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Echo Co. December Newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 3December 2011
  2. 2. LONEWOLF  EXPRESS   COMMANDERS  CORNER  LONEWOLF  FAMILY  AND  FRIENDS  Greetings  and  salutation  from   craft,  issuing  over  700,000  gallons   Simmons  and  all  of  their  fami-­the  Lonewolves!  Upon  the  com-­ of  fuel,  and  issuing  thousands  of   lies  to  the  Lonewolves.  Addi-­pletion  of  a  third  of  the  deploy-­ short  tons  of  ammunition.  Mainte-­ tionally,  I  would  like  to  welcome  ment,  we  along  with  the  rest  of   nance  Platoon  has  been  conduct-­ the  newest  Lonewolf  babies:   Kolsyn  Almendariz,  the  son  of  Task  Force  Wolfpack  are  doing   ing  scheduled  and  unscheduled   maintenance  on  over  65  vehicles   Kellie  and  SPC  Gahman,  and   and  providing  FOB  security,  en-­ Destiny  Marie  Knox,  the  daugh-­morale  remains  high  as  we   suring  a  safe  and  secure  work  en-­ ter  of  Christiane  and  SGT   vironment.  As  a  team  we  have  un-­ Knox.  Welcome  to  the  world!    ing  out,  taking  college  courses   As  I  relinquish  command  after  to  further  our  educations,  and   18  months,  I  would  like  to  thank  sharing  stories  with  one  an-­ all  of  the  Lonewolves  and  their   families  for  their  steadfast  loy-­other;;  building  the  esprit-­de-­ alty  and  dedication.  The  suc-­corps  within  the  company.       cesses  we  have  been  fortunate  to  The  winter  is  officially  here.   experience  are  a  direct  result  of  We  are  starting  to  see  the  tem-­ the  extraordinary  effects  of  our  perature  plummet  in  the  first   outstanding  Troopers  and  lead-­days  of  December.  The  highs   relentingly  stayed  focus  on  the   ers.    To  my  FRG  team,  you  are  around  72  degrees  and  the   mission  in  support  of  full  spec-­ truly  understand  that  the  low  is  a  wintry  33  degrees   strength  of  the  Nation  is  our   trum  aviation  operations  in  order   Army;;  the  strength  of  our  Army  Fahrenheit.    The  snow  has  be-­ to  expand  stability  and  security,   is  our  Soldiers;;  the  strength  of  gun  to  pileup  on  the  mountain   neutralize  insurgent  forces,  and   our  Soldiers  is  our  Families.  I  peaks  and  the  frost  is  coming   assist  International  Security  Assis-­ salute  you  all  and  wish  you  the     tance  Force  in  supporting  the   best  as  you  continue  on  with   Government  of  the  Islamic  Repub-­The  Troopers  are  continuously   lic  of  Afghanistan.           your  rendezvous  with  destiny.    staying  busy.  Headquarters   Merry  Christmas  and  Happy  Platoon  has  been  completing   I  would  like  to  hail  PV2  Jeremy   New  Year!  administrative  actions  and  re-­ Phynon  (92L  Petroleum  Labora-­ceiving/distributing  the  wealth   tory  Specialist),  SGT  Heather  Gib-­ Airborne,  All  the  Way!      of  mail  during  the  holiday  sea-­ son,  SSG  Eric  Decker,  PV2   CPT  Scovell  son.  From  the  start,  our  Distri-­ Andrace  Jones  (89B  Ammunition  bution  Platoon  has  been  setting   Specialist),  and  the  incoming  com-­ Lonewolf  06        records  by  refueling  3,000  air-­ pany  commander,  CPT  Michael  
  3. 3. As the holiday quickly approaches; the Soldiers ofHeadquarters platoon have been hard at work withcompleting missions; and shopping online for lovedones holiday gifts. Also, secretly shopping for ourexchange our gifts on 24 DEC. Headquarters Pla-toon would like to welcome 1LT Roberts as ournew XO. We would also like to welcome SGT Ev-ans back to the Lonewolves in replacement of SSGReid. SGT Evans and SGT Roberts of the DFAChave successfully completed Safe Serve training; atwo week class normally done in Advance Leader-ship Course they completed in just four days andpassed. SSG Tann and SPC (P) Morgan have beenhard at work closing out inventories for the up-coming change of command. We would like tocongratulate PFC Boone on his successful comple-tion of the Battle Drill #4, Evacuated Casualty In-voice Training. SPC Whetstone has been hard atwork on completing R&R packets to ensure all ofEcho Company Soldiers arrive home for leave ontime. Headquarters Platoon would like wish SSGTann 17 DEC, SGT Roberts 25 DEC and 1SG Ed-wards 28 DEC. a very Happy Birthday. Headquar-ters Platoon would like to say Happy Holidays andHappy New Year to our loved ones at home.          
  4. 4. This  December  in  3/5  Platoon  has  been  a  month  of  change  and  Christmas  Cheer!  The  platoon  has  been  very  spir-­ited  putting  up  Christmas  decorations  everywhere:  Lights,  stockings,  streamers  and  all  other  kinds  of  decorations  have  been  hung  all  over  the  FARP  and  AHA.  Soldiers  have  been  thinking  of  gifts  to  send  home  as  well  as  preparing  for  the  Secret  Santa  gift  exchange  in  our  company.  As  the  days  and  nights  start  to  get  a  little  colder  each  day,  it  has  brought  each  Soldier  into  the  Christmas  spirit.   With  the  New  Year  around  the  corner,  change  has  come  already  to  the  platoon.  3/5  Platoon  has  lost  its  Platoon  Leader,  1LT  Roberts,  as  he  has  been  moved  to  become  the  new  Company  XO.  1LT  Charles  Crowder,  the  Platoon  Leader  for  the  Mainte-­nance  Platoon  has  moved  to  become  the  new  Platoon  Leader  of  3/5.  Everyone  in  the  Platoon  gave  1LT  Roberts  a  good  send  off  present  prior  to  him  leaving  and  in  the  spirit  of  Christmas  they  gift  wrapped  him  for  the  Company  Commander,  CPT  Scovell.     Even  with  the  change,  everyone  has  kept  working  hard.  This  year  so  far,  the  FARP  has  issued  over  694,902  gallons  of  fuel  and  to  over  3,065  helicopters,  some  pretty  high  numbers.  It  has  been  predicted  at  this  rate,  over  three  million  gallons  of  fuel  could  be  issued  by  the  end  of  the  deployment,  truly  a  testament       At  the  AHA,  Soldiers  have  been  busy  as  ever,  working  to  improve  their  area  and  rearrange  their  buildings  to  make  them  more  accommodating.  Additionally,  three  Soldiers  received  Cer-­tificates  of  Achievement  for  their  hard  work:  PFC  Neal,  SPC  Burt  and  PFC  Fisher  were  all  presented  their  Certificates  from  the  Task  Force  Command  Sergeants  Major.  We  can  never  thank  them  enough  for  their  hard  work.  
  5. 5. December  was  just  as  fast  of  a  month  as  any  and  a  very  good  month  for  some.    SGT  Adzoble  will  be  getting  a  great  Christmas  gift  on  his  LES.    He  was  promoted  to  the  rank  of  Sergeant  this  month.    Great  job  and  con-­gratulations!!    Other  promotions  include:  PFC  Allen  promoted  to  Specialist,  PV2  Gutierrez  promoted  to  Pri-­vate  First  Class,  and  PV2  Stewart  promoted  to  Private  First  Class.    SPC  Mann  received  an  Army  Achieve-­ment  Medal  for  all  of  his  hard  work  and  dedication  to  the  Maintenance  Platoon.  The  numbers  are  always  in-­creasing  in  Combat  Life  Savers  in  the  Maintenance  Platoon.  This  class  included  many  more  combat  related  operations  and  was  recognized  as  one  of  the  most  highly  motivated  classes  the  instructor  has  had.    Motor  Pool  operations    are  running  as  smooth  as  ever  and  the  guys  are  staying  busy.  The  nights  are  getting  colder  here  and  the  Soldiers  are  hanging  in  strong  and  dressing  warm.  Everyone  is  hoping  and  wishing  for  snow,  just  to  make  it  feel  that  much  more  like  Christmas  so  we  can  bring  the  holiday  season  is  strong.  We  have  not  been  able  to  track  Santa  on  the  Satellites  to  see  when  he  will  arrive  here  in  Afghanistan,  but  as  soon  as  we  find  out  we  will  let  everyone  know.        over  50  Christmas  stockings  filled  with  all  sorts  of  candy,  movies,  games  and  most  of  all  encouraging  letters  to  help  boost  the  moral  letting  them  know  that  they  are  being  thought  of.  
  6. 6. The Spotlight section is a special spot in the newsletter to highlight Soldiers who are going above and beyond in their respective work areas. These Soldiers are recommend by their leadership because of their out- standing performance. We encourage all Soldiers to aim for this section each month and show TF Wolfpack that the Lonewolves are the BEST. The  Echo  Company,  Distro  Platoon  would  like  to  shine  a  spotlight  on  our   been  in  the  Army  sixteen  months.  His  short  term  goal  is  achieve  the  rank   of  Specialist,  and  his  long  term  goals  is  to  earn  a  degree  in  Information   Technology.PFC  Kollie  is  extremely  happy  to  be  going  back  to  Africa  for   R&R  after  being  gone  for  12  years.  He  did  extremely  well  at  the  Platoon   Soldier  of  the  Month  Board  and  we  wish  him  luck  on  the  Battalion  Soldier   of  the  Month  Board.  Congratulations  on  doing  an  outstanding  job  this   month,  PFC  Kollie!  PFC  Steven  Boone  is  in  the  Headquarters  Platoon.  He  is  from  Bai-­ley,  NC  he  loves  to  fish,  ride  four  wheelers  and  all  water  sports.  He  went  to  Basic  and  AIT  at  FT.  Jackson  and  is  a  91B  but  is  working  at  the  company  as  the  Training  Room  Clerk  and  Assistant  Armor.  He  also  helps  with  mail  call,  conducts  maintenance  on  the  company  gators  and  volunteers  to  assist  the  Motor  Pool  Platoon  whenever  they  need  it.  He  is  always  motivated  and  on  the  move.   PFC  Donald  Patrick  is  in  the  Motor  Pool  Platoon.  He  is  from   Soddy  Daisy,  TN  and  was  born  16  DEC  86    He  graduated  from   Sequoyah  Technology  Center  where  he  took  machine  shop.  He   loves  the  outdoors  to  include:  fishing,  hunting,  camping,  four-­ wheeling  and  all  around  outdoor  activities.  He  joined  the  Army   almost  2  years  ago  as  a  91B  but  is  already  hoping  to  make  a  career   as  a  pilot.    He  is  an  outstanding  worker  and  always  willing  to   learn  more  about  the  Army  and  his  job.  
  7. 7. Carrying the plate of food, desert and energy drinks, Crews walked up the steep stairs of the tower. U.S. Army Pvt. Jose Gutierrez, a wheel mechanic with Task Force Wolfpack, was surprised to see his supervisor and even more sur- prised when he found out he had a Thanksgiving meal.KHOWST PROVINCE, Afghanistan Sgt. 1st Class JamesCrews, of Raeford, N.C., reaches for a box of Thanksgivingdinner for his Soldiers on tower guard. Crews is a maintenance as he headed down the stairs.platoon sergeant with Task Force Wolfpack, 82nd CombatAviation Brigade. (Photo by U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Donna Davis, With one more Styrofoam plate of food bouncing down the road inTask Force Poseidon Public Affairs) the seat beside him, Crews took another dark dirt road to where U.S. Army Sgt. Jared Waymire, of Hillsboro, Ore., was also on towerTower  guard  Thanks-­ guard  By U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Donna Davis, Task ForcePoseidon Public AffairsKHOWST PROVINCE, Afghanistan With twoplates of Thanksgiving food, pecan pie for desertand energy drinks, U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class JamesCrews gets into his John Deere Gator and startshis trip to two different guard towers to drop ofThanksgiving meals to his Soldiers on duty.Crews is a Maintenance Platoon Sergeant withTask Force Wolfpack and feels it is his responsi-bility to make sure he took care of his Soldiers.ward Operating Base. I appreciate them beingBefore Crews could even make it to the firsttower guard, the sun went down.road up ahead, making it hard to even find thefirst tower guard. In the dim light he could barelysee the turn to the guard tower. White flash-after dark making it difficult to see even a fewfeet ahead.It took Crews almost 15 minutes to find the firsttower. KHOWST PROVINCE, Afghanistan Sgt. 1st Class James Crews, of Raeford, N.C., places pie in a bowl on Thanksgiving for his two Soldiers who are on tower guard. Crews is a maintenance platoon sergeant with Task Force Wolfpack, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade. (Photo by U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Donna Davis, Task Force Posei- don Public Affairs)
  8. 8. The following people received a promotion this month:SPC Burt, SPC Taber, PFC Acosta, SPC Allen, PFC Stewart,and PFC Gutierrez.There were also awards given out for some of the great accom-plishments in Echo Company:SPC Adams received and AAM for outstanding accomplish-ments in the FARP.PFC Fischer, PFC Neal, and SPC Burt received Certificates ofAchievement for their great work at the AHA.We also want to mention those that celebrated a birthday inDecember: Some new additions to the Lonewolf Family!! We have two Soldiers who have received the greatestSSG Tune got one year gift of all!! We welcome these new additions andbetter on 1 DEC, PFC want to congratulate you and your spouse.Broome added a candleon 20 DEC, PFC Patrick SGT Knox received a little girl, Destiny Marie Knoxblessed his parents 16 arrived on 2 DEC.DEC and SPC Efurd on SPC Gahman received a little boy, Andrew Kolsyn26 DEC. Almandariz who arrived on 7 DEC.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Once again, congratulations!!!
  9. 9. Caption describingpicture or graphic. Inside Story Headline interesting sentence or quote from the story This story can fit 100-150 If the newsletter is distributed employees or top customers words. internally, you might comment or vendors. The subject matter that ap- upon new procedures or im- pears in newsletters is virtually provements to the business. endless. You can include sto- Sales figures or earnings will ries that focus on current show how your business is technologies or innovations in growing. your field. Some newsletters include a You may also want to note column that is updated every business or economic trends, issue, for instance, an advice or make predictions for your column, a book review, a letter customers or clients. from the president, or an edi- torial. You can also profile new Inside Story Headline Captiondescribingpicture or graphic. This story can fit 75-125 be out of context. article. Be sure to place the words. Microsoft Publisher includes caption of the image near the Selecting pictures or graphics thousands of clip art images image. is an important part of adding from which you can choose content to your newsletter. and import into your newslet- Think about your article and ter. There are also several ask yourself if the picture sup- tools you can use to draw ports or enhances the message shapes and symbols. Once you have chosen an selecting images that appear to image, place it close to the
  10. 10. Recipe  of  the  monthIngredients:   2  lbs.  venison,  cubed.    Use  the  lion  or  back  strap  for  best  quality.   2  med.  onions,  chopped   6  carrots,  sliced,  not  peeled   6  Irish  potatoes,  or  new  potatoes  cubed   4  beef  bouillon  cubes,  crushed   1  lg.  bell  pepper,  chopped   1  sm.  can  peas  (optional)   Water  to  cover  after  putting  in  crock  pot  Marinate  cubed  meat  in  milk  for  6  hours.    Drain  milk  and  marinate  in  Italian  dressing  for  6  hours.  Brown  meat  in  cast  iron  skillet.  Venison  browns  best  in  melted  butter.  As  meat  browns,  add  pepper  and  onions.  Scrape  contents  in  crock  pot,  making  sure  all  juices  are  added.  Add  carrots,  potatoes,  crushed  bouillon.  Cover  with  water.  Set  crock  pot  on  medium  heat,  check  water  level  every  3  hours.  Cook  about  8  hours.  When  stew  is  done,  juice  should  be  level  with  top  of  stew.  Serve  with  your  favorite  rolls.    Perfect  on  a  chilly  NC  evening.