sk=info treasure map. Get yer map stamped at ALL LOCATIONS and be entered to win the grand prize booty of 80,000 airline miles! Enjoy live music, piratical games, costumes, entertainment and prizes! Each participating pub will have different piratical activi- ties! Don’t forget yer eye patch and peg leg! Ongoing Events Sing-a-long at the Zoo Jan 4, 2011 - Jan 2, 2012, 10:30 a.m. Mondays, The Alaska Zoo Storytime at the Zoo Jan 6, 2011 - Jan 4, 2012 , 10:30 a.m. Wednesdays The Alaska Zoo Scared Scriptless Improv Jan 8, 2011 - Dec 17, 2011 , 8 p.m. second and fourth Saturdays , Snow Goose Theater Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age Mar 4, 2011 - Oct 9, 2011 , 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. An- chorage Museum South Anchorage Farmers Market - Old Seward location May 7, 2011 - Oct 1, 2011 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Saturdays , Subway Sports Centre, OMalley and Old SewardPRE DEPLOYMENT BREIFINGS—Oct 11th &12th @ 6pm in the Richardson Theater. Please mark Anchorage Farmers Market May 7, 2011 - Octyour calendars! This is one of the most important brief- 15, 2011 , 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Saturdays, 15th anding for all Spouses. Childcare will be available and the CordovaAgenda will be posted soon. Anchorage Market & Festival May 14, 2011 -Battalion 1st /501st BALL– Oct. 15th Details are tocome soon. Dress is formal. Sep 11, 2011 , Sat. - Sun. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Third Avenue & E Street Parking Lot
  5. 5. Pre-Deployment Family Readiness ChecklistFinances[ ] Will your bank accept your power of attorney to conduct busi- Houseness on a joint account? [ ] Do you have a duplicate set of keys for the house?[ ] Do you have access to the account where the soldier’s direct [ ] Do you have a financial plan for emergency repairs?deposit is made? If not, is there an allotment/ automatic transfer set [ ] Do you have a trusted maintenance person to conduct home re-up into your account to cover monthly expenses? pairs?[ ] Do you have a plan for how the deployed soldier will access [ ] Do you have home/renters insurance? If so, where is it, and howfunds while deployed, and how he/she will communicate those can you contact the company?transactions to you? [ ] Do you know how to cut off the water, electricity, and gas lines in[ ] Do you know how to balance the checkbook? case of emergency?[ ] Do you have enough checks? Do you know how to order more [ ] Do you know where the breaker box is located and how to resetchecks? breakers?[ ] Do you know the bank name, address, phone, and account [ ] Do you know where the home mortgage papers are located?numbers of your bank and investment accounts? Do you have legal [ ] Do you have a copy of the lease agreement? Will it run out whileauthority to conduct transactions on all accounts? the soldier is deployed?[ ] Do you have a list of all your credit cards, and can you physi-cally account for every card? Car[ ] Do you know who to contact if an allotment or bank transfer [ ] Do you have a duplicate set of keys for the cars?does not arrive in your account? [ ] Do you have a financial plan for emergency repairs?[ ] Do you have a list of recurring bills, credit card balances, and [ ] Do you know a trusted mechanic for car maintenance and repairs?due dates each month? [ ] Do you know when to change the oil and make the next sched-[ ] Do you know how the deployment will affect the soldier’s uled maintenance check?paycheck (increase or decrease)? [ ] Are the registration and proof of insurance papers physically[ ] Do you know the location of federal and state tax returns for located in each vehicle?the last four years? [ ] Where is the car insurance policy located, and do you know how[ ] Do you know where any titles or deeds for real estate or auto- to file a claim?mobiles are located? OtherFamily Documents [ ] If you are on the housing list, does housing have a phone number[ ] Do you know the location of each family member’s birth cer- where you can be contacted?tificate? Your marriage certificate? [ ] Do you have a pet care plan if you need to leave your home dur-[ ] Do you know the location of any adoption papers, divorce ing your spouse’s deployment?decrees, custody papers, or court orders? [ ] Do you know the phone numbers for Army Community Services,[ ] Do you know the location of citizenship records if any family Red Cross, and Family Advocacy?member was born outside the U.S.? [ ] Do you have the emergency phone numbers posted near a tele-[ ] Where are the life insurance policies kept? phone?[ ] Do all the children of age 10 or older have ID cards? Will they [ ] Do you have a fire escape plan, and have you rehearsed it withoutexpire while the soldier is deployed? Are all the children in the help of the deploying soldier?DEERS? [ ] Do the childrens’ teachers know that the soldier is deploying so[ ] Do you know the location of the TRICARE cards for all de- that they can better understand the moods and behavior changes inpendents? the children?[ ] Do you have a list of reputable babysitters and child care pro- [ ] Do you know theviders? phone numbers for the[ ] Do you know the location of immunization records for all unit’s rear detachmentfamily members? Commander and NCO in charge, and the rear de-Legal tachment chaplain?[ ] Do you have general power of attorney? If it is a limited, does for all family members?it cover all the areas in which you may be required to act on yourspouse’s behalf? Where is it located?[ ] Do you have a will? Does your spouse have a will? Is your willup-to-date and accurately reflect your desires for guardianship ofminor children? Do you know where they are located?
  6. 6. Training Opportunities Want to take FRG classes, but can’t make a class? Check out  Click on family programs and Services  Glide down tool bar to eLearning Center  Click on online courses Courses provided are the following: Don’t forget to print of your certificate of completion!
  7. 7. 907-440-4117
  8. 8. DELAWAREDelaware FRG Contacts FRGFRG Email : BOWLING PARTY FRG Contacts FRG Leader — Andrea Young THURSDAY, 253.297.4194 OCTOBER 26TH FRG Co-Leader — Teri Hahn 5:00PM—9:00PM 706.587.4186 FRG Treasurer — Abby Warner POLAR BOWL 7176 FIGHTER DR FRG Secretary — Carol Sluser 904.881.0655 ELMENDORF FRG Key Callers By platoon WE LOOK FORWARD HQ PLT /Dco — Jill Riley TO SEEING YOU ALL 1st PLT /Dco — Deidra Burns THERE! 2nd PLT /Dco — Katherine Griffith 3rd PLT /Dco—Nicole Collins 706.761.8664 4th PLT /Dco— Andrea Young 253.297.4194 3rd PLT/ Bco– Laura Forrest 907.720.2742
  9. 9. Fre e On Mil ita One ry Sou r .com ce Helpful WebsitesMilitary Customer Gifts from the Army Wounded Warrior Quilts for injured or fallen Free stufffor deployed Tragedy Assistance National Mental Tricare FREE @ Military onesourceChildren Teendeployment classes scholarship school DoD website for children in transi-tionMilitary ArmyFamilies Virtual general military knowledge andinfo and Military Spouse Career Family info, links to AFTB, National Military Family Assoc.Check us our on Facebook: Family Support– Delaware CompanyEmail : # 253-297-4194